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This set of 25 ebooks are all provided to help you with your website, blog, newsletter and ezine publishing and marketing efforts. To download an ebook, simply right-click on the ebook title link, choose Save Target As, select the folder on your own computer where you want to store it, and finally click Save. The only exception to this is the first one, which just needs to be left-clicked, as normal, and will work whether you're logged in or not or even if you are not yet a member of ClipCopy Content Solutions.

The Ultimate SuperTipThe Ultimate SuperTip; the unmissable number one secret.

Don't miss this one! One of the most brilliant marketing 'gurus' on the Internet has produced yet another masterpiece—his best yet. This easy to read ebook is crammed with advice and strategies for selling any type of product. Plus, it has an ingenious twist that will send your traffic rocketing. You won't even be asked for your email address! Click the title above to download it.


The Five Keys to Results-Driven E-Newsletters

This ebook is an excellent introduction to, well, what the title says, "results-driven e-newsletters". Previous well known books by Jordan Ayan include Aha! 10 Ways To Free Your Creative Spirit And Find Your Great Ideas and Ignite Your Creative Spark. This is an excellent work, especially for newbies. Click the title above to download.


7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic

"If you want to create traffic to your website there are only a few things you need to concentrate on!" So says Allen Says of Internet Marketing Warriors fame. They are the traditional things like Search Engine Optimization, using special reports, affiliate marketing, ebook marketing, ezine advertising etc. In effect, he says, there are no secrets! Click this paragraph title to download it.


Ten Steps To Killer Web Copy

Copywriting guru Alex Mandossian reveals his proven tactics for writing web copy that creates a flood of sales. In this ebook you get two hours of an exclusive marketing interview where Alex reveals (for the first time anywhere) his 10 step proven formula for writing killer web copy. By owning a copy of this ebook, you have full rights to sell it or give it away to others. Click the heading to download.


100 Cool Webmaster Tips

Most of our members are interested in website authoring and will therefore find this book of value. Many of you will have heard of the author, known as Boogie Jack, and already be familiar with his excellent and very useful website. Why not take a look? I have learnt many useful things from him over the years and I just love his writing style. So will you. This is a freely distributable ebook.


Amazing Advertising Tips

Thirty great ideas that will help you build your business! Implement them in your business advertising and you are sure to have amazing results. It offers cost-effective strategies that are really easy to put into effect. Full master resale rights and graphics are included and it is currently selling on the WWW for $19.95. Get it now!


Article Cash

This ebook shows you how to quickly and easily create high quality articles that bring in huge sums in profit. And how to write articles so quickly and easily that you could churn out fifty to a hundred in a day and use them to profit from AdSense, affiliate programs, etc. Also, where to find content for researching article ideas. Includes full master resale rights. Click to download it.


Autoresponder Magic

The ultimate collection of winning sequential autoresponder messages that will eventually put your website on autopilot. Use them to help you brainstorm your own ideas or as models for your own messages. If you need help with the number of sequences or what to write, it's all here laid out for you. Plus, you have full resale and redistribution rights. Click to download.


Covert Product Selling Principles

This little ebook covers the general subject of sales techniques and ideas from an advertising perspective, especially as they pertain to the World Wide Web. Like most other Henry Gold ebooks of this genre, it is divided into six chapters with five useful and easily adaptable suggestions in each. At $19.95 in value, it comes with master resale and redistribution rights. Click to download.


Creating Profitable Classified Ads

This special report has a very specific purpose. It was written to help you create classified ads that will get excellent results and save you from wasting your money on something that would finish up dead on arrival! The purpose of any classified ad should be to have a laser-like focus on just one thing, such as getting the sale, collecting addresses, etc. Download it here now.


Ezines: A Complete Guide To Publishing

One of the most powerful marketing techniques used on the Internet is email capture. This technique is used in a variety of ways to enable Internet marketers to keep in touch with their visitors and promote their products and services. Ezines are by far the best tool for that purpose and this ebook by Shelley Lowery shows you how. Click to download the ebook.


Ezine Success

This little ebook makes no pretence at being more than a very simple but straightforward guide. As the author, Paul Easton, writes "This publication is not meant to answer every question but to help with most. We have provided information at a level to benefit both the new Internet entrepreneur as well as the old hands." It includes free distribution rights. Click to download.


