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10 Geriatric Party Games Life/Society/Politics 48 oldgames.txt
10 Perks For Over 60s (1) Life/Society/Politics 88 10perks1.txt
10 Perks For Over 60s (2) Life/Society/Politics 105 10perks2.txt
10 Ways To A Healthy Insanity (1) Life/Society/Politics 129 insane01.txt
10 Ways To A Healthy Insanity (2) Life/Society/Politics 154 insane02.txt
10 Ways To Confuse Santa Claus (1) Seasonal/Festive 275 consant1.txt
10 Ways To Confuse Santa Claus (2) Seasonal/Festive 223 consant2.txt
12 (Support Desk) Bugs Of Christmas Seasonal/Festive 108 12bugs.txt
5000 Dead Lawyers Life/Society/Politics 19 lawyer11.txt
6 Common Signs Of Menopause Life/Society/Politics 99 menopaus.txt
A Baby Defined Family/Parenting/Kids 22 1line117.txt
A Bore Defined Relationships/Selfimage 21 1line120.txt
A Candidate Defined Life/Society/Politics 25 1line121.txt
A Card You Won't See In Hallmark (1) Life/Society/Politics 37 hallma01.txt
A Card You Won't See In Hallmark (2) Faith/Religion/Insight 25 hallma02.txt
A Card You Won't See In Hallmark (3) Family/Parenting/Kids 23 hallma03.txt
A Card You Won't See In Hallmark (4) Seasonal/Festive 20 hallma04.txt
A Day At The Office Seasonal/Festive 31 fatguy.txt
A Dieter's Psalm Fitness/Wellbeing 117 dietsalm.txt
A Diplomat Defined (1) Relationships/Selfimage 20 1line125.txt
A Diplomat Defined (2) Relationships/Selfimage 27 1line126.txt
A Doctor, An Engineer And A Politician Life/Society/Politics 100 docenpol.txt
A Female View Of Sex (1) Love/Sex/Marriage 25 1line100.txt
A Female View Of Sex (2) Love/Sex/Marriage 19 1line101.txt
A Female View Of Sex (3) Love/Sex/Marriage 25 1line102.txt
A Fish Tale Nature/Plants/Animals 28 1line129.txt
A Foolish Client Finance/Money 28 lawyer30.txt
A Gift To Last Relationships/Selfimage 66 gift2las.txt
A Good Listener Love/Sex/Marriage 74 gdlisner.txt
A Good Move Medicine/Remedies 79 goodmove.txt
A Goose, A Duck, And A Lawyer Life/Society/Politics 27 lawyer19.txt
A Journey To India Faith/Religion/Insight 286 indiatrp.txt
A Modern Pioneer Life/Society/Politics 23 1liner11.txt
A Note From Santa Seasonal/Festive 205 santajok.txt
A Probable Certainty Life/Society/Politics 23 jkstat08.txt
A Real Patriot Life/Society/Politics 20 1line141.txt
A Reluctant Homecoming Travel/Transport 285 falsguru.txt
A Self Made Man Love/Sex/Marriage 34 selfmade.txt
A Sexual Viewpoint (1) Love/Sex/Marriage 22 1line103.txt
A Slippery Lawyer Finance/Money 33 lawyer29.txt
A Statistician Defined Science/Techno/Tools 22 jkstat10.txt
A Theoretical Physicist Science/Techno/Tools 27 1line160.txt
A Trip To Forget Love/Sex/Marriage 100 forgtrip.txt
A True Friend Relationships/Selfimage 19 1liner17.txt
A Woman's Favorite Animals Nature/Plants/Animals 34 favaniml.txt
Accident Avoidance Travel/Transport 88 jkstat02.txt
Accounting Errors Finance/Money 95 acerrors.txt
Achieving Equality Love/Sex/Marriage 46 equalsex.txt
Afraid Of Santa Claus? Seasonal/Festive 16 claustro.txt
America... (1) Life/Society/Politics 21 1liner70.txt
America... (2) Medicine/Remedies 12 1liner71.txt
An Outdoor Girl Love/Sex/Marriage 35 outdoorg.txt
Analysis Of A Helpdesk Call Work/Career/HR 123 helpcall.txt
Anarchism Life/Society/Politics 18 1line143.txt
Appropriate Charts (1) Food/Drink/Cooking 11 1line106.txt
Appropriate Charts (2) Food/Drink/Cooking 15 1line107.txt
Arnold Schwarzennegger Virus Science/Techno/Tools 11 ccompd33.txt
At The End Of Their Careers Work/Career/HR 20 careerend.txt
