Overcoming Writer’s Block

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This short piece by Nicole Jordan contains some of the latest thinking on how to deal with the perennial problem of writer's block. Yes, i know the subject has been covered before but a new angle or a new remedy is always welcome for such a widely experienced problem.
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Writer's Block (album)

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There are occasions when your fingers, in perfect sync with your mind, tap away gracefully on the keyboard and you have no issues in putting down your ideas on paper or into your word processor. At these times you really feel you were born to write. It's an exhilarating feeling so you feel on top of the world!

Then again there are those occasions when you stare blankly into empty space, perfectly mirroring the void in your mind. You wallow in it, twiddling your thumbs, and you just don't have a clue as to what to write or do.

Does the scenario sound familiar? When you write for income, you need not worry! You are suffering from writer's block! Most writers have been there and gone through such a phase.

Simple Scenarios

Sometimes a nice long walk will help you organize your thoughts and offers you a brand new perspective on things! Alternatively, you might be able to enter the kitchen and cook up something that you like to eat! Or go and spend the afternoon with your friends! The idea is always to relax and do something else you like! You will come back refreshed and feel far better!

If you are lucky enough to have written a couple of bestsellers, then one solution is to go on a vacation. There's nothing stopping you from taking a couple of days off and driving down to the beach or taking in some crisp and fresh mountain air. A holiday is a great idea if you need inspiration for your latest writing venture.

But a vacation may not work for two different reasons altogether! For example, you might not have sufficient cash saved! Two, the issue might be deeper plus a vacation would be only a diversion that could in all likelihood, not throw open the mental block!

More Solutions

So, where lies the solution? Dig deeper and do some introspection and find out what produces the mental block! You have to deal with the issues in the end and the sooner you do so, the better! If something or someone is bothering you then cope with that something or talk to that somebody and deal with the situation.

Another reason that writers sometimes go into a lapse and are not able to write is really because they wonder whether they are in the right profession! If you look at things that way then pick up a great book and read. Notice the author's style and flow of ideas from the writer's perspective.


Writing is a superb profession and you have to be convinced about this if you wish to succeed! Fighting writer's block caused by a lack of appreciation for the profession is the most difficult action to take. But there are times when you may want to lighten your relationship with writing once again!

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