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Eagles Soar Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 15 benfij01.txt
Early To Bed And Early To Rise Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 34 adegeo01.txt
Eating Jelly Beans Life/Society/Politics Humorous 21 reagar01.txt
Educate The Heart Education/Learning Neutral 13 powerh01.txt
Educating Children Education/Learning Neutral 26 aristo18.txt
Electrical Pioneers Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 144 barryd04.txt
Elicit The Best Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 adlerf01.txt
Eloquence Of Courage Life/Society/Politics Neutral 10 plautu01.txt
Emancipation Of The Mind Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 galbjk05.txt
Embarrassed People Life/Society/Politics Light 15 bennea01.txt
End Of The Beginning History/Mythology Neutral 29 churcw13.txt
Endless Work Work/Career/HR Light 25 benchr02.txt
Endurance And Patience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 ruskij02.txt
Enduring Realities Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 12 kelleh05.txt
Enduring Truth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 mohnej01.txt
Enemies And Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 newmap01.txt
Energy In Proportion To Resistance Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 44 hazliw05.txt
England and America History/Mythology Neutral 35 hitlea07.txt
Enjoying A European Tour Travel/Transport Humorous 20 adegeo02.txt
Enjoying The Party Seasonal/Festive Humorous 25 shawgb03.txt
Entering The Realm Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 39 einsta20.txt
Envying Someone Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 22 presle03.txt
Equal Friends Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 10 confuc10.txt
Equity And Profits Finance/Money Neutral 13 confuc14.txt
Escape From Thought Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 galbjk09.txt
Escaping Criticism Life/Society/Politics Light 13 hubbae10.txt
Essential Liberty Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 frankb07.txt
Ethics And The Law Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 kantim04.txt
Every Cliché Except Life/Society/Politics Humorous 27 churcw21.txt
Every Human Mind Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 15 jeffet06.txt
Every Woman Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 11 disrab11.txt
Everything Lands In Los Angeles Travel/Transport Humorous 23 wrigfl02.txt
Everything That I Understand Education/Learning Neutral 17 tolstl01.txt
Evil Choice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 wollsm01.txt
Evil Genius Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 diderd02.txt
Evil Men Inspiration/Motivation Serious 44 kingml01.txt
Exaggerated Death Life/Society/Politics Humorous 12 twainm07.txt
Examinations Education/Learning Neutral 25 coltcc01.txt
Excellent Parts Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 brilla02.txt
Exhilarating Excess Life/Society/Politics Humorous 21 maugws04.txt
Expand Your Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 31 keyesk01.txt
Expectation Of Power Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 galbjk01.txt
Expedients And Principles Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 beechw06.txt
Expensive Questions Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 22 adamjo03.txt
Experience And Mistakes Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 wildeo01.txt
Expressing Knowledge Education/Learning Neutral 32 bovecn01.txt
Facing Crises Management/Leadership Neutral 19 reever01.txt
Failed Writers Work/Career/HR Light 15 eliots01.txt
Failure To Comply Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 dinkid01.txt
Fair Impersonation Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 19 carsoj01.txt
Fair Treatment Expectations Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 34 wholed01.txt
Faking Sincerity Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 girauj01.txt
False Hope Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 kozolj02.txt
Fame And Stupidity Life/Society/Politics Light 21 einsta15.txt
Family Is Our Mirror Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 104 kornfj01.txt
Family Players Love/Sex/Marriage Light 25 fitzfs02.txt
Far Away Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 39 alcolm01.txt
Fascination Of Words Education/Learning Light 25 cantoe03.txt
FBI Powerless Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 32 hoovje01.txt
Fear And Uncertainty Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 congrw02.txt
Fear Is An Instructor Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 emerrw17.txt
Fear Of Computers Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 16 asimoi04.txt
Fear Of Consequence Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 hathkb01.txt
Fear Of Failure Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 landed01.txt
Fear Or Reverence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 aristo03.txt
Fearing Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 russeb02.txt
Feeling Great Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 32 twainm08.txt
Feeling Unwanted Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 16 teresm03.txt
Feeling Young Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 21 benchr03.txt
