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Advertising 01—The AIDA Formula Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 165 advrts01.txt
Advertising 02—Succeeding as a Copywriter Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 93 advrts02.txt
Advertising 03—Writing Classifieds Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 685 advrts03.txt
Advertising 04—Attention-Grabbing Headlines Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 142 advrts04.txt
Advertising 05—Successful Headlines Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 232 advrts05.txt
Advertising 06—Using Colloquialisms Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 104 advrts06.txt
Advertising 07—Attention-Grabbing Headlines Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 132 advrts07.txt
Advertising 08- Using the YOU Word Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 183 advrts08.txt
Advertising 09—Layout Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 154 advrts09.txt
Advertising 10—Benefits For Customers Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 116 advrts10.txt
Advertising 11—Enumeration of the Benefits Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 209 advrts11.txt
Advertising 12—Building Desire Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 327 advrts12.txt
Advertising 13—Selling the Sizzle Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 234 advrts13.txt
Advertising 14—The Full AIDA Formula Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 188 advrts14.txt
Advertising 15—How to Stimulate Action Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 304 advrts15.txt
Advertising Now 1—Common Mistakes Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 61 advert01.txt
Advertising Now 2—The 'Two-Step' Method Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 92 advert02.txt
Advertising Now 3—Writing Copy Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 78 advert03.txt
Advertising Now 4—The Right Publications Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 87 advert04.txt
Advertising Now 5—Qualifying a Publication Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 85 advert05.txt
Advertising Now 6—Trial Advertising Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 57 advert06.txt
Advertising Now 7—Multiple Publications Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 112 advert07.txt
Advertising Now 8—Keying Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 278 advert08.txt
Business Finance 1 Finance/Money Serious 137 bizcr001.txt
Business Finance 2 Types of Business Loans Finance/Money Serious 189 bizcr002.txt
Business Finance 3 Credit Applications Finance/Money Serious 123 bizcr003.txt
Business Finance 4 Business Loan Applications Finance/Money Serious 586 bizcr004.txt
Business Finance 5 Advice For Borrowers Finance/Money Serious 183 bizcr005.txt
Business Finance 6 Application Not Approved Finance/Money Serious 375 bizcr006.txt
Business Finance 7 Equal Credit Opportunity Act Finance/Money Serious 295 bizcr007.txt
Business Finance 8 Unlawful Loan Refusals Finance/Money Serious 377 bizcr008.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (01) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 741 bofh01.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (02) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 438 bofh02.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (03) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 630 bofh03.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (04) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 692 bofh04.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (05) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 732 bofh05.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (06) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 528 bofh06.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (07) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 985 bofh07.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (08) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 675 bofh08.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (09) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 750 bofh09.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (10) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 768 bofh10.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (11) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 640 bofh11.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (12) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 863 bofh12.txt
Computer Operator from Hell (13) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 740 bofh13.txt
Computer System Manager from Hell Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 617 bofh14.txt
IP 01 Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 202 intpty01.txt
IP 02 Patents Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 352 intpty02.txt
IP 03 Avoiding Patent Infringement Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 325 intpty03.txt
IP 04 Patent Searches Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 146 intpty04.txt
IP 05 Benefits of Patent Searches Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 84 intpty05.txt
IP 06 Forfeiting Patent Protection Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 81 intpty06.txt
IP 07 Coverage of Unexpired Patents Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 100 intpty07.txt
IP 08 Trademarks Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 112 intpty08.txt
IP 09 Trademark Searching Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 163 intpty09.txt
IP 10 Copyrights Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 256 intpty10.txt
IP 11 Trade Secrets Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 144 intpty11.txt
IP 12 The Need for Experienced Counsel Life/Society/Politics Neutral 236 intpty12.txt
Publicity 01 Generating Publicity Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 171 publty01.txt
Publicity 02 Your Product or Service Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 244 publty02.txt
Publicity 03 Surveying the Market Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 296 publty03.txt
Publicity 04 Where to Publicize Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 186 publty04.txt
Publicity 05 Make It Newsworthy Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 194 publty05.txt
Publicity 06 Your Best Angle Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 255 publty06.txt
Publicity 07 Making Contact Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 398 publty07.txt
Publicity 08 News Releases Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 218 publty08.txt
Publicity 09 Writing the Release Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 257 publty09.txt
Publicity 10 Promotional Literature Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 353 publty10.txt
Publicity 11 Pitch Letters Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 252 publty11.txt
Publicity 12 Use Your Telephone Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 254 publty12.txt
Publicity 13 Column Releases Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 150 publty13.txt
Publicity 14 Press Kits Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 135 publty14.txt
Publicity 15 The Biography Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 95 publty15.txt
Publicity 16 Photographs Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 188 publty16.txt
Publicity 17 Merchandising Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 222 publty17.txt
Publicity 18 Promotion Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 202 publty18.txt
Publicity 19 Hiring Other People Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 234 publty19.txt
Publicity 20 Generating Publicity: Try It Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 178 publty20.txt
Real Boss—Who Is It? Management/Leadership Neutral 210 secybk01.txt
Real Boss—Will He Please Stand Up? Management/Leadership Neutral 220 secybk02.txt
Sales Letters 1—Marketing Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 93 slsltr01.txt
Sales Letters 2—Using AIDA Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 117 slsltr02.txt
Sales Letters 3—Using 'PS' Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 56 slsltr03.txt
Sales Letters 4—Length Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 48 slsltr04.txt
Sales Letters 5—The Sales Letter Package Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 90 slsltr05.txt
Training 1—Soft Skills Management/Leadership Serious 124 trgpl001.txt
Training 2—Courses At 'The Training Place' Management/Leadership Serious 112 trgpl002.txt
Training 3—Course Details Management/Leadership Serious 111 trgpl003.txt




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