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Whether you're looking to save time or potentially earn more money with your Internet article writing, writing with a purpose (of repurposing the content) can help you. That's not to say that everything you write should be used and reused. However, writing with repurposing material in mind can be rewarding.
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What Does It Mean To Repurpose Content?

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Let's take this article as an example. It was originally written for a newsletter that goes out to other freelance writers. In addition, it will be posted on several article directories where it will generate additional website traffic and help improve the website's page rank thanks to keyword rich links placed in the resource box for each article directory page it appears on. Eventually, this same article could appear in an ebook about freelance Internet article writing.

The article could also be posted on revenue-share sites where it can generate revenue based on page or advertising impressions. It can also be reworked and submitted for usage rights on The article could also be posted on a blog or converted into a podcast.

How Repurposing Makes You More Effective

Think about what you want to accomplish with your Internet article writing business right now. If building links to your website is high on your list of priorities, then start with article marketing. But don't stop there! Spend a few minutes brainstorming topics. Rather than writing a bunch of similar articles, write a series that could eventually become an ebook. As you write each article, you'll be slowing creating material that you can repurpose into an ebook. Not only will you have valuable backlinks pointing to your website, you'll soon have an ebook that you can sell!

You could also turn those articles into podcasts or use them as a video script. It all begins by writing with a repurpose. You'll be more effective because the first project creates the bulk of a second project.

Repurposing Challenges

While writing with repurposing in mind is an excellent way to work more effectively, though some pitfalls do exist. For example, if you write a series of articles for your newsletter and then try to sell those same articles repurposed into an ebook for these same subscribers, you'll likely alienate them. That said, you could create a special report or free ebook out of past newsletter articles as an incentive for new subscribers to sign up for your newsletter. The goal is to get the material in front of more eyeballs, not boring your existing audience with reruns.

If you write for others, avoid the temptation to repurpose existing work. Your clients expect original content. The exception to this would be if your client wants you to write specifically with repurposing in mind for the client's benefit.

Finally, if you plan on selling your repurposed articles to a site like, remember that you can only ask for usage rights and all variants of the article must be clearly attributable to you. If you intend on using as part of your repurposing strategy, it's smart to post the original article there first for usage rights before publishing it anywhere else.

Writing with a repurpose takes a little planning upfront, but can make you work more effectively. It can also help you achieve multiple goals at once such as building backlinks with your Internet article writing while also creating an information product.

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Celeste Stewart is a successful freelance writer who loves to share freelance writing tips with other writers. Visit her Internet article writing blog for regular doses of writing tips and freelance business discussions.

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