AT&T Virus Science/Techno/Tools 15 ccompd30.txt
Atheist Holidays Faith/Religion/Insight 57 athholdy.txt
Athlete's Feet Recreation/Games/Sports 12 1liner26.txt
Australian IT Travel/Transport 11 1liner27.txt
Baby-Sitter Family/Parenting/Kids 18 1liner01.txt
Bachelor Cook Food/Drink/Cooking 59 bachcook.txt
Backwards Poets Publishing/Writing/IP 7 1liner29.txt
Be Careful Life/Society/Politics 18 1liner02.txt
Between Heaven And Hell Faith/Religion/Insight 23 1line138.txt
Bicycle Stand Travel/Transport 11 1liner21.txt
Big Turkeys Food/Drink/Cooking 42 bigturky.txt
Bird Lessons Management/Leadership 148 manage01.txt
Blessed Are They Relationships/Selfimage 19 1liner87.txt
Bombing The Odds Travel/Transport 111 jkstat01.txt
Bread Recipes Food/Drink/Cooking 12 1liner20.txt
Breakfast Food/Drink/Cooking 11 1liner23.txt
Bridges Of Paris Travel/Transport 14 1liner32.txt
Bucket Seats Travel/Transport 16 1liner03.txt
Calendar Days Miscellaneous/General 7 1liner25.txt
Cancer Research Medicine/Remedies 12 1line157.txt
Cars For The Rich Life/Society/Politics 25 carsrich.txt
Cat On The Beach Seasonal/Festive 17 xmascat.txt
Chess Nuts Seasonal/Festive 27 chesnuts.txt
Chicken Crossing Nature/Plants/Animals 11 1liner22.txt
Children Seldom Misquote Family/Parenting/Kids 19 kidjok04.txt
Chosen Profession Work/Career/HR 67 drplumbr.txt
Christmas Holiday Memo Seasonal/Festive 126 xmasholm.txt
Cliches Education/Learning 9 1line163.txt
College Graduate Work/Career/HR 73 collgrad.txt
Computer Thoughts Science/Techno/Tools 11 1liner80.txt
Computing Laws Science/Techno/Tools 10 1line116.txt
Confessional Relief Faith/Religion/Insight 57 irishj06.txt
Conscience Life/Society/Politics 18 1liner04.txt
Conversation Relationships/Selfimage 9 1liner88.txt
Creativity Work/Career/HR 10 1line148.txt
Curing A Cold Medicine/Remedies 86 curecold.txt
Customer Help Work/Career/HR 43 custhelp.txt
Customer Relations Relationships/Selfimage 81 custrels.txt
Dan Quayle Virus Science/Techno/Tools 17 ccompd34.txt
Date In Question Miscellaneous/General 16 dateinqn.txt
Dealing With Trouble Life/Society/Politics 148 bardistu.txt
Death Of A Husband Love/Sex/Marriage 60 husbdied.txt
Defining A Budget Finance/Money 21 1liner85.txt
Defining A Celebrity Life/Society/Politics 14 1line122.txt
Defining A Consultant Work/Career/HR 28 1line123.txt
Defining Fate Faith/Religion/Insight 103 truthsch.txt
Definition of a Computer Cache Science/Techno/Tools 25 ccompd03.txt
Definition of a Computer Meeting Science/Techno/Tools 27 ccompd10.txt
Definition Of A Computer Programmer Science/Techno/Tools 87 programr.txt
Definition of a Computer Regression Analysis Science/Techno/Tools 17 ccompd18.txt
Definition of a Computer Strategy Science/Techno/Tools 23 ccompd19.txt
Definition of a Machine-Independent Program Science/Techno/Tools 14 ccompd09.txt
Definition of a Minicomputer Science/Techno/Tools 17 ccompd11.txt
Definition of a Systems Programmer Science/Techno/Tools 35 ccompd20.txt
Definition of ADA in Computing Internet/Online 30 ccompd01.txt
Definition of an Information Center Science/Techno/Tools 27 ccompd07.txt
Definition of Computer Bugs Science/Techno/Tools 38 ccompd02.txt
Definition of Computer Quality Control Science/Techno/Tools 28 ccompd17.txt
Definition of Economies of Scale Science/Techno/Tools 68 ccompd05.txt
Definition of Hardware Science/Techno/Tools 13 ccompd06.txt
Definition of Information Processing Science/Techno/Tools 26 ccompd08.txt
