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Online freelance writing can be a difficult job and many writers don't realize how much work in the business it can take to succeed. If you are a new freelance writer, then you are probably still searching for good tips and advice in order to get moving in your career. This article will provide five quality tips to help you focus on your career goals.
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Start Now

Tip number one is to start writing immediately! There are many lessons you need to learn about freelance writing as a career, but there is also enough out there to cause information overload. Don't fall for "paralysis by analysis". Get started now and adjust on the way as you learn more.


Second, make sure to research all the jobs and opportunities available to you online. Most beginning writers are amazed by the sheer number of possibilities available to them online. A key part of succeeding in this business is doing great research to line yourself up with the best online set ups.

Market Spread

Third, don't put all your efforts into one site. In other words, there are many places online where you can get paid to write, so don't limit yourself. You are far more likely to be a successful writer if you get multiple streams of income as opposed to just one.


The fourth tip for beginning freelance writers is to believe in yourself. A lot of people mock freelance writers or don't understand them. Writing is hard and takes time, so you're going to need self-confidence in order to get through the hard times.

Over Deliver

Tip number five is to make sure that you under-promise, then over-deliver. This is the best way to build a great reputation as a freelance writer. If you think a job will take two days, ask for four. If it will take four days, then ask for seven. This way you get done ahead of deadline and can impress your employer with how quickly you produced quality work.


The advice in this article isn't the be-all and end-all of freelance writing but should give beginning writers a good jump start on their careers. Following these tips will help speed up the process of getting to where you really want to be with your career. There are many amazing freelance writing resources online that every writer should take advantage of. Follow the information gladly offered by authors who have already been through the process and you'll be glad you did!

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