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Your membership of ClipCopy Content Solutions includes access to, and therefore ownership of, three different kinds of files: software applications, ebooks and ClipCopy packages, as can be seen under the headings below.


Click here if you want to download some (or all) of the software applications we make available to you. Make sure you are logged in as a member first though, otherwise you will find that the links don't work. The files currently available are Autoresponder Unlimited, The Ezine Machine and Magic Subscriber. All three include Master Resale Rights!


There are twenty six downloadable ebooks here at ClipCopy Content Solutions for you to grab and use to improve your marketing and/or publishing skills. If you are a member and are logged in, you can download whatever you wish and return in a few days to get more. There's no hurry. We'll still be here! Click here to go now to look at the collection and download your chosen titles. Most also include Master Resale Rights!

ClipCopy Packages

There are a number of specially made-up packages available here and more will be added soon. If you think you might make use of one or more of these 'bundles', please feel free to download at your leisure. Click here to access the download page but make sure you are logged in first or you'll find that the download links will not work.

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