Definition of Office Automation in Computing Science/Techno/Tools 27 ccompd12.txt
Definition of On-line in Computing Science/Techno/Tools 18 ccompd13.txt
Definition of Pascal in Computing Science/Techno/Tools 24 ccompd14.txt
Definition of Performance in Computing Science/Techno/Tools 36 ccompd15.txt
Definition of Priority in Computing Science/Techno/Tools 46 ccompd16.txt
Definition of Program Documentation Science/Techno/Tools 15 ccompd04.txt
Definition Of Statistical Analysis Life/Society/Politics 44 statanal.txt
Department Store Pastimes (1) Life/Society/Politics 92 deptpas1.txt
Department Store Pastimes (2) Life/Society/Politics 118 deptpas2.txt
Department Store Pastimes (3) Life/Society/Politics 101 deptpas3.txt
Depressed Elf Seasonal/Festive 15 santaslh.txt
Developing Memory Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 11 1line132.txt
Diogenes' Lawyer Life/Society/Politics 25 lawyer07.txt
Diplomacy Defined Life/Society/Politics 25 1line139.txt
Dirty Joke Miscellaneous/General 36 dirtjoke.txt
Disco Art Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 11 1liner75.txt
Donkey Dilemma Management/Leadership 171 manage03.txt
Drinking Himself To Death Food/Drink/Cooking 138 irishj04.txt
Drunk Again Life/Society/Politics 73 drunkagn.txt
Drunken Affection Love/Sex/Marriage 69 draffect.txt
Dying Young Life/Society/Politics 19 1liner81.txt
Economists (1) Finance/Money 21 1liner83.txt
Economists (2) Finance/Money 17 1liner84.txt
Ego Fate Relationships/Selfimage 16 1liner44.txt
Election Promises Life/Society/Politics 26 1line108.txt
Emergency Call Response Fitness/Wellbeing 11 1line131.txt
Emergency Doc Work/Career/HR 26 emergdoc.txt
Emergency Landing Travel/Transport 199 emgyland.txt
Emulate Your Heroes Life/Society/Politics 18 1line150.txt
Ending It Love/Sex/Marriage 14 1liner39.txt
Experience Life/Society/Politics 17 1liner05.txt
Falling Pianos Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 16 1liner31.txt
Father Of Five Family/Parenting/Kids 57 5childrn.txt
Federal Bureaucrat Virus Science/Techno/Tools 32 ccompd23.txt
Feel Good (1) Medicine/Remedies 18 1liner96.txt
Feel Good (2) Life/Society/Politics 11 1liner97.txt
Feel Good (3) Management/Leadership 9 1liner98.txt
Feeling Good Science/Techno/Tools 23 jkstat09.txt
Feline Choice Nature/Plants/Animals 8 felinech.txt
Ferry Ride Travel/Transport 114 ferryride.txt
Feudalism And Democracy Life/Society/Politics 18 1liner33.txt
Figure Line Life/Society/Politics 37 figureln.txt
Final Cramming Faith/Religion/Insight 23 finlcram.txt
Firm Decisions Management/Leadership 10 1line124.txt
First Flight Science/Techno/Tools 18 1line142.txt
Flower Power Love/Sex/Marriage 49 flowerpr.txt
Food For Thought Food/Drink/Cooking 54 food4thou.txt
Fool-Proof Sculpting Method Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 24 1line127.txt
Fortune-Telling Heights Miscellaneous/General 15 1liner41.txt
Fouling Things Up Science/Techno/Tools 15 1liner79.txt
Freedom Of Worship Faith/Religion/Insight 21 1line152.txt
Frozen Out Nature/Plants/Animals 19 lawyer28.txt
Gallup Virus Science/Techno/Tools 26 ccompd35.txt
Genuine Grades Education/Learning 27 gengrade.txt
George Washington's ID Finance/Money 21 1line164.txt
Ghostbusting Cost Finance/Money 11 1liner35.txt
Going Gray Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 16 1liner43.txt
Golf Lessons Recreation/Games/Sports 47 golflesn.txt
Good Intentions Fitness/Wellbeing 105 chsatlas.txt