The Greatest Marketing Secrets Of The Ages

People buy as a result of the same appeals that have been used for eons. Look back at the great ad men of last century and you’ll find some marketing strategies that you can just dust off and use for your own business. That's what this book, by Yanik Silver (the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking websites) is all about. Comes with full resale and redistribution rights. Click heading to download.


Hidden Internet Revenue Resources

Turn prospects into paying customers. "How do I do that?" you may well ask! The answer is that this ebook explains all, like how to use free techniques and resources to increase your revenue and how to offer more of what customers want without investing more money. Full master resale rights and graphics are included and it normally sells for US$19.95! Click now to download.


How I Got 1,124 Subscribers In 1 Week

The full title of this ebook by Bryan Kumar is How I Got 1,124 Subscribers In 1 Week Starting From Scratch! It explains how to start from nothing and build a mailing list that's really worth talking about. Full master resale rights and graphics are included, which means you can sell it or give it away. Click to download.


Killer Marketing Schemes

Thirty great suggestions you can use for increasing traffic and sales! This ebook gives you unlimited potential for augmented sales using some very powerful strategies. Full master resale rights and graphics are included (it is currently selling on the Web for $19.95). Click now to download instantly.


Magic Letters That Create Millions In Profits

How to apply the secrets of a true Internet marketing warrior and finally start making some real money on the WWW. If you follow and faithfully implement the lessons contained within these pages, you too will soon learn how to write so people buy now and be able to start putting them into practice. Click now to download.


Million Dollar Emails

All the emails included in this ebook are proven winners in the marketplace. Together they have produced more than $1,000,000.00 in sales. This collection covers examples from multi-national corporations all the way down to a small, local 'mom and pop' Mexican restaurant. You’ll be sure to find a model or idea starter to use for your own business here. Includes resale and distribution rights. Click without delay to download.


Newbie's Guide To Online Fortunes

The simple and easy guide to starting your own online business. This is a straightforward, step-by-step manual which teaches you fundamental but simple ways to start your very own online business. Master resale rights, plus graphics and a sales letter are included (sells for $39.95). Click this paragraph heading link to download.


Powerful Order-Pulling Plans

Get an order, then get a repeat order! From beginning to end, this one ebook covers it all. Tips on how to get your first order, how to get repeat orders and how to get repeat customers. Not only that though! This ebook comes complete with full master resale rights with graphics included so you can sell this it (it's worth at least US$19.95) from your own site right now! Click to download.


Rarely-Used Success Models

Stand out from the crowd! By using some rare but very often extremely successful strategies, you are able to generate and maintain substantial results in terms of traffic and sales. Full master resale rights and graphics are included. This ebook sells right now for US$19.95 on the Internet. Click to download.


Resell Rights Profits

Or How To Make A Fortune Online With Resale Rights! Learn how to buy and sell some of the hottest products on the market. This guide teaches you how to make money both by buying and selling resell rights. Comes in a package with full master resale rights, graphics and a sales letter included. It sells for $49.95 and is worth every penny! Click now to download immediately.


Revolutionary Income Concepts

Revolutionary concepts that really do work! This e-book contains 30 helpful winning strategies for you to follow that will increase your sales and your income now, if you implement them, and easily gain future prospects indefinitely. Full master resale rights and graphics included (sales value is $19.95). Click to download.


Sure-Fire Revenue Techniques

Ensure that your visitors become your customers! Strategies for keeping them on your webpage by enhancing it and enticing them to stay. The more they read, the greater the chance they will buy from you. Full master resale rights and graphics are included. You can even sell this ebook from your own site if you want from up to $19.95. Click to download.


Newsletter Marketing

A bit of a misnomer really because it is mostly about starting, running and marketing an online newsletter. It was written and first distributed by The Web Marketing Company of the UK and, although I don't totally agree with every aspect of its focus, it has to be said that it is full of practical and quality advice for newcomers to the world of ezines. Click the heading to download a copy to your own computer now.


Unspoken Profit Methods

Easy-to-use ways to make substantial profits! Watch your profits rise after you implement these easy-to-use methods and strategies, all provided by successful web marketers. Full master resale rights and graphics are included. This great little ebook sells elsewhere on the World Wide Web for $19.95 a time, so there's no reason why you can't do the same. Click now to download.

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