Fettering The Mind Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 coltcc02.txt
Few Men Think Education/Learning Neutral 13 berkeg01.txt
Fig Trees Bear Figs Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 titzem01.txt
Figures Don't Lie Life/Society/Politics Humorous 12 knebef01.txt
Figures Won't Lie Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 grosvc01.txt
Finding Information Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 adamfp01.txt
Fine Words And Appearance Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 confuc08.txt
Finish The Moment Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 emerrw02.txt
Fire In Our Heart Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 rettml01.txt
First Step Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 35 vpealn01.txt
Fishy Business Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 16 frankb32.txt
Flattery And Virtue Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 surtrs01.txt
Fleeing Temptation Life/Society/Politics Humorous 13 olingl01.txt
Flying Without A Plane Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 34 lindbc01.txt
Following In Father's Footsteps Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 83 victor01.txt
Fond Of A Joke Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 13 aristo17.txt
Food And A Little Love Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 35 hollib01.txt
Fooling Yourself Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 45 thayhb01.txt
For Greed Finance/Money Neutral 11 senecl02.txt
For The Skeptic Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 amblee01.txt
Force Of Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 emerrw19.txt
Foreign Past Travel/Transport Light 16 hartlp01.txt
Forgetting The Old Myths Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 66 rilkrm01.txt
Formal Morality Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 8 camusa07.txt
Formation Of Character Education/Learning Neutral 35 bennwj01.txt
Formula For Utopia Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 fadimc01.txt
Foundation Of All Virtues Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 confuc13.txt
Foundation Of The State Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 coolic07.txt
Free Will Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 churcw18.txt
Freedom And Constraint Life/Society/Politics Neutral 37 dsexua01.txt
Freedom And Liberty Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 ibsenh01.txt
Freedom Of Action Life/Society/Politics Neutral 34 coolic04.txt
Fresh Adventures Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 32 stopem01.txt
Friends And Enemies Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 13 jonest01.txt
Frightening The Horses Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 29 campmp03.txt
Frigid Women Love/Sex/Marriage Light 17 bricef01.txt
Galileo As President Life/Society/Politics Humorous 51 menchl06.txt
Game Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 leslht01.txt
Games We Play Seasonal/Festive Humorous 35 albeee02.txt
Gardener Of The Spirit Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 31 sartom01.txt
Gender View Of Sex Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 18 crystb01.txt
Generous And Noble Spirits Finance/Money Neutral 27 dioysi01.txt
Genius Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 lytteb01.txt
Genius And Respectability Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 broweb01.txt
Genius And Stupidity Education/Learning Neutral 16 hubbae08.txt
Genius Without Education Education/Learning Neutral 14 frankb34.txt
Geography Of War Education/Learning Humorous 16 rodrip01.txt
Getting Money Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 7 rayjoh01.txt
Getting More Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 rohnj01.txt
Getting On The Net Internet/Online Humorous 17 doleb01.txt
Getting The Things You Want Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 steinb01.txt
Getting What Is Expected Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 61 richej01.txt
Gift Of Compression Relationships/Selfimage Light 22 churcw33.txt
Given Dreams Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 bachri01.txt
Giving Up Life/Society/Politics Humorous 29 fielwc01.txt
Giving Up Without A Fight Life/Society/Politics Neutral 45 churcw30.txt
Glint Of Moonlight Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 chekha01.txt
Glory Of A Young Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 118 brookp01.txt
Go Confidently Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 thorhd01.txt
God Asks No Man Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 30 beechw03.txt
God Helps Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 13 frankb08.txt
God In Man Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 11 swedee01.txt
God Is Love Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 31 naimym01.txt
God's Opinion Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 15 sandbc02.txt
Going Through Hell Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 churcw23.txt
Going Through Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 buttee01.txt
Golf Is Like A Love Affair Recreation/Games/Sports Neutral 35 dalyar01.txt
Good Administration Versus Bad Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 stevea03.txt