Government Economist Virus Science/Techno/Tools 14 ccompd21.txt
Graduating Into Real Life Education/Learning 52 gradlife.txt
Grandad's Score Recreation/Games/Sports 46 grandadsc.txt
Handwriting Life/Society/Politics 18 1liner06.txt
Happiness Finance/Money 18 1liner07.txt
Happy New Year! Seasonal/Festive 243 happynyr.txt
Having Fun Love/Sex/Marriage 17 1liner78.txt
Headache Cure Medicine/Remedies 30 advice01.txt
Helping At Home Love/Sex/Marriage 60 helpahome.txt
Hokey Pokey Man Dies Recreation/Games/Sports 47 hokypoky.txt
Hospitable Visiting Life/Society/Politics 167 hosvisit.txt
House Proud Love/Sex/Marriage 48 houseprd.txt
How Many Law Professors? Life/Society/Politics 28 lawyer17.txt
How To Lie To Your Bathroom Scale Fitness/Wellbeing 204 liescale.txt
Indecision Travel/Transport 18 1line149.txt
Insanity Is To Art Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 13 1liner76.txt
Invitation To Suicide Life/Society/Politics 23 1liner94.txt
Its Own Reward Faith/Religion/Insight 14 1liner82.txt
Just Another Survey Life/Society/Politics 21 jkstat04.txt
Just Truckin' Love/Sex/Marriage 133 jtruckin.txt
Keeping Your Sanity at Work (1) Work/Career/HR 114 sanewk01.txt
Keeping Your Sanity at Work (2) Work/Career/HR 123 sanewk02.txt
Keeping Your Sanity at Work (3) Work/Career/HR 83 sanewk03.txt
Keeping Your Sanity at Work (4) Work/Career/HR 125 sanewk04.txt
Kitchen Blast History/Mythology 15 1liner36.txt
Know Where You're Going Inspiration/Motivation 18 1liner08.txt
Last Word Love/Sex/Marriage 24 1line115.txt
Last Words Life/Society/Politics 83 irishj05.txt
Latin Profundities Miscellaneous/General 15 1line155.txt
Laying Blame Science/Techno/Tools 13 1liner77.txt
Leadership And Management Management/Leadership 15 1line156.txt
Legal Differences Life/Society/Politics 37 lawyer02.txt
Less Than 100% Inspiration/Motivation 15 1line151.txt
Life And Death Life/Society/Politics 14 1line105.txt
Lifting The Curse Love/Sex/Marriage 64 liftcurs.txt
Linguists Life/Society/Politics 22 linguist.txt
Live now Life/Society/Politics 13 1line134.txt
Living In The Past Life/Society/Politics 17 1liner86.txt
Looking Back (1) Life/Society/Politics 9 1liner95.txt
Looking Back (2) Relationships/Selfimage 11 1line104.txt
Lost In A Balloon (1) Work/Career/HR 167 balloon1.txt
Lost In A Balloon (2) Work/Career/HR 165 balloon2.txt
Lost Money Life/Society/Politics 26 lostmony.txt
Lying Lawyers Life/Society/Politics 16 lawyer18.txt
Making Kool-Aid Food/Drink/Cooking 29 kool-aid.txt
Making Up Statistics Life/Society/Politics 21 jkstat07.txt
Management's Biggest Problem Work/Career/HR 14 1line147.txt
Mario Cuomo Virus Science/Techno/Tools 14 ccompd28.txt
Marriage And Longevity Love/Sex/Marriage 21 1line165.txt
Marriage Lines (01) Love/Sex/Marriage 27 mlines01.txt
Marriage Lines (02) Love/Sex/Marriage 37 mlines02.txt
Marriage Lines (03) Love/Sex/Marriage 19 mlines03.txt
Marriage Lines (04) Love/Sex/Marriage 19 mlines04.txt
Marriage Lines (05) Love/Sex/Marriage 19 mlines05.txt
Marriage Lines (06) Love/Sex/Marriage 26 mlines06.txt
Marriage Lines (07) Love/Sex/Marriage 34 mlines07.txt
Marriage Lines (08) Love/Sex/Marriage 23 mlines08.txt
Marriage Lines (09) Love/Sex/Marriage 12 mlines09.txt
Marriage Lines (10) Love/Sex/Marriage 23 mlines10.txt
Marriage Lines (11) Love/Sex/Marriage 40 mlines11.txt
Marriage Lines (12) Love/Sex/Marriage 21 mlines12.txt
Marriage Lines (13) Love/Sex/Marriage 25 mlines13.txt
