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Being a website owner, you must find increasing website traffic important. In fact, you can achieve this goal by building a content rich website with up-to-date information. One successful way is to publish interesting and suitable articles on your site. Here are some tips which are helpful for writing better articles.
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1. Explain Your Intention

Do this in the very first paragraph of each article you write and let the reader have an overall picture of what they are about to read. This acts as a guide and makes it easier for the reader to follow. State in that paragraph whether they should be expecting an explanation, or a solution to a problem. Readers can then decide for themselves if they prefer to read on or leave it unread.

2. Know Your Subject Well

You may have a lot of first-hand experience because you have worked or studied in the particular field you are writing about but, if you are absolutely new to the subject, you can either do some research on your own or seek help from experts by simply conducting an interview with them. They will give you insights to what the subject matter should be like.

3. Stick To Your Interests

Readers can easily sense your enthusiasm and be attracted to your writing especially if you have a great interest in your topic because as a result, you may be able to include more exclusive information as well as some personal experiences which creates a more realistic picture. Other than successful experiences, you may also include some failures that you have came across for readers to take take note of.

4. Be Articulate And Informative

There are times when we keep staring at the article we have just read and cannot understand what the message was. What if your readers feel the that way about what you write? People want to take something with them when they read your article. What you can do is provide them with useful information and present your content in a direct way. Customers will be happy to re-visit your site because they are reeping knowledge.

5. Sectionalize For Readability

Long paragraphs are discouraging and people usually will not have the patience for them. Keep the paragraphs short and simple so readers can get the gist of it by scanning through. To do this effectively, you can use either bullet points or numbers. This clear division often helps readers to figure out the context easily and summarize what they are interested in knowing.

6. Answer Questions

If you state a question in the first paragraph, say you ask how one should make money at home, you should be able to provide him or her with the answer in the rest of the article. The explanation or answer to those questions should be a step-to-step guide. Elaboration is important here to clearly reply to the first paragraph.


Your website will be full of fresh content if you can practice the above tips well. Search engines will then crawl your site and the traffic of your site will be increased. So start writing a precise but informative article and publish it on your website.

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