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You can download complete sets of newsletter content in ZIP file format, called ClipCopy packages (those not familiar with the ZIP concept can go to More About Zip Files below). There are three different types, namely Seasonal Theme Sets, ClipArticle Sets and Legacy Clipcopy Sets. More on each of these follows together with their download links. The files are added to from time to time so this page is worth coming back to occasionally.

Seasonal Theme Sets

These zip files consist of mixed types of ClipArticles, ClipFeatures and ClipFillers taken from our standard range. Each collection focuses on a particular calendar event or time of year and will become available as the appropriate time approaches.

Theme Details Zip File
Christmas / New Year A collection of 70 ClipCopy items with a Christmas, New Year, or festive flavor. They range from humorous to serious items, from religious to commercial and from quizzes to factoids. The file is only 58 kilobytes in size so most people will experience an instant download.
Valentines Day 139 ClipCopy files of various types (ClipArticles, ClipFacts, ClipJokes, ClipVerses, etc.) covering every angle of  St Valentine from history and mythology to items about love, sex and marriage. Compressed into 42 kilobytes means a very quick download.
Springtime / Easter Springtime, including Easter itself, from almost every angle imaginable. A collection of 83 ClipCopy files of every type gathered together in a file of 42 kilobytes.
Mothers Day A collection of 38 files associated with a  'Mother' theme, including facts, statistics, jokes, quotations etc. An instantaneous download at only 18 kilobytes.

ClipArticle Sets

These are packages of articles written by various authors, some of which were used in our Plain Text Newsletter Templates. A lot of the contributors are well-known 'content' providers who regularly write articles with free reprint rights for placement on the WWW or in ezines.

Name Details Zip File
Business (1) 50 business articles that have a Marketing orientation. The file is 113 kilobytes in size.
Business (2) 44 business articles that have a Management (15) or Internet (29) orientation. This file is 122 kilobytes in size.
Business (3) 35 business articles that have an Inspirational (14), Finance (7), or Publishing (6) orientation, plus miscellaneous others (8). A file of only 85 kilobytes.
Home (1) 55 miscellaneous articles that have a Health orientation. The file size is 118 kilobytes.
Home (2) 47 home life articles that have a Family (22), Food/Drink (17) or Relationships (8) orientation. 90 kilobytes is the file size.
Home (3) 67 home life articles that have a Home Care (13), Recreation (11), Inspirational (9), Finance (8), Gardening (6), or Travel (5) orientation, plus miscellaneous others (8). The file is 137 kilobytes in size.

Legacy ClipCopy Types

Name Details Zip File
ClipArticles This package is made up of all ClipArticles that appeared on The ClipCopy Site up to 31 December 1999 (137 in all). They are all compressed into 145 Kilobytes.
ClipFeatures All ClipFeatures that were available on The ClipCopy Site
up to 31 December 1999 (358 in all) are here compressed into one zip file of just 231 Kbs.
ClipFillers All 1,063 ClipFillers that were available on The ClipCopy Site up to 31 December 1999 are bundled together here into one zip file of 464 Kbs.

More About Zip Files

A zip file is the most common type of 'archive' file in use today. Such archives are collections of files that have been combined and compressed into one single file. The two main reasons for compressing files into archives are:

  • To save space, usually for files that are stored on disk and are only required infrequently.
  • To save transmission time and bandwidth, most often when transferring files electronically from one computer to another, especially across the Internet.

In order to open zip files you need a decompression application that will 'unzip' them and restore the files to their original form. Once you have installed such an application (most of which will also enable you to create your own archives) you will soon find yourself using it over and over again.

We've included one free for your use, called Zip2Profit. It's very fast and can be used to open any zip files, including those that are password protected (provided you have the password, of course). We recommend that you download it and save it to your computer desktop, where it will always be conveniently to hand. It works right 'out of the box' (no need to install it). To use, just double-click the icon and follow the simple instructions. Get it now by right-clicking the following link.

Download Zip2Profit

MAC users will need Aladdin Expander or a similar alternative.

To read .pdf files, you will need Acrobat Reader (or a similar product) which is a freeware application. )

If you are using an operating system other than Windows or Mac, you should still have no trouble finding a compatible application in most cases. One exception might be WebTV, with which, unfortunately, not all file formats are compatible.

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