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This article by Ada Ho contains some good ideas for writing on subjects about which you are, let's say, less than an expert. Be bold and tackle it regardless (but be prepared to learn along the way), seems to be the main message. Hey, this premise for Writing For Better Understanding makes sense to me!
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Put It Down

Putting down in black and white what you are thinking gives you a clearer picture of your train of thoughts. Take out a piece of paper, or simply turn on your laptop. You'll find that as you write or type, new ideas will come rushing in.

Have you ever had the problem of clarifying your thoughts? It is hard at times to come clear with what we are thinking and what we have experienced. Try to talk to someone, make them listen and question you as you speak. Do not worry if you are struggling to find the right words as this is a sign that you are rationalizing and bridging your thoughts. You will only understand if you get your thoughts out there.

Thinking On Paper

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Many people decide not to write unless they have completely understood their thoughts. This actually stops them from advancing. Just scribble whatever comes into you mind on a piece of paper and you will see how the ideas gradually come together. This is called 'thinking on paper'. You would not want to risk losing any of your brilliant ideas by keeping them in your head. Record them on paper!

While you are transforming your ideas into words, you are also understanding the logic behind them. That is to say, your explaining power stimulates your brainpower. You are comprehending the idea as you explain it.

Keep A Journal

If you want to learn something better, you can write down all your ideas and notes in a journal. For instance, when you need to solve a problem, you can write down what you can do to tackle it. You don't need to worry when you have no idea because you can just write down anything you think of  and make an explanation. Thinking on paper is really workable.

Writers don't always write as they already understand something. Hence, if you want to understand a topic, you can write a book about it! We usually write something just because we don't understand it, and want to have a better understanding.

Writing is a great tool to better thinking. For me, I really have a much better understanding of this thinking method after I finished writing this article.


If you are not exactly the writing type of person, a journal or a book will be torturous. Better start off with a letter explaining to your friend what kind of new knowledge or skills you are acquiring at the moment. This will help to consolidate your learning. Great inventors are people who spot a problem and try to solve it. You can also be one of them. Just start writing, whether you are sure of not. It will all happen along the way.

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