Dealing With Writers Block

Foreword By The Editor

The following short article by Tom Binns is about a subject that most people who write have experienced from time to time (or perhaps more frequently?). Creativity sometimes seems to flow unbidden from brain to the hand and onto paper or the screen. At other times it stubbornly refuses to co-operate and leaves us frustrated. Has Tom Binns found the answer? You be the judge!
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Searching For Your Muse

Do you have writers block? Are you staring at that piece of paper, pen in hand, but nothing is getting written down? Or sitting by your computer all ready to type up a storm, yet your brain isn't giving you the words you're searching for?

Well, it's a problem that you will most likely experience more than just once if you write for a living. Even if you simply write for fun, it will come up from time to time. There isn't really much you can do about it. Search for the muse in you and hope that they come back to help you out quickly.

Using Prompts

So what can you do to help out with this problem? Well one thing is to use writing prompts, and write every day of the week. It doesn't matter if what you're putting down isn't making any sense, you are writing. If you want to try and force yourself on those days to try and do a prompt, have a go at it. But it can possibly make the problem even worse. So what to do?

Take A Break

At times it just may do you a bit of good to just take a little time away from the computer in order to get rejuvenated. How you do that best is to find something fun and relaxing, something that will not have your problems at the forefront of your mind.

Listen to music, read, watch a movie, go out and head to the beach. It won't matter but just get away from sitting and staring as nothing comes to you. It will only frustrate you more than that you already are at this point.

In closing, think positive. That way it shouldn't last for that long.

About the Author

Tom Binns is an expert in creativity coaching from the webpage The Creativity Practice.

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