Pre-Written Features


What Are They?

All these pre-written feature articles, or ClipFeatures as we call them, consist of sets of articles in series, each one usually short in length (the average word count is less than 200) and covering all sorts of topics. Individual items are generally shorter than ClipArticles but, because each is part of a series, they can be joined together with others of the same series to make longer articles. Filenames include a number, and joining ClipFeatures together sequentially using their file numbers is usually a seamless operation. On the other hand, because each one can stand on its own, they can be used separately, maybe to emphasize different aspects of the same subject. The most appealing aspect of ClipFeatures though, is that your site or newsletter can follow an ongoing theme over several issues, perhaps exploring a subject from different angles, rather like a serial story. This can be a powerful way of cultivating loyalty.

They are suitable as newsletter content (including ezines), or for websites, blogs, etc. and are sometimes referred to as canned content, instant content, off-the-peg or off-the-shelf content and so on. The ClipFeatures section of the site is further divided into 'clickable' links that appear as sub-categoriesin the ClipCopy Content menu in the left sidebar.

Sub-Category Display Pages

To find a suitable feature article set, click one of the Pre-Written Features sub-categories in the menu and you will be taken to a list of articles. Each list contains other 'groupings' such as a Tone column, a Focus field, and so on, to help you quickly ascertain an article's suitability for your newsletter. Another useful column to consider is the Working Title, which is a good guide to the subject covered but, as implied, is optional (in other words, you may change it to suit your publication).

Non-members can open the last two items on each of the pages below.

Business ClipFeatures

Another term for feature articles is 'serial articles'. In other words, they are related articles of varying lengths, each one focusing on the same topic. The ones on this page are all business articles of various sorts. Some of the topics covered are sales and marketing, finance, advertising, business writing, etc.

Health ClipFeatures

The ones on this page are all health-related articles of various sorts. Some of the topics covered are children's illnesses in general, when to call a doctor, etc.

Home Life ClipFeatures

The ones on this page are all articles related to home life in one way or another. Some of the topics covered are home care, safety in the home, finance, etc.

Miscellaneous ClipFeatures

These are various sorts of articles that don't fit one of the three main categories. Some of the topics covered are Internet related, others have a sports or games orientation, etc.

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