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A Banker Defined Finance/Money Humorous 30 twainm18.txt
A Child's Character Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 23 ingewi02.txt
A Choice Of Evils Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 westma02.txt
A Citizen Of America Life/Society/Politics Humorous 29 vaughb01.txt
A Classic Read Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 20 twainm19.txt
A Code Of Values Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 randay03.txt
A Conference Life/Society/Politics Humorous 26 allenf03.txt
A Continual Christmas Seasonal/Festive Neutral 12 frankb33.txt
A Dear School Education/Learning Neutral 15 frankb18.txt
A Dozen Of Claret Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 17 keatsj06.txt
A Dread Of Liberty Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 shawgb12.txt
A False God Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 19 bowlep01.txt
A Father's Example Family/Parenting/Kids Serious 67 cuomom01.txt
A Father's Protection Family/Parenting/Kids Serious 22 freuds01.txt
A Few Caring People Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 meadma01.txt
A Fisherman's Patience Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 17 hooveh01.txt
A Free Society Life/Society/Politics Light 18 stevea01.txt
A Fruitful Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 kelleh07.txt
A Good America Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 jordab01.txt
A Good Belief Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 hebbef01.txt
A Good Conscience Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 20 smitlp02.txt
A Good Education Education/Learning Humorous 21 carrol01.txt
A Good Gulp Food/Drink/Cooking Light 21 flemia01.txt
A Good Job Done Work/Career/HR Neutral 21 presle12.txt
A Good Place To Live Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 rooset01.txt
A Good Sausage Stuffer Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 20 fielde01.txt
A Good Style Education/Learning Neutral 23 connoc01.txt
A Good Thing Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 13 westma03.txt
A Good War Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 frankb23.txt
A High And Heroic Temper Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 42 aristo07.txt
A High Standard Of Living Life/Society/Politics Neutral 39 galbjk10.txt
A Homage To Virtue Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 rochef02.txt
A Husband's Revenge Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 46 doylac01.txt
A Just Cause Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 dostoe01.txt
A Just Estimate Of Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 30 twainm14.txt
A Keen Sense Of Humor Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 38 butles07.txt
A Kind Of Ghost Town Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 bellos01.txt
A Knave's Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 15 ruskij01.txt
A Life Of Value Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 demonm01.txt
A Little Humility Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 15 turnet01.txt
A Little Neglect Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 39 frankb13.txt
A Little Rebellion Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 jeffet12.txt
A Look At Jewish History History/Mythology Humorous 46 brookm01.txt
A Loving Wife Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 priejb01.txt
A Man's House Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 cokee01.txt
A Man's Memory Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 27 santag02.txt
A Man's Real Character Inspiration/Motivation Light 27 macaut02.txt
A Man's Signature Love/Sex/Marriage Light 11 westma05.txt
A Melancholy Truth Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 dickec01.txt
A Middle Man Management/Leadership Neutral 26 disrab02.txt
A Mind That Is... Inspiration/Motivation Light 26 babame01.txt
A Moral Being Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 darwic04.txt
A Moral Nation Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 jeffet11.txt
A Mother Defined Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 25 mermic01.txt
A Mother's Heart Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 25 balzhd03.txt
A New Age Education/Learning Neutral 43 hitlea05.txt
A New Invention Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 18 jeffet23.txt
A Passion For Anything Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 hazliw01.txt
A Penny Here, A Penny There Life/Society/Politics Humorous 35 marxgr04.txt
A Person's Character Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 47 hertzh01.txt
A Place For Everything Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 15 wrighs01.txt
A Place For You Alone Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 55 braujm01.txt
A Place Of Service Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 67 tolstl05.txt
A Political Moses Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 trumhs01.txt
A Promise Made Finance/Money Neutral 13 servrw01.txt
A Prudent Question Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 baconf07.txt
A Question Of Money Finance/Money Neutral 18 voltai03.txt
A Real Seeker After Truth Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 33 descar01.txt
A Selfish Man Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 15 beechw07.txt
A Sense Of Duty Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 holzej01.txt
A Simple Man Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 28 rosenj01.txt
A Socialist Achievement Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 willge03.txt
A Sophistical Rhetorician Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 disrab15.txt
A Stiffening Process Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 28 forsem01.txt
A Straight Bribe Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 14 cockbc01.txt
A Successful Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 30 adamsc02.txt
A Sum Of Choices Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 camusa06.txt