Marriage Lines (14) Love/Sex/Marriage 13 mlines14.txt
Marriage Lines (15) Love/Sex/Marriage 27 mlines15.txt
Marriage Lines (16) Love/Sex/Marriage 27 mlines16.txt
Maternity Definitions Family/Parenting/Kids 208 materdef.txt
Mealtime Food/Drink/Cooking 11 1line133.txt
Measure Of The Law Life/Society/Politics 30 lawyer26.txt
Medical Advances Medicine/Remedies 75 medadvan.txt
Medical Jabs Medicine/Remedies 8 1liner34.txt
Messing With Experience Travel/Transport 51 stubshow.txt
Mice Versus Lawyers Life/Society/Politics 89 lawyer24.txt
Middle Age Life/Society/Politics 17 1liner09.txt
Milestone Of Life Life/Society/Politics 116 irishj02.txt
Misers Finance/Money 14 1liner10.txt
Modern Art Arts/Crafts/Entertainment 16 1liner73.txt
Money Finance/Money 13 1liner12.txt
My Own World Miscellaneous/General 19 1line154.txt
Natural Mimics Family/Parenting/Kids 20 kidjok03.txt
New World Order Virus Science/Techno/Tools 18 ccompd22.txt
Nickels And Dimes Life/Society/Politics 137 nicndime.txt
Numbers And People Miscellaneous/General 15 1line110.txt
Office Arithmetic Work/Career/HR 22 oficsums.txt
Old Soldiers Life/Society/Politics 9 1line146.txt
Olive Seasonal/Festive 26 olive.txt
On Computer Power Science/Techno/Tools 20 1line161.txt
On Lending Finance/Money 17 olending.txt
On Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage 13 1liner45.txt
On Tools Science/Techno/Tools 37 on_tools.txt
One Day At A Time Life/Society/Politics 26 1line140.txt
One Too Few Food/Drink/Cooking 128 irishj03.txt
Opportunities Inspiration/Motivation 8 1liner13.txt
Oprah Winfrey Virus Science/Techno/Tools 15 ccompd29.txt
Origin Of PMS Medicine/Remedies 18 pmsorign.txt
Paddy Murphy's Fight Life/Society/Politics 134 irishj01.txt
Paranoia Life/Society/Politics 17 1line137.txt
Partridge In A Pear Tree Seasonal/Festive 592 dearjohn.txt
Paul Revere Virus Science/Techno/Tools 25 ccompd24.txt
Photo Restoration Life/Society/Politics 69 photores.txt
Pillpopping Advice Medicine/Remedies 103 pillpopa.txt
Plateau Defined Miscellaneous/General 10 1liner37.txt
Playing Leapfrog Recreation/Games/Sports 12 1line128.txt
Poetic Sport Publishing/Writing/IP 13 1liner74.txt
Political Jokes Life/Society/Politics 12 1line113.txt
Politically Correct Virus Science/Techno/Tools 17 ccompd25.txt
Popular Consensus Life/Society/Politics 12 1line135.txt
Postal Mugshots Life/Society/Politics 44 postmugs.txt
Problems With Genes Life/Society/Politics 15 1line144.txt
Psychotic Or Neurotic Education/Learning 24 psychnum.txt
Quick Recovery Fitness/Wellbeing 14 1liner38.txt
Quoting Statistics Life/Society/Politics 23 1line158.txt
Recent Surveys Life/Society/Politics 13 jkstat05.txt
Recipe For A Holiday Meal Seasonal/Festive 317 holmeal.txt
Remarrying Love/Sex/Marriage 16 1liner89.txt
Respect For Age Food/Drink/Cooking 13 1line145.txt
Ribbon Hood Seasonal/Festive 16 rhood.txt
Right To Life Virus Science/Techno/Tools 36 ccompd26.txt
Romance Arithmetic Love/Sex/Marriage 22 romansum.txt
Ross Perot Virus Science/Techno/Tools 15 ccompd27.txt
Rudolph The Red Seasonal/Festive 121 czarrud.txt
Rule Breaking Education/Learning 91 rulebrkg.txt
Santa Claus Jnr Seasonal/Festive 20 santabab.txt
Santa's Gardens Seasonal/Festive 12 hohoho.txt
Santa's Helpers Seasonal/Festive 7 1liner28.txt
Santa's Reindeer Seasonal/Festive 21 cometcl.txt
Screwed In The Amazon Life/Society/Politics 98 amazonsc.txt
Shopping By Gender Love/Sex/Marriage 23 1line166.txt
Shopping Place Life/Society/Politics 12 1liner19.txt
