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By far the best way to contact us is to use the contact form which can be found under a 'tab' labeled Contact at the very top of all pages. You are likely to get a quicker response than choosing any other method. However, for now, we still include other methods for you to choose.

Anti-Spam Caution

Use the following email contact addresses but please use them responsibly. We hate receiving spam, particularly at any of these special addresses.

The Subject fields are vital. Filters allow us to identify legitimate contacts by their use of the correct Subject headings.

Also, we separate prefixes from domains as a further precaution against address harvesting spiders (robots which traverse the web searching for email addresses to add to lists which are then sold to spammers). The prefix is the first part of an email address (up to the '@' – e.g. ezula), whereas a domain is all that comes after the '@' (e.g. ). Therefore the email address that would result from these examples, when joined by the ampersand, would be

All of the following, except where stated otherwise, should be addressed to the domain at


Send enquiries about ClipCopy Content Solutions to one of the addresses below to ensure a quick response. Be sure to put the correct entry in the Subject field and after the '@' or your email will never be seen.

General enquiries about ClipCopy Content Solutions:
contact-us with ClipCopy on the Subject line
Specific enquiries about ClipCopy Content Solutions copyright:
contact-us with Copyright on the Subject line


Be sure to put the correct entry in the Subject field or your email may not be seen. In the case of ClipCopy Submissions, please read the ClipCopy Submission Guidelines first!

General feedback:
contact-us with Feedback on the Subject line
ClipCopy submissions:
contact-us with ClipCopy Submission on the Subject line


Sending a blank email to the address below will result in a free subscription being generated to the mailing list in question.

101 Newsletter Answers (our ezine):
101nla with Subscribe on the Subject line
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