Good And Bad Weather Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 20 ruskij03.txt
Good Girls, Bad Girls Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 browhg01.txt
Good Men Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 johnss01.txt
Good Wine Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 23 shakew15.txt
Governing By Serving Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 cousiv01.txt
Government By Bullies Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 emerrw13.txt
Government Statistics Life/Society/Politics Humorous 70 stampj01.txt
Governments Last Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 berenb01.txt
Grateful People Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 praged01.txt
Gratitude Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 cicero04.txt
Gravitation And Love Love/Sex/Marriage Light 16 einsta13.txt
Great And Noble Tasks Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 32 kelleh03.txt
Great Deeds Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 eliotg02.txt
Great Fortunes Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 balzhd04.txt
Great Hopes Life/Society/Politics Neutral 9 fullet01.txt
Great Men Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 davinl01.txt
Great Men And Their Mothers Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 19 schreo01.txt
Great Occasions Do Not Make Heroes Life/Society/Politics Neutral 49 westcb01.txt
Greatness Comes To Light Management/Leadership Neutral 31 markhb01.txt
Grief Has Limits Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 plinyy02.txt
Grievous Burden Finance/Money Light 10 aeschy01.txt
Groans Of Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 17 lowrym01.txt
Growing Young Inspiration/Motivation Light 12 picasp02.txt
Grub First Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 8 brechb01.txt
Half Of The Harm Life/Society/Politics Neutral 45 eliots02.txt
Half-Finished Tasks Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 geordl01.txt
Hanging History/Mythology Serious 17 frankb05.txt
Happiness And Honor Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 aristo11.txt
Happiness And Idleness Inspiration/Motivation Light 25 chekho01.txt
Happiness And Misery Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 castac01.txt
Happiness By Observation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 tolstl03.txt
Happiness Depends Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 7 aristo10.txt
Happiness Doesn't Depend Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 carned01.txt
Happiness From Power Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 jeffet07.txt
Happy Families Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 18 tolstl04.txt
Harmless Vegetarianism Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 21 hutchr01.txt
Harvest Of Old Age Inspiration/Motivation Serious 23 cicero02.txt
Hastiness And Superficiality Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 solzha01.txt
Hating Vice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 11 plinyy01.txt
Hatred Is Blind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 dumasa02.txt
Having Faults Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 confuc11.txt
He Who Has No Rivals Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 frankb25.txt
Heavy Burden Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 menino01.txt
Her Next Husband Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 20 baxtea01.txt
Hereditary Sex Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 18 fischj02.txt
Heroes And Ordinary Men Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 emerrw09.txt
High Civilization Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 beechw04.txt
High Friendship Relationships/Selfimage Light 14 hubbae03.txt
High Sounding Words Inspiration/Motivation Light 20 adamsa01.txt
History Of The Human Race Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 42 goredo01.txt
History Repeats Itself History/Mythology Neutral 17 darroc01.txt
Hobgoblin Of Little Minds Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 emerrw14.txt
Hold Yourself Responsible Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 beechw05.txt
Homer For Fun Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 churcw11.txt
Honest Friends Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 stevrl02.txt
Honesty As A Policy Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 lhotee01.txt
Honor For The Poor Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 23 teresm01.txt
Hopeful Symbolism Life/Society/Politics Light 20 clarac04.txt
Hostages To Fortune Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 28 baconf09.txt
Hostility Against Tyranny Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 jeffet14.txt
Hot Dogs Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 67 fettew01.txt
Hottest Places In Hell Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 24 alighd02.txt
House Of Delusions Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 housae01.txt
How Chicago Got Started Life/Society/Politics Humorous 39 jeniri01.txt
How To Climb Mountains Inspiration/Motivation Light 42 pirsrm01.txt
How We Respond Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 sartjp01.txt
Human Nature Life/Society/Politics Humorous 26 donljp01.txt
