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This article was supplied by Bob Walls, CEO of WV Writing Services. His experience as a writer, and more particularly as a marketing writer, shines through in this little sample of his work. As a professional he is very well aware that anything he writes might be used as an example of the quality to be expected if you make use of his services. For more information, please follow the link to be found in About The Author below.
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A marketing writer is someone who is able to write all your sales and marketing materials in order for them to appear professional and get you more customers.If you are looking for work that is high-end and able to reach out to your niche audience then a marketing writer can certainly do that. They have an uncanny knowledge about the market and the pulse of your customers, the customers who are going to buy from you and leverage you, in the top league. This is because of the number of sales that the marketing writer is able to garner by reaching out to the people who matter with their writing.


Your sales force will certainly find it easier to convert prospective clients into customers as the sales writing written by the marketing writer would have already set the ball rolling for you. A marketing writer has several avenues open to them professionally as lots of technical communication, advertising agencies and business houses use their expertise to propel their products. The marketing writer can greatly increase the visibility factor of your product and get it to the right people's notice.


If you are a freelance writer then there are plenty of opportunities as a marketing writer. It is an excellent alternate line of writing. The skills that are required for you to make your mark in this arena are creativity, the ability to put your thoughts into words persuasively, technical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of what drives the market and gets the customers' attention.

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Marketing writing is also called by several other names which you might be familiar with such as copywriting, commercial writing and corporate writing. Once you have positioned yourself well in the market and have built up your brand as a market writer, there will be no dearth of assignments coming your way.

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