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Corporate Writing

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Foreword By The Editor

The following article about corporate writing by Kelly Rundle might serve as a timely reminder to people in the business world about the need to constantly improve and maintain reasonable standards of communication in today's world of email and the Internet. Certainly, things are changing fast, particularly in the area of electronic communications, and there can be no argument about that. There is a need, however, for the sake of clarity if nothing else, to heed the rules of grammar and spelling as much as ever.
Mike Alexander
Author of 'Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls'

Style And Tone

Great corporate writing is required for people in business whether they own it or are employees trying to progress up the corporate ladder. It is used daily in all facets of operations. Office memos, project proposals, and advertisement campaigns all require a level of professionalism when it comes to style and tone.

Good business missives should be sharp. They should also have a professional tone to give the impression that the sender is serious about his business. Although there have been changes in the style of making missives, the basic rules remain unchanged.


Frequent practice helps improve your ability in making correspondence. The vocabulary is expanded and the style is enhanced. To further practice your ability, office emails and personal correspondence should also follow the same standards. Complete all sentences and thoughts delivered in the message. Make it a habit to apply all the usual guidelines on all communications, including even casual memos and emails.


An online course in topics that include the standards of correct communication is also useful. There are sessions and workshops offered by local colleges to working individuals who wish to improve their skills. These classes are usually scheduled at night to accommodate people with day jobs.


Tutorial books are also useful for a person to improve their ability. The authors of these books are often accomplished editors and writers who possess a good command of the English language. They also have enough experience in using all sorts of styles. The books can be purchased online or from the local bookstore or rented from the public library.

Know Your Reader

Consider the reader when composing corporate correspondence. In making proposals, ask yourself what the receiver wants to know about the business or plan. You can discuss the history and management type of your company. You can also include operational data that are related to the purpose of the letter.


Consistency in your style and tone are also important. This applies to all forms of communications, whether official or casual, inside the company. Make it a point to maintain a high level of ethical standards in all your work. Before sending your work, check it for errors in spelling and grammar. You can also have another person edit your work. Do not rely on automatic checkers since it can overlook the thought that you wanted to express and focus mainly on the technical aspect of the document.


Keep up with the latest developments and trends. New trends involve the inclusion of links and other references to support the data you presented. Continue to improve your vocabulary and grammar and use this to advance up the corporate ladder. Your corporate writing skills may be the way towards success in your business.

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