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41% Increase in Lodi Pet Adoptions Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 38 petadopt.txt
50,000th to Receive Silicone Testicles Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 62 silibals.txt
A Dining Combo Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 28 dine_out.txt
A Natural Sweetener Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 89 natsweet.txt
A New Beginning for Sex on the Net Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 64 sexonnet.txt
Adonis History/Mythology Neutral 40 maleform.txt
All Aboard,! Internet/Online Neutral 33 altrains.txt
America's Weighty Health Crisis Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 124 fatnatn.txt
Anti-Icing Road Spray System Safety/Security Neutral 126 icespray.txt
Antique Doll Sells For Record Life/Society/Politics Neutral 79 antiqdol.txt
Aphrodisiacs Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 102 aphrodis.txt
Auld Lang Syne Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Neutral 65 olandsyn.txt
Backyard Fences Life/Society/Politics Light 11 hurtfenc.txt
Battle of the Sexes Life/Society/Politics Humorous 100 uwearmil.txt
Biological Clocks Fitness/Wellbeing Light 84 bioclock.txt
Bridge Across the Water Travel/Transport Light 94 od1stflt.txt
Calculating Easter Seasonal/Festive Neutral 124 eastcalc.txt
Car Pollution Travel/Transport Neutral 27 carpolut.txt
Carols Seasonal/Festive Neutral 125 carols.txt
Celebrating With Haggis Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 53 haggiscn.txt
Cellular Charger Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 85 celcharg.txt
Centenarian Baby Boomers Medicine/Remedies Neutral 45 babyboom.txt
Cheap Surplus Goods Life/Society/Politics Neutral 82 surplsgs.txt
Christmas Island History/Mythology Neutral 98 crsmas02.txt
Christmas Songs Seasonal/Festive Light 173 xmasongs.txt
Clean Americans Life/Society/Politics Light 18 3showers.txt
Comparisons Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 74 comparsn.txt
CRM Software Internet/Online Neutral 67 innovcrm.txt
Day Of The Dead Life/Society/Politics Light 19 daydying.txt
Dog Deaths Nature/Plants/Animals Light 18 dogdying.txt
Drill-Out Power Extractor Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 85 drillout.txt
Dying On The Job Work/Career/HR Neutral 13 jobdying.txt
Easter And Other Christian Traditions Seasonal/Festive Neutral 141 eastrads.txt
Easter Clothes Seasonal/Festive Neutral 80 eclothes.txt
Easter Colors Seasonal/Festive Neutral 94 ecolors.txt
Easter Festivals Around The World Seasonal/Festive Neutral 137 worldfes.txt
Easter Flowers Seasonal/Festive Neutral 55 eflowers.txt
Easter Food Seasonal/Festive Neutral 154 eastfood.txt
Easter In Ireland Seasonal/Festive Neutral 228 irisheas.txt
Easter In Italy Seasonal/Festive Neutral 43 easitaly.txt
Easter Island Seasonal/Festive Neutral 58 eastisle.txt
Easter Luck Seasonal/Festive Neutral 39 eastluck.txt
Easter Processions Seasonal/Festive Neutral 264 eprocesn.txt
Easter Processions And Parades Seasonal/Festive Neutral 89 parades.txt
Easter Trees Seasonal/Festive Neutral 130 eastrees.txt
Easter Water Seasonal/Festive Neutral 34 ewater.txt
Famous Mothers: Bobbi McCaughy Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 55 famoms08.txt
Famous Mothers: Cindy Crawford Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 125 famoms02.txt
Famous Mothers: Diana, Princess Of Wales Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 226 famoms06.txt
Famous Mothers: Elle Macpherson Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 135 famoms01.txt
Famous Mothers: Jackie Kennedy Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 233 famoms07.txt
Famous Mothers: Jerry Hall Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 112 famoms03.txt
Famous Mothers: Mary Kay LeTourneau Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 291 famoms10.txt
Famous Mothers: Nkem Chukwu Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 83 famoms09.txt
Famous Mothers: Queen Elizabeth II Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 138 famoms05.txt
