How ClipCopy Can Help

Save Time!

No more wasted hours looking for supporting copy to round off your newsletter professionally. With ClipCopy Content Solutions you have a whole library of material at your fingertips (literally) and, what’s more, it’s being added to all the time.

Forget Writer's Block!

ClipCopy Content Solutions does the writing for you. No longer will you find yourself waiting in vain for your ‘muse’ to help you dream up some supporting copy—while the deadline looms ever closer! Just look in the ClipCopy Collection!

Beat That Deadline!

A crisis needs your attention; an unexpected problem crops up; somebody goes sick and you have to drop everything to find a replacement. And all the time your newsletter production schedule remains the same and gets ever closer. Sound familiar? It needn’t always be like this. Think of the relief you’ll feel when you have a way of finding meaningful 'content' in a hurry.

Tackle Any Type Of Newsletter

Would you like to tackle topics you previously thought beyond your expertise? ClipCopy allows you to be a lot more adventurous than before. There is an ever-expanding ClipCopy Collection covering hundreds of subjects, some of which you might never have seriously considered. Now you can cover them, and with complete confidence, because you know that you don’t need the expertise—ClipCopy Content Solutions has it for you.

Find What You Want

You'll find hundreds of articles, features, quizzes, crosswords, jokes... in fact more than 6000 items at present. They are all in the easy-to-search ClipCopy Collection; members can just enter a key word or phrase in the Search tool provided and the solutions pop up within seconds. Or anyone can browse the ClipCopy Content Solutions directories by using the sidebar menu ClipCopy Content for inspiration. If you cannot find what you want just ask us! Members can nominate subjects they would like to see covered.

Ongoing Assistance

Our ClipCopy Collection, categorized to make it easy to find what you want (or, if you are a member, by using our Search tool) is always being expanded, updated and refined. Many members also find our Plain Text Newsletter Templates absolutely invaluable, especially for new start-ups. To help further, we also publish a free ezine in conjunction with our sister site, 101 Newsletter Answers.

Everyone Benefits

Everyone who produces a newsletter or similar publication, whether they publish one or many, whether in-house or for external distribution, whether electronic or printed, for profit or non-profit, should find something to enhance the readability of their publication among the ClipCopy collection of files.

What If You Don't Find What You Want?

A fair question! However, if you can't find the type of content you use most often, there is a place in the Members Only Area where you can tell us and we’ll do everything we can to provide suitable copy. Not only that but we provide our members with the most comprehensive directories of Content Providers on the Internet. So if you can't find what you're looking for in our ClipCopy collection, just delve into them—the websites included there represent tens of thousands of newsletter-specific 'content' items! Last but not least, members can order unique, high quality articles to be written exclusively for them via the 101 Newsletter Answers Article Writing Service at half-price!

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