A Sure Sign Life/Society/Politics Humorous 29 watteb01.txt
A Taste For Simplicity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 delace01.txt
A Teacher's Influence Education/Learning Neutral 18 adamsh02.txt
A Television Education Education/Learning Humorous 27 marxgr05.txt
A True History History/Mythology Neutral 39 coopep01.txt
A Valet's Viewpoint Relationships/Selfimage Light 16 bigcam01.txt
A Very Necessary Article Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 34 shawgb10.txt
A View Of Women Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 27 menchl02.txt
A Weak Mind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 chesgk03.txt
A Well-Bred Conscience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 butles04.txt
A Woman Is But An Animal Love/Sex/Marriage Light 22 burkee03.txt
A Woman's Choice Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 30 franca03.txt
A Woman's Work Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 29 gagefd01.txt
A Wonderful Evening Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 15 marxgr02.txt
A World Of Hope Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 luthem02.txt
Abdominal Swellings Relationships/Selfimage Light 26 morisr01.txt
Accepting Responsibility Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 henlwe01.txt
Accomplishing Great Things Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 franca05.txt
Achieving Immortality Work/Career/HR Humorous 21 allenw07.txt
Acknowledging Fear Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 56 ferrip01.txt
Acting Dreams Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 55 lawrte01.txt
Acting Virtuously Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 machin01.txt
Adding Something Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 washbt03.txt
Adversity As An Instructor Education/Learning Serious 41 burkee05.txt
Against The Law Life/Society/Politics Humorous 21 browaw02.txt
Age And Youth Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 19 hugovi01.txt
Agreeable Friends Nature/Plants/Animals Light 18 eliotg01.txt
Agreeing Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 19 disrab05.txt
Ahead And Behind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 dcostc01.txt
Aim Above Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 emerrw01.txt
Alcohol Is Like Love Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 32 chandr02.txt
All Conquering Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 frankb29.txt
All Good Books Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 21 hemine03.txt
All I Want Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 brilla06.txt
All Is A Miracle Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 39 voltai02.txt
All Known Superstitions Faith/Religion/Insight Light 38 jeffet15.txt
All Men Are Brothers Life/Society/Politics Neutral 35 fenelf02.txt
All Men Are Cowards Life/Society/Politics Neutral 40 patmoc01.txt
All That I Am Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 20 lincoa06.txt
All The Days Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 swiftj01.txt
All You Need Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 10 lennoj01.txt
Alternative To Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 25 stewar01.txt
Always Be A-Waggle Love/Sex/Marriage Light 13 lawrdh01.txt
Always Do Miscellaneous/General Neutral 13 emerrw30.txt
Always Time For Courtesy Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 emerrw18.txt
Ambassadors And News-Writers Life/Society/Politics Humorous 32 wottoh01.txt
Ambition Work/Career/HR Neutral 7 b-lyte03.txt
American Employees Work/Career/HR Humorous 51 barryd09.txt
American Progress Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 nixonr02.txt
American Prosperity Life/Society/Politics Humorous 15 franbb01.txt
Americanism Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 rooset03.txt
Amorous Propensities Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 26 johnss03.txt
An Afterlife Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 19 allenw05.txt
An Agreeable Life Life/Society/Politics Light 17 b-lyte05.txt
An Author's Books Publishing/Writing/IP Light 26 disrab16.txt
An Automated Appliance Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 18 jonesb01.txt
An Essential Tendency Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 45 shepas01.txt
An Expensive Look Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 17 chandr01.txt
An Independent Reality Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 33 einsta29.txt
An Invincible Host Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 kelleh06.txt
An Observation On Honesty Finance/Money Neutral 17 jeffet05.txt
An Obstacle To Happiness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 dfontb01.txt
An Organization Of Hatreds Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 adamsh04.txt
An Overdose Of Praise Relationships/Selfimage Light 25 postem01.txt
An Unknown Power Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 52 bellag01.txt
An Unproved Case Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 galbjk02.txt
An Unsocial Experience Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 42 putnej01.txt
Ancestors Speaking Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 adlerm01.txt
Angels With One Wing Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 23 dcresl01.txt
Anger Without Reason Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 frankb28.txt
Animals Don't Hate Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 16 presle04.txt
Annoyance Of A Good Example Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 22 twainm02.txt
Anonymous Art Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Neutral 45 flacka01.txt
Another Lie Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 havelv01.txt
Another Name For God Family/Parenting/Kids Light 21 thacwm01.txt
Anticipating Opinions Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 16 tayloh01.txt
Anticipation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 disrab08.txt
Any Fool Can Criticize Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 18 carned03.txt
