How To Make Article Marketing Work For You

Foreword By The Editor

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The following piece on Article Marketing by Ed Hodgson (see his byline below under About The Author) is written by a true enthusiast. His experience and passion for the subject shines through everything he writes. My thanks are due to Ed for his contribution.
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Writing And Submitting

Writing and submitting articles must be part of your marketing strategy if you are serious about building an online business capable of generating a substantial income. The power of article marketing is huge in the realm of Internet marketing.There are many free ways of advertising a product or service online but be aware that just because these methods are free, they are not any less effective than paid methods. Don't disregard these very effective marketing methods because of some vague belief in such a myth.

Points To Help You Through

  • You should easily be able to get your hands on the software that you'll need: the commonest application is Microsoft Word.
  • Write about what you know. Be passionate about your subject and let it show in your copy that you know your subject well.
  • Keep your articles to about 400 words. If this sounds like a lot to you, it isn't. Just try typing a few paragraphs about something you know about, hit the word count button, and you'll probably be surprised at the result.
  • Your article content will usually relate to your website content in some way so pick a specific aspect of your business, website or service to write about.
  • Remember, it should be around 400 to 500 words, so make sure you stay on subject.
  • It also needs to be informative and of value to the reader so that if you think of the article title as the question, then the main body of your article should provide the answer. The reader of your article wants to know that they've gained something from your article and that it was of use to them.

Quality And Quantity

I want to emphasize this point: your article must provide quality content. You will no doubt eventually publish many articles but quality should never be sacrificed for quantity.

The more articles you write and distribute, the higher your traffic will be. This is easy to do as there are many directories that will accept your articles and distribute them for free. I would recommend as a starting point but submit to as many directories as possible to increase your marketing results.

About the Author

Ed Hodgson is an expert author in the internet marketing industry who effectively uses article marketing to generate traffic to his own websites. As an online marketing mentor, he teaches other people his proven strategies to generate a full-time income online.
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