Human Skin Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 119 barryd10.txt
Humanity In Print Education/Learning Neutral 10 tuchmb01.txt
Humans And Their Animals Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 41 solzha02.txt
Humility Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 thorhd02.txt
Hunch Defined Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 capraf01.txt
I Am Only One Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 40 haleee01.txt
I Told My Doctor Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 29 churcw27.txt
Ideals Are Like Stars Life/Society/Politics Neutral 44 schurc01.txt
Ideas And Mistakes Education/Learning Neutral 23 burnel02.txt
Ideas Clothed In Words Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 friede01.txt
Ideas Should Freely Spread Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 89 jeffet17.txt
Idleness And Pride Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 frankb20.txt
If Good Men Do Nothing Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 burkee01.txt
If Men Had Babies Life/Society/Politics Light 21 dianpr01.txt
If Men Were Angels Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 madisj01.txt
If The Cause Be Good Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 coltcc05.txt
If You Live Long Enough Life/Society/Politics Light 28 stonif01.txt
Imitation Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 10 coltcc04.txt
Imitation And Counterfeit Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 16 frankb01.txt
Imitation And Creation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 wildeo03.txt
Impelling Reason Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 12 claudi01.txt
Improving Your Looks Life/Society/Politics Humorous 15 gordyc01.txt
In Bondage To The Law Life/Society/Politics Serious 20 cicero01.txt
In Great Cities Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 coltcc07.txt
In His Private Heart Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 twainm09.txt
In Love As In Sport Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 19 graver01.txt
In Love With A Dimple Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 leacos02.txt
In Modern War Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 hemine02.txt
In Questions Of Science Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 25 galilg01.txt
In Spite Of Everything Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 20 franka01.txt
Incidental Justice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 hoovje02.txt
Incomplete Women Love/Sex/Marriage Light 25 bacala01.txt
Increasing Idealism Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 galswj01.txt
Incurable Life Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 8 cowlea01.txt
Index To Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 35 vburea01.txt
Indispensable Meetings Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 galbjk17.txt
Individual Happiness History/Mythology Neutral 11 hitlea11.txt
Indolence Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 willib01.txt
Industrial Relationships Work/Career/HR Humorous 54 ettinb01.txt
Infallible Conscience Education/Learning Neutral 12 billij02.txt
Injury And Kindness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 confuc04.txt
Instinct Or Reason? Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 bensoa01.txt
Intelligence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 harrib01.txt
Intent Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 7 aristo14.txt
Intergenerational Relations Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 19 adamsh03.txt
Intermingling Politics And Religion Life/Society/Politics Neutral 37 herbef01.txt
Intimate Association Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 21 cunnie01.txt
Invention Requirements Education/Learning Light 16 edisot07.txt
Investing In Knowledge Education/Learning Neutral 14 frankb26.txt
Investment Of Genius Education/Learning Neutral 18 burroj01.txt
Investment Return Finance/Money Humorous 20 longla01.txt
Irrational Fear Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 23 connoc02.txt
It Does Me No Injury Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 33 jeffet19.txt
Italy Travel/Transport Neutral 43 johnss06.txt
Its Own Revenge Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 harbey01.txt
Job Hate Support Work/Career/HR Humorous 30 careyd01.txt
Judging Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 26 goetjw03.txt
Judging Ourselves Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 longhw01.txt
Just Enough Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 23 swiftj02.txt
Justifiable Measures Life/Society/Politics Neutral 11 caesaj01.txt
Keep It Simple Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 einsta07.txt
Keeping One's Wife Happy Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 38 armsja01.txt
Keeping The Lamp Burning Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 19 teresm02.txt
Keeping The Peace Life/Society/Politics Serious 18 einsta17.txt
Kicking To Death Life/Society/Politics Humorous 25 texasc01.txt
Killing Spontaneity Education/Learning Neutral 16 amielh02.txt
Kindling The Fire Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 walesg01.txt
Knee Surgery Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 bennew01.txt
Know Where You Are Going Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 petelj01.txt