Anybody Can Win Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 adegeo03.txt
Anyone Can Conquer Fear Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 roosee02.txt
Anyone Could Be President Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 darroc02.txt
Ape-Like Virtues Education/Learning Neutral 16 connoc07.txt
Applauded By The Mob Life/Society/Politics Neutral 38 menchl01.txt
Are There Still Virgins? Love/Sex/Marriage Light 35 girouf01.txt
Armed Conflict Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 edenan01.txt
Art And Morality Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Light 15 chesgk04.txt
Art Of Conversation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 34 nevild01.txt
Art Of Living Life/Society/Politics Humorous 15 antoma04.txt
As You Wish Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 socrat01.txt
Ascending The Social Ladder Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 fromme02.txt
Associate Producers Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 19 allenf06.txt
At Yuletide Seasonal/Festive Neutral 25 hillge01.txt
Attention To Trifling Things Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 rochef09.txt
Attributing Cleverness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 einsta38.txt
Avoiding Reality Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 galbjk04.txt
Awakening In Others Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 hubbae05.txt
Away From The Crowd Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 brisba01.txt
Awkward Explanation Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 50 cowarn02.txt
Bachelorhood Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 19 quinnd01.txt
Barbarism To Decadence Life/Society/Politics Humorous 20 wildeo12.txt
Based On A True Story Miscellaneous/General Humorous 20 brilla03.txt
Be Happy Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 41 emerrw16.txt
Beating A Dead Horse Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 21 allenw06.txt
Beautiful Compensations Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 28 emerrw10.txt
Beautiful Experience Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 23 einsta35.txt
Beautiful Leaves Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 20 burroj02.txt
Becoming A Prophet Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 26 singib01.txt
Becoming A Role Model Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 36 baldrl01.txt
Before Statistics Life/Society/Politics Humorous 20 leacos03.txt
Befriending The Oppressed Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 nashog01.txt
Beginning And End Of Poetry Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 15 frostr05.txt
Being A Friend Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 27 emerrw08.txt
Being A Husband Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 27 bennar01.txt
Being Afraid Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 faulkw02.txt
Being Agreeable Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 gandhm02.txt
Being An Atheist Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 20 pattom01.txt
Being Fascinating Finance/Money Light 16 wildeo33.txt
Being Good Relationships/Selfimage Light 41 wildeo21.txt
Being Great Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 emerrw28.txt
Being Heroic Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 orwelg02.txt
Being Humble Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 35 dobrb01.txt
Being Like Me Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 17 bankht01.txt
Being Moral Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 thorhd03.txt
Being Obvious Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 17 asimoi01.txt
Being Poor Life/Society/Politics Humorous 13 shawgb02.txt
Being Right Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 fordhe01.txt
Being Shot At Life/Society/Politics Light 17 churcw28.txt
Being Spiritual Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 76 mooret01.txt
Being Teetotal Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 15 shawgb11.txt
Being Virtuous Inspiration/Motivation Light 11 twainm03.txt
Belief And Politics Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 degauc02.txt
Believe One Who Knows Education/Learning Neutral 36 bernst01.txt
Belittling The Soul Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 20 washbt01.txt
Belly First Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 10 orwelg01.txt
Better To Be Hated Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 25 gidean01.txt
Beware Of Mathematicians Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 44 auguss01.txt
Beyond War Inspiration/Motivation Serious 29 hoggqu01.txt
Big Egos Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 14 blackd01.txt
Bigamy And Monogamy Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 17 wildeo04.txt
Birds And Sex Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 145 barryd11.txt
Bitter Streams Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 18 lockej02.txt
Blame Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 83 dyerwa01.txt
Blessed Is The Man Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 20 chillm01.txt
Bludgeoning Of The People Life/Society/Politics Humorous 20 wildeo29.txt
Books Of Quotations Education/Learning Neutral 20 churcw19.txt
Boredom And Less Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 9 ventur01.txt
Borrowing Finance/Money Neutral 11 frankb14.txt
Borrowing A Corkscrew Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 19 depewc01.txt
Bouncing Rubble Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 churcw32.txt
Bound By A Duty Life/Society/Politics Serious 30 hammed01.txt
Boys Growing Up Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 24 connoc04.txt
Brutal Youth Life/Society/Politics Serious 18 hitlea01.txt
Burning Books Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 17 heinrh01.txt
Burying Fathers And Sons Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 herodo02.txt
Busy People Work/Career/HR Neutral 36 burroj03.txt