Sinful Sisters Life/Society/Politics 135 sinsists.txt
Sleeping In Church Faith/Religion/Insight 25 1line111.txt
Slow Motion Accident Life/Society/Politics 99 slowmoacc.txt
Smile Relationships/Selfimage 17 1liner15.txt
Smiling Snowman Seasonal/Festive 20 snowman.txt
Snowman And Vampire Seasonal/Festive 16 fbite.txt
Snowman's Breakfast Seasonal/Festive 10 snowbrek.txt
Some People Work/Career/HR 17 1liner16.txt
Spelling Seasonal/Festive 14 noel.txt
Sprinting Lessons Publishing/Writing/IP 14 1liner72.txt
St. Peter And The Lawyer Life/Society/Politics 134 lawyer09.txt
Statistical Precision Life/Society/Politics 22 jkstat06.txt
Statisticians Do It Love/Sex/Marriage 53 jkstat12.txt
Stock Replenishment Nature/Plants/Animals 80 stockrep.txt
Stuck In The Chimney Seasonal/Festive 20 chimstuk.txt
Stuck Under A Bridge Travel/Transport 92 bridgstk.txt
Stuck With Debt Finance/Money 14 1liner42.txt
Tainted Money Finance/Money 18 1liner40.txt
Taxing Dilemma Love/Sex/Marriage 196 taxdilem.txt
Ted Turner Virus Science/Techno/Tools 7 ccompd32.txt
Ten Signs You Are 'Burned Out' At Work Work/Career/HR 125 10burned.txt
Test Your Professional Status Work/Career/HR 272 profstat.txt
The 3 Stages Of Man Seasonal/Festive 20 3stages.txt
The Balloonists And The Lawyer Life/Society/Politics 183 lawyer08.txt
The Bird In The Bush Relationships/Selfimage 18 1line118.txt
The Bird In The Hand Fitness/Wellbeing 18 1line119.txt
The Crow And The Rabbit Management/Leadership 84 manage02.txt
The Dead Parrot Medicine/Remedies 148 dedparrot.txt
The Empty Seat Love/Sex/Marriage 128 emptseat.txt
The Final Exam Education/Learning 129 jkstat03.txt
The Game Of Love Love/Sex/Marriage 546 gameolov.txt
The Judge And The Jury Life/Society/Politics 195 lawyer01.txt
The Lawyer And The Alligator Nature/Plants/Animals 44 lawyer27.txt
The Lawyer And The Car Thief Life/Society/Politics 91 lawyer21.txt
The Lawyer And The Dog Life/Society/Politics 38 lawyer25.txt
The Lawyer And The Gigolo Life/Society/Politics 25 lawyer13.txt
The Lawyer And The Godfather Life/Society/Politics 24 lawyer15.txt
The Lawyer And The Physician Life/Society/Politics 39 lawyer16.txt
The Lawyer And The Rooster Life/Society/Politics 32 lawyer22.txt
The Lawyer And The Tombstone Life/Society/Politics 100 lawyer04.txt
The Lawyer And The Vampire Life/Society/Politics 23 lawyer14.txt
The Lawyer And The Whorehouse Life/Society/Politics 144 lawyer12.txt
The Lawyer's Baby Life/Society/Politics 127 lawyer06.txt
The Lawyer's Dog Life/Society/Politics 140 lawyer05.txt
The Lawyer's Epitaph Life/Society/Politics 70 lawyer20.txt
The Long Wait Travel/Transport 45 longwait.txt
The MCI Virus Science/Techno/Tools 20 ccompd31.txt
The Message Faith/Religion/Insight 165 tmessage.txt
The Morning After Seasonal/Festive 131 mornaftr.txt
The Nacho Cheese Food/Drink/Cooking 195 nachochz.txt
The New Boots Life/Society/Politics 107 newboots.txt
The Only Science Nature/Plants/Animals 17 1line159.txt
The Pope And The Lawyer Life/Society/Politics 268 lawyer10.txt
The Real Reason Finance/Money 21 1liner14.txt
The Sand In Africa Nature/Plants/Animals 26 1line130.txt
The Search For Inner Peace Food/Drink/Cooking 80 inrpeace.txt
The Turkey And The Bull Management/Leadership 136 manage04.txt
The Two Math Professors Education/Learning 204 mathjk01.txt
The Wife's Birthday Love/Sex/Marriage 17 1line114.txt
Time Flies Nature/Plants/Animals 12 1liner30.txt
Time Out Travel/Transport 146 jkstat11.txt
