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The following article by Michael Fleischner covers one of the most vital areas of traffic building and conversions: valuable and engaging content. Without it all your other efforts will be to no avail. Be sure to read the author's short 'bio' at the end of the article.
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What Is Meant By 'Content'

When they think about website content, most people think of text on a page. But it can include more than simply words. Quality content includes pictures, images, and video as well as the words on a page. It may also include dynamic content in the form of RSS feeds, tag clouds and other elements.


By creating targeted content that is optimally designed, websites can create a compelling reason for browsers to visit their web pages often. When thinking about the development of your content, it doesn't matter where it comes from as long as it is well written and engages your audience.

When website content is created to be engaging and optimized for search engines, your site will receive high organic rankings. In addition, other sites will reference yours providing valuable inbound links that result in better search engine performance.

Make It Engaging

Make sure that your content not only allows for search engines to easily index your site but that it also engages website visitors. Optimized content is worthless if it does not provide a good user experience. Once you attract users to your website, make sure that your content provides value. As website browsers engage your content, consider how they might move through the purchase decision process. Is your content directing them to where you want them to go or providing adequate opportunity to convert them in a variety of ways? Good content encourages your website visitors to navigate beyond your home page and through your website.

The more a visitor values their time on your website, the more likely they will be to convert to a customer. They will also be more inclined to refer others to your website. Never underestimate the power of referrals. All websites should be viewed as viral marketing tools. Again, the quality of your referrals comes down to the quality of your content.

If your content is engaging and meaningful, you will attract links to your website and not just your home page. Deep linking can improve your rankings dramatically and are largely based on external links. Provide quality content and watch those links grow naturally.

Reaping Rewards

When websites continue to focus on engaging content, they find that they receive more links from third party websites and higher search engine rankings. This produces a significant increase in website traffic over a sustained period of time. Once you have the right amount of traffic, your opportunity for increased sales can grow significantly. Make the investment in quality content and reap the rewards.

Consistent Quality

Successful online businesses produce quality content on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why they are successful. Not only does quality content engage your browsers, but it creates an environment that people want to visit often. Add the benefit of improved rankings and you can see why good content is so important.

Before you start authoring new content for your website consider the value of what you are going to produce. Take a few extra moments to deliver something of quality and appreciate the rewards. It takes a certain amount of effort to create engaging content but it is essential for online success.

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