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The following article by Ron Cripps covers the very important area of keyword density in written articles. What many people do not realise is that a period of 'trial and error' is often necessary in determining the correct keyword density for a particular niche or business field. A flat five per cent, or any other uncompromisingly definite figure, is rarely going to prove to be correct.
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Keyword Density

Keyword density and position are important facets of optimizing your written articles for search engines. You need to know just where to place the keywords in the written article so that when the search engine spiders skim your site they recognize what are the keywords.

So What Are Keywords?

Keywords are those words that give focus and that you inevitably use on more than one occasion in an article. When the search engine spiders read your web page and see a particular word in several places, they will assume the page will be helpful to people who are searching for that particular word.

Can Keywords Hurt Marketing Efforts?

When you use a keyword too frequently in an article it is deemed to be 'keyword stuffing' and that is a negative matter. Keyword stuffing tells the spiders that you are trying to trick them into giving a better ranking and, as a result, they will invariably penalize your web site and web page for doing it. The ratings of your other pages too can be affected by stuffing and you can wind up with a site that is virtually blacklisted by the search engines.

What is Keyword Density?

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Keyword density is calculated by the number of occasions that you position the keyword in your written article. The majority of individuals will come up with a percentage to help guide them on how many occasions they will use a keyword in their written article. For example, if you have a five hundred word article and want to achieve a keyword density of 5%, then you will want to have the keyword in your written article twenty five times.

Many guidebooks have been compiled that will offer you their hypothesis on what the best keyword density is. When looked at sensibly, you are going to discover the density that gives you the most earnings. Each webmaster has their own density that they like to achieve based on past results. Your success is dependent upon employing the right density for you to make a profit and not over-optimize the written articles.

The Article Ranking Ladder

No matter what precise density you choose, it is necessary to place keywords so that there are more at the start and finish to develop an hour glass outcome. Selecting the right density for your written material is important for you to generate money, so that your article climbs the ranking ladder.

About The Author

Ron has been working from home as an affiliate marketer for the last five years. If you want to quit your day job and start a business in affiliate marketing there are some things you need to be aware of. First not all information you get is true, but there are some easy steps that will get results quick.

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