Too Late Love/Sex/Marriage 71 nitelect.txt
Too Much Coffee Food/Drink/Cooking 125 2mcoffee.txt
Travel Charge Travel/Transport 31 travchge.txt
True Counting Education/Learning 19 1line112.txt
True Incompetence Work/Career/HR 10 1line153.txt
True Scientists Science/Techno/Tools 32 trusiens.txt
Two Black Eyes Life/Society/Politics 119 2blackis.txt
Two Groups Life/Society/Politics 29 twogroup.txt
Two Idiots Life/Society/Politics 23 1line162.txt
Under Oath Life/Society/Politics 40 lawyer03.txt
Unknown Statistic Life/Society/Politics 15 1line109.txt
Wacky Medical Terms Medicine/Remedies 152 dqmedtms.txt
War Results Life/Society/Politics 14 1line136.txt
Wedded Bliss Love/Sex/Marriage 50 wedbliss.txt
What I'd like... (1) Medicine/Remedies 11 1liner91.txt
What I'd like... (2) Finance/Money 9 1liner92.txt
What I'd like... (3) Life/Society/Politics 10 1liner93.txt
When I Die Travel/Transport 28 whenidie.txt
Where Do Lawyers Come From? Life/Society/Politics 34 lawyer23.txt
Who Did It Work/Career/HR 80 whodidit.txt
Will Definition Life/Society/Politics 12 1liner24.txt
Willing People Work/Career/HR 21 1liner18.txt
Willingness To Cook Food/Drink/Cooking 27 1liner90.txt
Without God Faith/Religion/Insight 14 1liner99.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (01) Relationships/Selfimage 15 1liner46.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (02) Life/Society/Politics 19 1liner47.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (03) Life/Society/Politics 21 1liner48.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (04) Life/Society/Politics 21 1liner49.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (05) Finance/Money 15 1liner50.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (06) Travel/Transport 23 1liner51.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (07) Nature/Plants/Animals 18 1liner52.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (08) Life/Society/Politics 18 1liner53.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (09) Fitness/Wellbeing 17 1liner54.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (10) Love/Sex/Marriage 18 1liner55.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (11) Fitness/Wellbeing 19 1liner56.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (12) Finance/Money 21 1liner57.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (13) Finance/Money 16 1liner58.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (14) Life/Society/Politics 22 1liner59.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (15) Work/Career/HR 17 1liner60.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (16) Fitness/Wellbeing 18 1liner61.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (17) Fitness/Wellbeing 22 1liner62.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (18) Love/Sex/Marriage 36 1liner63.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (19) Family/Parenting/Kids 29 1liner64.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (20) Life/Society/Politics 25 1liner65.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (21) Travel/Transport 25 1liner66.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (22) Work/Career/HR 27 1liner67.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (23) Life/Society/Politics 29 1liner68.txt
You Know You Are Having a Bad Day (24) Life/Society/Politics 27 1liner69.txt
You're Only Young Once Family/Parenting/Kids 17 kidjok01.txt


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