The Keyword Factor For Business Articles

Foreword By The Editor The following article by Ron Cripps covers the very important area of keyword density in written articles. What many people do not realise is that a period of ‘trial and error’ is often necessary in determining the correct keyword density for a particular niche or business … Continue reading

Writing For Better Understanding

Foreword By The Editor This article by Ada Ho contains some good ideas for writing on subjects about which you are, let’s say, less than an expert. Be bold and tackle it regardless (but be prepared to learn along the way), seems to be the main message. Hey, this premise … Continue reading

Dealing With Writers Block

Foreword By The Editor The following short article by Tom Binns is about a subject that most people who write have experienced from time to time (or perhaps more frequently?). Creativity sometimes seems to flow unbidden from brain to the hand and onto paper or the screen. At other times … Continue reading

The Path to Becoming a Freelance Writer

Foreword By The Editor As I’ve said before, ClipCopy Content Solutions is all about content, particularly written content. Therefore, this article by Barry Walls is appropriate for all those who wish to legitimately make an income online by utilizing their writing talents but retaining their independence. Many thanks Barry, for your … Continue reading

Internet Article Writing With A (Re)Purpose

Foreword By The Author Whether you’re looking to save time or potentially earn more money with your Internet article writing, writing with a purpose (of repurposing the content) can help you. That’s not to say that everything you write should be used and reused. However, writing with repurposing material in … Continue reading