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Anyone who publishes any kind of newsletter will eventually find themselves facing the age-old problem of locating or creating fresh, unique content of interest to their readers. In this article by Barry Walls, a couple of options are proposed, albeit with some precautionary hints.
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What Is Article Marketing

Within the past year a lot more people are seeing article marketing as a viable way to promote their business, services, or products. Many people however, still aren't clear on exactly how to properly utilize article marketing to its fullest potential. Some even unintentionally find themselves using less than scrupulous methods.

Article marketing has been with us since printing began being used for mass communication. The most common kind is when a particular type of company writes a knowledgeable article about an aspect of their business which has popular appeal (keeping your pet healthy, for example) and then permits a periodical to publish it at no cost, so long as the details of their business are allowed to be displayed with it.

It truly was a win-win situation. The publication kept their readers happy because they gained a very well written piece of content. The business was happy because they received free advertising.

Resident Columns

This co-operative relationship eventually led to what were called 'resident columns' within the publication. These columns were companies or people who were considered experts in a particular field and were regular contributors and at the same time got to promote their products and services. Being considered an expert in a particular field in national or local publications is the best type of advertising they could ever possibly achieve.

Article Directories

Because of this need for fresh and current content there are people who have tried to come up with their own fix. For example, there are article directory sites where they showcase articles written on just about every subject imaginable and where webmasters can copy them for placing on their site. The only stipulation is that the user is required to keep the resource box at the end of the article intact. So long as they do this, they are not violating any terms of service.

The owners of article directories try to appease the search engines as much as they possibly can. A large part of their income is derived from site visitors clicking on ads on the article pages. Should the article directories get into the bad graces of the search engines it could result in them losing significant income because their rankings for top keywords would plummet and they would not only lose visitors but also income.

Article Spinners

Another solution people have come up with to try and help website owners and newsletter publishers get fresh content is an application called an 'article spinner'. This is a piece of software that attempts to make articles unique by replacing a number of their words with synonyms. They can also sometimes change the order of the paragraphs and sentences.

While this type of software is freely and widely available there is an inherent risk involved in using it. The search engines are catching on to article spinners and are penalizing webmasters who try to use spun content on their site. If the content isn't unique the website runs a great risk of being penalized by the search engines. Spun content can result in a site being de-indexed from the search engines if they were indexed and not being indexed if they never were indexed.


There isn't an easy, instant way to use article marketing. The very best way is to work at it and create truly valuable, unique articles that will enhance your reputation so that, eventually, you too will be recognized for that 'expert' status and be sought out by website owners looking for valuable content.

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