Knowing About Love Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 saganf01.txt
Knowing How And When Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 33 smedrc01.txt
Knowledge Is Power Education/Learning Neutral 14 emerrw27.txt
Knowledge Is Proud Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 cowpew01.txt
Lack Of Moral Courage Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 josepm03.txt
Lack Of Self-Realization Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 wrighr01.txt
Last Of The Great Missionaries Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 21 chacka01.txt
Laudable Ambition Inspiration/Motivation Light 16 frankb03.txt
Laws Of Mathematics Education/Learning Neutral 32 einsta36.txt
Leadership Test Management/Leadership Neutral 26 lippmw01.txt
Leading Mankind By The Nose Life/Society/Politics Light 21 nietfw05.txt
Learning From A Dog Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 28 benchr01.txt
Learning From Fools Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 36 cato_01.txt
Learning Is Experience Education/Learning Neutral 13 einsta06.txt
Learning Without Thought Education/Learning Neutral 15 confuc05.txt
Less And More Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 vdrohm01.txt
Less Corruption Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 brilla01.txt
Let No Man Be Sorry Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 44 fieldh01.txt
Let There Be Light Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 29 weinsd01.txt
Letting Go Of Suffering Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 54 levins01.txt
Letting Loose A Thinker Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 50 emerrw26.txt
Lies And Punishment Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 shawgb08.txt
Life And Soul Of The Party Seasonal/Festive Humorous 28 whitek01.txt
Life Is A Compromise Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 crampb01.txt
Life Or Death Catch Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 40 barryd02.txt
Life Story Life/Society/Politics Humorous 17 brilla08.txt
Life's Greatest Pleasure Life/Society/Politics Light 18 bagehw01.txt
Lifting The Restrictions Fashion/Beauty Humorous 23 barryd07.txt
Light So Dim Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 29 chevam01.txt
Light Tomorrow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 broweb03.txt
Limitations And Possibilities Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 josept01.txt
Lincoln And The Log Cabin History/Mythology Light 27 adamjt01.txt
Liquor For Boys Food/Drink/Cooking Light 25 johnss07.txt
Little Things Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 conada01.txt
Live In Trust Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 48 fenelf03.txt
Living Forever Life/Society/Politics Humorous 60 malaba01.txt
Living Happily Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 87 antoma03.txt
Living Like Ants Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 adlerm02.txt
Living Longer Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 freudc01.txt
Living Your Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 einsta18.txt
Looking For Miss Right Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 17 willir03.txt
Looking Inside Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 jungca01.txt
Looking Like Father Family/Parenting/Kids Light 22 marqgg01.txt
Losing It Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 12 hemine06.txt
Losing Your Footing... Er Living Life/Society/Politics Humorous 33 bevine01.txt
Lost Hope Faith/Religion/Insight Light 19 bentle01.txt
Love And Betrayal Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 lecarj01.txt
Love And Inspiration Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 fitzge01.txt
Love Conquers All Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 15 virgil01.txt
Love Despised Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 18 stoded01.txt
Love Is Like A Cigar Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 28 wavell01.txt
Love Of Fame Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 tacitu01.txt
Love Of Flattery Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 16 shakew04.txt
Love Robs Love/Sex/Marriage Light 26 diderd01.txt
Love Sought And Unsought Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 15 shakew10.txt
Love Thy Neighbour Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 14 beallo01.txt
Love To Be Skinny Life/Society/Politics Humorous 46 careym01.txt
Loving Another Person Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 15 westma04.txt
Loving Mankind Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 14 schucm01.txt
Loving Oneself Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 14 wildeo05.txt
Luck Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 voltai05.txt
Lying Times Life/Society/Politics Light 17 josepm01.txt
Making A Man Education/Learning Neutral 19 baconf17.txt
Making A Single Man Wise Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 gracib01.txt
Making Fun Of Jesus Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 37 carlyt02.txt
Making It Count Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 conwcc01.txt
Making Opportunities Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 baconf01.txt
Making The Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 alexgb01.txt
