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The following article by Andrea Michellson purports to offer ways to find a quality writer or content creation company on the web. Personally. I think it fails in this regard but that is not a criticism of the article; rather a criticism of the title. It is actually more about what content creation writing for the web actually involves and gives a fairly accurate, albeit basic, overview of the process.
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One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of writing for the web is that people seem to think that it is no different from conventional types of writing. In some ways, this is a fair assessment. Online writing still needs to adhere to the rules of grammar, it still needs to be informative and interesting, but it also differs in the fact that it has another purpose beyond merely drawing attention to itself. Online writing is done mainly for the purposes of business promotion, and that means that numerous elements of it are significantly different from how writing has always been done.

Content Creation

Before people start to get the idea that this industry is just one giant free-for-all that anyone can join, it is important to note that content creation is more than just writing a bunch of words and then hoping they stick somewhere. The process is a lot more complicated than that, and even some very experienced content writers can struggle at times to consistently produce original articles. This serves to highlight the notion that content writing is not just something that can be done on a whim by amateurs.

Quality Content

It is no secret that quality content separates the good websites from the bad ones online. The common refrain is that "content is king" and that is certainly true for the online world. The logical next step for a business then would be to acquire some form of content that can translate well to the online domain. This is not as simple as businesses would like to think as content writing is a serious venture and finding the right company for the job is anything but easy. Fortunately for online businesses, there are at least a few things they can go by in order to identify the companies that can actually be helpful to them.

Research Time

A breakdown of the time a content creation writer actually spends at the job often means as much as 90% going into research and 10% into writing. This may initially seem to be an inaccurate reflection of the job, but it is actually fairly representative of what is usually involved.

Wrapping Up

Negotiating the amount of money to be paid is a crucial step since successfully doing so can lead to a better business relationship down the road. Once these things have been straightened out, the company can then implement the content creation process and soon those website visits are going to increase.

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