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This article by Michele Perdue covers, as the title so clearly enunciates, article marketing (or Bum Marketing as it is sometimes known) and explains some of the facets to look out for and pitfalls to avoid.
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Reasons For Article Marketing

Article Marketing SEO

Internet marketers use article marketing for a variety of reasons. The whole idea of creating articles about popular, well-known topics is to be able to publish and send said articles to article directories for distribution throughout the Internet. Once the articles are published on article directories, other people who want to publish them on their own sites or newsletters can find them.

Obviously, busy website owners often do not have time to devote to article writing for enhancing their website's (or newsletter's) content, so instead they search for articles they can acquire from online directories. Then they take these articles and put them on their site, which gives visitors more quality content to look at that deals with the niche of their company's website. However, any articles purchased or gleaned from directories must list the author's information to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

Benefits Of Article Marketing

There are some important benefits that come along with article marketing. Clients will enjoy the process because articles posted on a wide array of sites will have information in the resource box that includes the author of the article and the website it originated from, which is the crucial first step in article marketing. If a lot of people read the article, chances are it will be posted on quite a few high ranking, authority websites, providing quality inbound links.

Popular articles also tend to be discussed on various boards and social networks, which again not only increases the popularity of the business websites that carry them, but also the site's ranking on top search engines.

Subjects For Article Marketing

When making the decision on what subjects you will write about, try and keep them focused on topics of which you have previous knowledge, but are still related to your company's niche. If you adhere to the above writing rules, you will be cementing your businesses brand recognition and your reputation as a top expert in your chosen industry.

Also, articles should be kept above three hundred words and links within the article's body avoided. Keeping the articles topics specific is advised as well.

Two-Step System

Onsite Marketing

Article marketing is performed in two steps. The first step is onsite article marketing. The onsite process includes marketing the articles in order to promote the website. Afterward, these articles will be utilized for the purpose of putting additional content on information engines for blogs and websites. In the end, there are two purposes of onsite article marketing. The first goal is to attract search engines to the website and have them index it, and the second goal is to give visitors fantastic, quality articles for their reading pleasure. When looking for someone to handle copywriting of articles, please contact us for more details and prices.

Offsite Marketing

The other part of article marketing is done offsite. Offsite article marketing involves submitting articles to various directories such as GoArticles, Article Dashboard, Article Circulation, Article Biz, and Article Marketer. And whenever possible, such articles should contain the website's link. Once offsite article marketing is complete, the articles concerned will have grown in popularity throughout the Internet, the number and quality level of incoming links will increase, and the brand and credibility of the parent company's name will increase too.

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