Making The World Better Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 44 buscal01.txt
Man Exploits Man Finance/Money Neutral 17 galbjk13.txt
Man Remaking Himself Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 carrea02.txt
Man's Basic Vice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 42 randay02.txt
Man's Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 edisot01.txt
Man's Ethical Behavior Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 48 einsta33.txt
Man's Indelible Stamp Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 darwic01.txt
Man's Main Task Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 fromme05.txt
Manslaughter And Commerce Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 walsnd01.txt
March Of The Human Mind Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 burkee08.txt
Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 adamjo01.txt
Marriage For Women Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 32 russeb01.txt
Marriage Preparation Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 rudner01.txt
Marriage Versus Celibacy Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 14 johnss04.txt
Married Bliss Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 campmp01.txt
Marrying Beneath Oneself Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 13 astorn01.txt
Master And Servant Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 barnpt02.txt
Master Of Yourself Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 gassjo01.txt
Masturbation Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 12 allenw03.txt
Mathematical Theory Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 14 erdosp01.txt
Mathematicians And Frenchmen Travel/Transport Humorous 29 goetjw04.txt
Mathematics And Stupidity Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 24 asquim02.txt
Maximizing Potential Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 maxwej01.txt
Meaningless Gestures Life/Society/Politics Humorous 14 barryd13.txt
Mechanical Slavery Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 26 wildeo20.txt
Medicine And Poison Medicine/Remedies Humorous 25 casang01.txt
Mediocre Writers Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 maugws02.txt
Meeting The Maker Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 27 churcw24.txt
Memories Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 12 eliots03.txt
Men In General Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 machin02.txt
Men Of Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 coolic02.txt
Men Who Makes Puns Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 allenf02.txt
Men's Natures Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 confuc02.txt
Mere Men and Equal Rights Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 eisedd02.txt
Metamorphosis Fashion/Beauty Neutral 31 chekha02.txt
Militant Reactions Life/Society/Politics Neutral 38 galbjk03.txt
Military Intelligence Life/Society/Politics Light 11 marxgr01.txt
Military Justice Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 15 marxgr06.txt
Milk Into Babies Family/Parenting/Kids Light 19 churcw08.txt
Mind Not Morals Education/Learning Neutral 22 rooset02.txt
Mischievous Love Faith/Religion/Insight Light 18 butles03.txt
Modern Methods Of Instruction Education/Learning Neutral 51 einsta26.txt
Modernity Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 cardbn01.txt
Money-Bags Of Carnegie Life/Society/Politics Light 18 einsta25.txt
Moral Attitude Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 17 wildeo11.txt
Moral Authority And Character Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 adamsj02.txt
Moral Beauty Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 flaubg01.txt
Moral Indignation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 32 fromme01.txt
Moral Indignation In Proportion Relationships/Selfimage Light 21 desicv01.txt
Moral Laws Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 jeffet10.txt
Moral Ozone Life/Society/Politics Neutral josepm02.txt
Moral Purpose Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 20 aristo15.txt
Most Important Problems Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 jungca03.txt
Most Important Thing Work/Career/HR Neutral 18 bartob02.txt
Mother Love Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 29 cowarn01.txt
Motherhood And Knowledge Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 20 byatas01.txt
Motherhood Wasted Family/Parenting/Kids Light 18 pughju01.txt
Mother's Heart Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 12 beechw02.txt
Mothers Of Mischief Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 28 blacrd01.txt
Moving To Florida Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 21 seinfj01.txt
Mud Bath For The Soul Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 shawgb07.txt
Multi-Purpose Tools Life/Society/Politics Humorous 36 prattw01.txt
Music And Time Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Neutral 17 cleare01.txt
Musical Advances Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 36 barryd05.txt
My Eye And God's Eye Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 39 eckham01.txt
My Mother's Prayers Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 24 lincoa05.txt

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