By Association Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 pancht01.txt
By Nature Education/Learning Neutral 9 aristo16.txt
Cakes And Ale Seasonal/Festive Light 20 shakew03.txt
Canadian Patriotism Life/Society/Politics Neutral 38 galbjk11.txt
Candidate Qualifications Life/Society/Politics Humorous 34 streip01.txt
Capabilities Of The Mind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 hesseh02.txt
Carry The Beautiful Travel/Transport Neutral 27 emerrw06.txt
Carrying The Evening Through Seasonal/Festive Humorous 31 wilsoa01.txt
Cars To Computers Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 35 cringr01.txt
Catching A Train Travel/Transport Humorous 23 chesgk02.txt
Chained In Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 28 bardob02.txt
Challenges Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 tysonc01.txt
Changing The Child Education/Learning Neutral 35 jungca02.txt
Changing The World Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 tolstl02.txt
Chaos And Order Inspiration/Motivation Light 14 adamsh01.txt
Character And Reputation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 lincoa01.txt
Character Defects Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 15 emerrw20.txt
Character Endures Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 greelh01.txt
Chastity Love/Sex/Marriage Light 11 franca04.txt
Cheerfully Making The Best Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 27 senecl03.txt
Child Of Ignorance Education/Learning Neutral 11 hazliw02.txt
Children And Divorce Family/Parenting/Kids Light 17 einsta02.txt
Children Grow Up So Fast Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 30 asnere01.txt
Children Need Models Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 11 joubej01.txt
Children Resembling Parents Family/Parenting/Kids Light 21 halifl01.txt
Children Watch Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 19 fulghr01.txt
China Is A Big Country Life/Society/Politics Humorous 17 degauc01.txt
Chocolate And Marijuana Life/Society/Politics Humorous 41 lauerm01.txt
Choose Your Burden Life/Society/Politics Neutral 10 menuhh01.txt
Christmas Through Its Wrapping Seasonal/Festive Neutral 19 whiteb01.txt
Churchill's Roar History/Mythology Neutral 21 churcw06.txt
Civilization Test Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 emerrw03.txt
Civilized People Life/Society/Politics Neutral 10 bellc01.txt
Clean Hands Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 syrusp01.txt
Clinging To Patterns Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 allene01.txt
Come Up And See Me Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 30 westma01.txt
Comedy And Tragedy Inspiration/Motivation Light 20 walpoh01.txt
Comfort Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 twainm12.txt
Common Interests Work/Career/HR Neutral 34 atkinb01.txt
Common Sense Life/Society/Politics Light 15 einsta24.txt
Communications Breakdown Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 brilla04.txt
Comparing Our Lot Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 45 kelleh02.txt
Computer Answers Science/Techno/Tools Light 13 picasp01.txt
Computer Sex Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 17 pittmm01.txt
Conception To Achievement Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 hillna02.txt
Conciliating A Tiger Inspiration/Motivation Serious 19 adenak01.txt
Confronting Problems Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 halsws01.txt
Conquering Boredom Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 ingewi01.txt
Conscience And Memory Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 wrighs02.txt
Conscience And Self-Interest Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 howewd01.txt
Consolation Love/Sex/Marriage Light 38 boyerc01.txt
Contraception And Love Family/Parenting/Kids Varies 32 teresm05.txt
Controlling Desire Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 epicte02.txt
Conviction And Conduct Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 14 carlyt05.txt
Counting Your Money Finance/Money Humorous 18 gettjp02.txt
Courage And Grace Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 hemine01.txt
Courage And Personal Benefit Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 galbjk07.txt
Courage For Peace Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 earhaa01.txt
Courage To Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 16 trolla01.txt
Covered Influence Life/Society/Politics Humorous 17 twainm05.txt
Cowards Die Many Times Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 shakew17.txt
Crazy Theory Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 16 bohrni03.txt
Creating Man Faith/Religion/Insight Light 15 wildeo23.txt
Criticizing By Creation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 cicero05.txt
Crowds Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 baudec02.txt
Cruise Entertainment Seasonal/Festive Humorous 29 fitzfs01.txt
Cultivating The Mind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 cicero03.txt
Cultured Insolence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 7 aristo02.txt
Curious People History/Mythology Neutral 31 hitlea15.txt
Dangerous Citizens Life/Society/Politics Light 44 bearca01.txt
Dangers Deceiving Men Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 baconf04.txt
Deadlines Management/Leadership Humorous 17 adamsd01.txt
Death And Taxes Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 frankb02.txt
Death Of A Black Lawyer Life/Society/Politics Humorous 36 browaw03.txt
Death Statistics Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 stalij01.txt
Deceiving Ourselves Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 15 rousjj01.txt
Decimal Game Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 ozarkd01.txt
Defining A Door Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 18 nashog03.txt
Defining Indifference Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 shawgb09.txt
Defining Morale Work/Career/HR Light 22 morreb01.txt
Defining Success Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 goldso02.txt
