Samples Of Clipcopy

Finding ClipCopy Examples You can view examples of every kind of ClipCopy by browsing through the different types and sub-categories. There are two samples at the bottom of most sub-category pages; any visitor can click on the links to these and they will open for viewing just as they would … Continue reading

Using ClipCopy

What ClipCopy Is ClipCopy consists of many different kinds of pre-written copy such as articles, jokes, filler text like quirky facts and quotations, crosswords, etc. Anyone who has an occasional (or, come to that, frequent!) need for extra material for their newsletter can simply copy a ClipCopy item and paste … Continue reading

Types Of ClipCopy

Types Of Files There are three main categories or types of ClipCopy: ClipArticles, ClipFeatures and ClipFillers. As well as these three categories, each of them is sub-categorized, and also further grouped by Focus, Tone (serious, humorous etc) and Length (in words). Exceptions and other forms of groupings are explained on … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions What is ClipCopy? Types of ClipCopy? Finding files? Copying files? Viewing files? What file? More file information? File formats? Line breaks? E-copy? Finding E-copy? Refreshing Pages? Copy Submissions? Testimonial Views? Answers What is ClipCopy™? ClipCopy is the term we use to describe copy that was originally put together for … Continue reading

How ClipCopy Can Help

Save Time! No more wasted hours looking for supporting copy to round off your newsletter professionally. With ClipCopy Content Solutions you have a whole library of material at your fingertips (literally) and, what’s more, it’s being added to all the time. Forget Writer’s Block! ClipCopy Content Solutions does the writing … Continue reading

Why Use Our Copy-and-Paste Content?

The ‘Content’ Problem Getting hold of quality content is an ongoing challenge for most publishers. Although there are a number of sites on the web that call themselves ‘content providers’, ClipCopy Content Solutions, which has been online since 1999, is the only one that is aimed primarily at newsletters, whether … Continue reading

Privacy And Terms Of Service

General ClipCopy Content Solutions recognizes the right of users to a degree of privacy and the importance of protecting such privacy is of fundamental concern. The following guidelines were drawn up as a formal statement of policies in this and other regards. The terms ‘ClipCopy Content Solutions ‘, ‘us’, ‘we’ … Continue reading