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The following article by Winson Yeung covers the subject of Writing Feature Articles for new writers fairly comprehensively. Many new writers blanch a bit when they are faced with their first tentative steps into the world of feature writing but it really is not that difficult if you just bear in mind some of the points outlined here. If you enjoy this article, please be sure to follow the links in the author's 'bio' at the end.
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Writing feature articles can be quite a bit more difficult then it sounds, or as easy as pie, depending on your attitude. Many individuals feel that they may have the writing skills necessary to produce a feature article but that they do not have the knowledge or experience to construct an article that is of feature quality. The following lays out some tips that can might help you better create feature articles in the future.


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Each feature article should be written with a specific subject as the focus of the article. The more specialized the article, the more specific the topic and the more general publications will have articles that cover a wide range of topics without being overly complex. Professional journals such as medical publications have very specific guidelines and look for certain types of articles.

You should have a specific demography in mind before you begin writing and it is important to remember who your target audience is. If you are writing about a scientific subject but your audience does not have a particularly scientific background, you may have to change the type of language you use so that everyone can understand the scientific concepts.


Possibly the most important part of your feature article will be the title as that is what draws the reader further into the article. A great article will spark a reader's curiosity and they are then more likely to read the entire thing. A poor title will mean that your article will barely be read, even if the content is fantastic. The title should present information on the subject of your article without displaying your opinion or the opinion you are supporting in the article. You should write a few different titles before choosing one to make sure you create the best possible title.


Developing your writing style is very important, as an engaging writing style tends to produce articles that many enjoy reading. A dry and boring writing style will put a reader to sleep no matter how informative the content. Even if your writing style is not the best, you can compensate by knowing every angle of your subject and writing about something controversial or having a very strong opinion.


Once you have chosen the publication you should read up on your subject and the style of articles that the publication accepts. If you are writing about energy, then you should read up on the current trends in energy, controversy in that industry and other relating factors. Having a human-interest side or incorporating current affairs is always a plus.

When writing a feature article you should try to use many different types of information. Facts are always important but you should include expert's opinions, the general public's opinions, or even perhaps celebrity ideas. You can shed light on some different angles that many people may not have thought about even if they disagree. Audiences love controversy and you will never go far wrong if you add something controversial to your feature article.


Always remember to let your personality shine through, as this will set your article apart from the rest. You should be trying to improve your writing at every step by exposing yourself to different types of writing styles and reading many articles.

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