Defining The Hunt Recreation/Games/Sports Light 21 wildeo17.txt
Defining Wealth Finance/Money Neutral 15 epicur01.txt
Defining Yourself Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 34 irvinj01.txt
Definition Of A Bore Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 14 bierca03.txt
Definition Of A Brain Education/Learning Humorous 12 bierca05.txt
Definition Of A Christian Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 47 bierca29.txt
Definition Of A Clergyman Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 22 bierca02.txt
Definition Of A Critic Publishing/Writing/IP Light 20 tynonk01.txt
Definition Of A Genius Work/Career/HR Humorous 18 adamjo02.txt
Definition Of A Jury Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 frostr06.txt
Definition of a Legend Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 menchl05.txt
Definition Of A Plan Management/Leadership Humorous 15 bierca04.txt
Definition Of A President Life/Society/Politics Humorous 39 bierca08.txt
Definition Of A Push Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 20 bierca15.txt
Definition Of A Quotation Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 13 bierca16.txt
Definition Of A Saint Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 10 bierca07.txt
Definition Of A Year Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 12 bierca22.txt
Definition Of An Academy Education/Learning Humorous 13 bierca26.txt
Definition Of An Acquaintance Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 21 bierca23.txt
Definition Of An Egotist Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 16 bierca11.txt
Definition Of An Epitaph Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 26 bierca13.txt
Definition Of An Expert Work/Career/HR Humorous 26 bohrni01.txt
Definition Of Childhood Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 36 bierca25.txt
Definition Of Diagnosis Medicine/Remedies Humorous 27 bierca09.txt
Definition Of Education Education/Learning Humorous 20 bierca27.txt
Definition Of Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 25 bierca24.txt
Definition Of Nepotism Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 15 bierca01.txt
Definition Of Optimism Life/Society/Politics Humorous 33 bierca28.txt
Definition Of Politics Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 22 bierca06.txt
Definition Of Prison Life/Society/Politics Humorous 10 bierca10.txt
Definition Of Prophecy Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 16 bierca14.txt
Definition Of Redemption Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 31 bierca17.txt
Definition Of Repentance Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 28 bierca18.txt
Definition Of Resign Work/Career/HR Humorous 12 bierca19.txt
Definition Of Restitution Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 17 bierca20.txt
Definition Of Revolution Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 bierca21.txt
Definition Of Success Work/Career/HR Humorous 13 bierca12.txt
Democracy Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 einsta03.txt
Departing From Principle Life/Society/Politics Neutral 50 jeffet02.txt
Describing Happiness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 stendh01.txt
Deserving Appreciation Finance/Money Neutral 13 josept03.txt
Designated Drivers Travel/Transport Humorous 42 foxwoj01.txt
Despair And Hope Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 camusa01.txt
Despising Riches Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 25 coltcc03.txt
Determining Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 31 aristo12.txt
Developing Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 31 kelleh10.txt
Diamonds Are Forever Love/Sex/Marriage Light 18 gabozz01.txt
Did God Care? Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 15 dickie01.txt
Different Personages Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 disrab10.txt
Dinners For Four Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 22 welleo02.txt
Disagreement Relationships/Selfimage Light 12 gibrak02.txt
Dishonesty In Advertising Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 17 burnel01.txt
Disliking Myself Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 connoc05.txt
Dissolving Political Bonds Life/Society/Politics Neutral 76 jeffet16.txt
Distinguished Elderly Scientists Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 42 asimoi03.txt
Do Good Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 pennwi02.txt
Do Your Level Best Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 washbt02.txt
Doctrine Inspiration/Motivation Light 15 egnedc01.txt
Dog Wisdom Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 33 barryd01.txt
Doing Good Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 clarjf01.txt
Doing Good Now Life/Society/Politics Neutral 48 grells01.txt
Doing Something Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 coolic05.txt
Doing Something Stupid Education/Learning Neutral 22 presle10.txt
Doing Without Success Management/Leadership Neutral 12 emerrw21.txt
Don't Get Big-Headed Inspiration/Motivation Light 21 presle02.txt
Doors Of Opportunity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 38 bellag02.txt
Doves, Hawks And Owls Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 aikeng01.txt
Dreams Of The Future Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 jeffet13.txt
Dressing With Style Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 crispq02.txt
Drinkers You Don't Like Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 20 thomad02.txt
Driving Into The Future Life/Society/Politics Humorous 17 mcluhm01.txt
Dull Perfection Inspiration/Motivation Light 15 maugws01.txt
Dying For An Ideal Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 wildeo27.txt
Dying For Truth Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 wildeo14.txt
Dying On One's Feet Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 camusa09.txt
Dying To Write Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 11 dillaa01.txt

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