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This article, by Hank L. Quesenberry, mainly focuses on the use of submission services that exist to assist in the wide distribution of your articles across the Internet in such a way that you sometimes get greater coverage than you could by just about any other means. Take the trouble to read Hank's short bio at the end of hiw article too; the links there are well worth following.
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Submission Services

As someone who has made his living working online for years, I know a little bit about what works and what doesn't work and for me nothing has worked better than article marketing.

I believe the most effective way to leverage your article marketing efforts is through the use of article distribution services such as ArticleRanks, Content Crooner, ISnare, Article Marketing Automation and Unique Article Wizard.

Multiple Services

I also think that it is important not to rely upon just one such service (even if that service is very good, such as the aforementioned services are) but instead to use multiple services to make sure your articles get on as many different websites as possible.

These services spread my articles out to many websites all over the Internet which greatly leverages the work that I do in writing the article in the first place. I can get hundreds of links back by writing just one article and of course all of those links help increase my search engine rankings which helps bring me visitors who are looking for whatever it is that I'm selling.

Targeted Trtaffic

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet business. You cannot make money without drawing people to your pages who are interested in what you have for sale (or whatever is the focus of  your advertising.) For example, if I am selling cat food and my site ranks number one on Google for 'cat food', then I will make a lot of money selling cat food to people who are searching for it! It's a pretty simple concept really.

Article Spinning

Some article distribution services (such as Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketing Automation) allow you to 'spin' your articles so that each one can get passed the 'duplicate content' filter that downgrades, or delists, articles that are duplicated across multiple domains.

Just as important is the fact that these services allow you to spin your links so that you can link back to many different landing pages with just one article. You can also spin the 'anchor text' which can help making them look more natural.


In my opinion, article marketing using such distribution services is the best way to build links to your landing pages and obviously building links is an essential part of any SEO strategy. This is also why it's a great way to build up long term income streams.

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Among the best article distribution services are Article Marketing Automation and Don't reprint this exact article. Instead, reprint a free unique content version of this same article.

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