Famous Mothers: Queen Victoria Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 124 famoms04.txt
Farm 2 Market Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 35 farm2mkt.txt
Fathers' Day Family/Parenting/Kids Serious 140 fatherd1.txt
Father's Day Spreads Family/Parenting/Kids Serious 54 fatherd2.txt
Favorite Mother's Day Gifts Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 29 mdayfift.txt
Free Online Gaming Internet/Online Neutral 96 fogaming.txt
Goddess Of Love History/Mythology Neutral 57 godslove.txt
Good Friday Potatoes Seasonal/Festive Light 16 gdfries.txt
Green Thursday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 113 greenthu.txt
Haggis Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 61 haggis01.txt
Handsel Monday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 30 handsels.txt
Hare Catching Seasonal/Festive Neutral 47 harecatc.txt
Hindu New Year Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 58 diwali01.txt
Honours Lists Life/Society/Politics Neutral 129 honorlst.txt
Hot Cross Buns Seasonal/Festive Neutral 93 hotebuns.txt
Hurricane Terms Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 37 huricans.txt
Immigration and Refugee Services Life/Society/Politics Neutral 78 irsasite.txt
It Begins in Your 30s Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 39 blimpout.txt
Italian Alps Adventures Recreation/Games/Sports Neutral 56 italyalp.txt
Legend Of St Mark's Eve Seasonal/Festive Neutral 68 emyths02.txt
Legendary Adultery History/Mythology Neutral 46 guinever.txt
Lent Seasonal/Festive Neutral 168 lent.txt
Love Goddesses History/Mythology Neutral 42 lovegods.txt
Love Rules! Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 loverule.txt
Love Singers Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 40 lovesing.txt
Maddie's Fund Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 64 maddiesf.txt
Mardi Gras Seasonal/Festive Neutral 118 mardigra.txt
Maundy Thursday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 250 maundyth.txt
Men's And Women's Choices Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 35 momcard3.txt
Moslem New Year Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 36 muslimny.txt
Mother Teresa Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 98 m_teresa.txt
Mothering Sunday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 266 rosesund.txt
Mother-in-Law Lodgers Family/Parenting/Kids Light 20 lodgemom.txt
Mother's Day Cards Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 46 momcard1.txt
Mothers Day Deluge Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 38 momcard2.txt
Multi-Country College Search Engine Internet/Online Neutral 76 collegef.txt
New Evidence On Global Warming Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 144 globalwm.txt
New Year's Day Seasonal/Festive Neutral 179 newyeard.txt
New Year's Gift Seasonal/Festive Neutral 29 etrennes.txt
Oberammergau Seasonal/Festive Neutral 212 oberamm.txt
Painted Eggs Seasonal/Festive Neutral 97 paintegg.txt
Pancake Race Seasonal/Festive Humorous 182 panckday.txt
Pats on the Back Work/Career/HR Light 106 jobrecog.txt
Penny Weddings Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 44 pennywed.txt
Persephone’s Daughter Seasonal/Festive Neutral 127 emyths05.txt
Personal Trainer in a Box Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 59 ptrainer.txt
Pretzel Hearts Seasonal/Festive Neutral 47 pretzels.txt
Prostate Cancer Scourge Medicine/Remedies Serious 20 prostate.txt
Pysanki Eggs Seasonal/Festive Neutral 94 pysanki.txt
Reaching Final Stitch Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 60 finalst.txt
Real Tennis Recreation/Games/Sports Light 99 rtenis01.txt
Rest Time Life/Society/Politics Light 14 jobreaks.txt
Royal Park Of Gold History/Mythology Neutral 91 roylgold.txt
Saint Valentine's Day Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 34 stvalent.txt
Sayings About Donkeys Seasonal/Festive Humorous 67 donkeys.txt
Shop Till You Drop Life/Society/Politics Humorous 17 shopdrop.txt
