Pre-Written Fillers


What Are They?

Pre-written newsletter, blog or website copy fillers, or ClipFillers, as we call them, was the original concept that gave rise to ClipCopy Content Solutions. They provide the publisher or editor with a 'virtual' staff writer or columnist whose main task is to supply conventional filler copy covering many subjects. By using them, the publisher or editor has a better chance of getting the right balance of humor, advice and 'regular' columns.

ClipFillers can be particularly useful in establishing a certain 'tone' and achieving overall balance. The ongoing nature of many items when used as 'regulars' can also help in the never-ending quest for loyal followers. These fillers (or copy enhancers, as we prefer to think of them), sometimes referred to as canned content, instant content, off-the-peg or off-the-shelf content and so on, are suitable for newsletters (including ezines), or for websites, blogs etc. They are arranged in easily recognized sub-categories, all with the prefix 'Clip'. Find the ones most suitable for you by referring to the Focus, Tone (neutral, serious, light or humorous), or Wds (word length) columns. Because you are now in the ClipFillers section of the site, you will see that it is further divided into sub-categories in the form of 'clickable' links in the menu at left.

Sub-Category Display Pages

To find a suitable item, click one of the Pre-Written Fillers sub-categories in the left column menu (ClipCopy Content) and you will be taken to a list. As mentioned above, each list contains other 'groupings' such as a Tone column, a Focus field, and so on, to help you quickly ascertain an item's suitability for your publication, be it a newsletter, blog, ebook or whatever. Another useful column to consider is the Working Title, which is a good guide to the subject covered but, as implied, is optional (in other words, you may change it to suit your publication).

Non-members can open the last two items on each of the pages below.


These are listed as Amazing Facts in the main ClipCopy Content menu to the left, and are all short articles, or 'factoids', of varying length, covering general knowledge in all its facets. They are usually of the 'Fancy That!' variety of fillers, or of the 'Guinness Book of Records' genre, though there are many variations including statistical facts, little-known facts, well-known facts, little known facts about well-known people, places, times etc.


These (see Amusing Anecdotes in the left column) are funny anecdotes and stories that are so called because they are really amusing 'mini articles', rather than jokes (which have a category of their own). They consist of humorous articles of up to 100 words (though usually no more than 20) that don't fit the normally accepted classification of 'jokes'.


These (named Cool Quizzes in the menu to the left) make first class fillers as, like many puzzles, some readers find them addictive—and that's good! There's nothing better than an addicted reader for your blog or newsletter. ClipQuizzes are mostly simple quizzes, usually focused on a particular theme and consisting of 5 questions each, complete with answers. They can be adapted in many ways. For example, you might want to put the answers to each quiz you feature in the following edition of your newsletter, or upside down at the bottom of the page, or via a link to somewhere else on your site that you want your readers to go. They can be 'mixed and matched' too. Every form of regularly changing content could benefit from featuring a quiz or riddle of some sort to cater for puzzle addicts—they'll itch for the next edition!


Featured as Crazy Cartoons in the main menu, these are popular in many types of content to lighten the overall feel and, used regularly, you'd be surprised how many of your readers become loyal followers just because of the addition of this feature. It's a relatively small collection but with plans for it to grow ever larger.

ClipQuotes (1), ClipQuotes (2), ClipQuotes (3), ClipQuotes (4)

Also known as Great Quotations in the main menu, these consist of many well-known, as well as many little-known but witty, quotations. Quotations from the famous and the infamous, from historic figures to one-day pop wonders, from all ages and cultures. Appropriate quotations are always popular additions to any content.


Hilarious Jokes (see column left of here), when the context is right, make excellent fillers and consist of some old favorites plus many that are sure to be new to you. Various length jokes, many grouped according to a theme, are included and most are just harmless fun. Always read them before publishing though, because there are a few that might be considered 'adult humor'.


Silly And Wise Verses from old and well known poets (or new and untried ones) can brighten up your blog, website or newsletters. Witty, amusing, often profound (or occasionally profane) this type of filler is always in great demand. Many of the limericks are hilarious but be careful and keep your target readership in mind; some are definitely a little 'off-color'.


This Treasury Of Tips consists of a wide range of helpful tips and hints to complement practically any newsletter, ezine or webpage. In order to make the individual categories of tips easy to find, they are further sub-divided, under the Focus heading, into the following self-explanatory sections: CarTips, CookTips, FashionTips, HealthTips and TravelTips.


Also known as Wily Word Puzzles, this group of newsletter fillers consist mostly of that old favorite, the crossword puzzle. They are all 81 squares (9 x 9) simple crosswords to amuse but that are not too taxing. All files are in Rich Text Format (.rtf) which means they should be usable whichever Operating System you have.


This group of newsletter fillers (see Wisdom Of The Ages) consists of many motivational and inspirational sayings. Parables, proverbs and other well known and not so well known maxims are also to be found here. Every newsletter can be improved with a sprinkling of ancient and modern wisdom.


This list (World Of Recipes in the left column) consists of a wide selection of dishes to cater for a wide range of tastes. They are popular in many newsletters, even some completely unrelated to food. It's a relatively small collection but with plans for it to grow and cater for ever widening new taste demands.

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