Shotgun Wedding Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 55 shotgwed.txt
Sikh New Year Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 26 baisaki1.txt
Simnel Cake Seasonal/Festive Neutral 76 simnelck.txt
Skates That Grow Recreation/Games/Sports Light 78 skategro.txt
Snake in the Sky Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 195 snakeflt.txt
Snow and Avalanche Center Internet/Online Neutral 32 cybersno.txt
Software Helps Predict Ovulation Medicine/Remedies Neutral 29 ovulcalr.txt
St Valentine's Day Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 92 valentin.txt
St Valentine's Day Massacre Life/Society/Politics Neutral 116 svalsmas.txt
Surprising Facts About Breast Cancer Life/Society/Politics Neutral 86 brcancer.txt
Taking Intimidation Out of Buying Art Life/Society/Politics Neutral 69 buyinart.txt
Teleguard—Call Controlling Device Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 97 telegard.txt
The 100 Year Egg Seasonal/Festive Light 33 100yregg.txt
The American Love of Hamburgers Food/Drink/Cooking Light 56 hamstats.txt
The Bells of Easter Seasonal/Festive Neutral 136 9tailors.txt
The Biddenden Maids Seasonal/Festive Light 79 biddendn.txt
The Calvary Robin Seasonal/Festive Light 98 calrobin.txt
The Christmas Cracker Seasonal/Festive Neutral 178 xmascrak.txt
The Christmas Crèche Seasonal/Festive Neutral 87 crsmas01.txt
The Christmas Tree Seasonal/Festive Neutral 170 xmastree.txt
The Dancing Sun Seasonal/Festive Neutral 56 emyths01.txt
The Development of Real Tennis Recreation/Games/Sports Light 99 rtenis03.txt
The Easter Bonnet Seasonal/Festive Neutral 113 bonnet.txt
The Easter Rabbit Seasonal/Festive Neutral 100 erabbit.txt
The Energy Star Rating Program Homecare/Gardening Neutral 77 enrgysta.txt
The Expanding Web Internet/Online Neutral 36 expandwb.txt
The Female Of The Reindeer Species Seasonal/Festive Humorous 110 reindsex.txt
The First Wimbledon Recreation/Games/Sports Light 150 wimbldon.txt
The Flowering Thorn Tree Seasonal/Festive Neutral 79 emyths03.txt
The God Of Love History/Mythology Neutral 57 mgodlove.txt
The Goddess Freya History/Mythology Neutral 55 freyaday.txt
The Goddess Of Spring Seasonal/Festive Neutral 83 goddess.txt
The Good Luck Easter Bun Seasonal/Festive Light 61 gdlukbun.txt
The Hallaton Games Seasonal/Festive Humorous 152 hallaton.txt
The Legend Of The Donkey's Back Seasonal/Festive Neutral 42 emyths04.txt
The Loves Of Ariadne History/Mythology Neutral 62 ariadnel.txt
The Meaning Of Maundy Seasonal/Festive Neutral 120 maundy.txt
The Origin Of Santa Claus Seasonal/Festive Neutral 144 santacls.txt
The Origins Of Christmas Seasonal/Festive Neutral 160 origins.txt
The Origins of Real Tennis Recreation/Games/Sports Light 117 rtenis02.txt
The Paschal Lamb Seasonal/Festive Neutral 92 pasclamb.txt
The Passover Seasonal/Festive Neutral 73 passover.txt
The Widow’s Son Seasonal/Festive Neutral 121 widowson.txt
Theater Sneaks Life/Society/Politics Light 30 nopaymov.txt
This Week (1) Miscellaneous/General Light 33 thiswk01.txt
This Week (2) Miscellaneous/General Light 35 thiswk02.txt
Tornado Facts Nature/Plants/Animals Serious 153 tornad01.txt
Tornado Indicators Nature/Plants/Animals Serious 224 tornad02.txt
Tornado Protection Nature/Plants/Animals Serious 206 tornad03.txt
Traditions of Ash Wednesday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 113 ashwed.txt
Underwater Sodom & Gomorrah Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 54 sodomgom.txt
Vietnamese New Year Seasonal/Festive Neutral 43 tetnewyr.txt
Watch Night Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 35 wachnite.txt
Wedding Vows (1) Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 38 weddvow1.txt
Wedding Vows (2) Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 27 weddvow2.txt
Westminster Greeze Seasonal/Festive Humorous 219 wgreeze.txt
What Does ORD Stand For? Travel/Transport Light 164 ordairpt.txt
When Dinosaurs Roamed History/Mythology Neutral 182 mammals.txt
Yom Kippur Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 43 yomkippr.txt



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