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Named After The IRS Life/Society/Politics Humorous 20 bakker01.txt
National Crimes Life/Society/Politics Neutral 52 jeffet04.txt
Nature Over Breeding Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 b-lyte06.txt
Near To Perfection Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 grootg01.txt
Necessity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 nietfw04.txt
Needless Danger Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 eisedd04.txt
Never Do Today Inspiration/Motivation Light 23 burra01.txt
Never Failing Inspiration/Motivation Light 15 edisot03.txt
Never Give In Inspiration/Motivation Serious 36 churcw37.txt
Never Leave Till To-morrow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 frankb12.txt
Never Less Alone Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 gibboe02.txt
Never Look Down On Anybody Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 17 jacksj01.txt
New Plays Recreation/Games/Sports Light 28 barnec01.txt
New Thinkers Life/Society/Politics Light 24 colbfm01.txt
Newspaper Clamor Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 28 einsta14.txt
Newton's View Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 newtoi01.txt
No Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 13 stendh02.txt
No Fear Of Heights Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 20 wrighs03.txt
No Fool Like An Old Fool Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 20 braujm02.txt
No Greater Inequality Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 frankf01.txt
No Greater Sorrow Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 alighd01.txt
No Guarantee Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 goutha01.txt
No Happiness Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 26 menchl03.txt
No Justice Substitute Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 kozolj03.txt
No Obligation Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 cranes01.txt
No Reality Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 42 hesseh01.txt
No Room For Cowards Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 stevrl07.txt
No Sense Of Humour Inspiration/Motivation Light 19 albeee01.txt
No Shortcuts Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 sillsb01.txt
No Solution Life/Society/Politics Humorous 15 brilla05.txt
No Standards In Humor Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 33 galbjk15.txt
No Sweeter Sound Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 17 marxgr03.txt
Non Failure Science/Techno/Tools Light 15 edisot06.txt
Non-Violence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 chavec01.txt
Nose To The Grindstone Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 frankb15.txt
Nostalgia Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 11 dvriep01.txt
Nostalgia for Innocence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 camusa03.txt
Not A Day Passes Inspiration/Motivation Serious 30 reedch01.txt
Not Afraid Of Dying Life/Society/Politics Humorous 21 allenw09.txt
Not Worth Doing Inspiration/Motivation Light 14 hebbd01.txt
Nothing More Despicable Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 fenelf01.txt
Nothing More Difficult Life/Society/Politics Neutral 63 machin03.txt
Nothing Splendid Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 bartob01.txt
Nothing To Offer History/Mythology Serious 17 churcw17.txt
Now Is The Time Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 brilla11.txt
Nurture Your Mind Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 disrab17.txt
Occult Statistics Life/Society/Politics Light 26 ashlgo01.txt
Of All Forms Of Caution Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 23 russeb03.txt
Of Dogs And Men Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 33 twainm11.txt
On A Cross Of Iron Life/Society/Politics Neutral 96 eisedd05.txt
On Actors Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 43 hermag01.txt
On Advertising Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 27 hitlea14.txt
On Alcohol Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 40 masorn01.txt
On Anger Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 40 aristo06.txt
On Being Kind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 jamesh01.txt
On Being Serious Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 herodo01.txt
On Boldness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 goetjw05.txt
On Celebrities Life/Society/Politics Humorous 26 allenf04.txt
On Cowardice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 hemine07.txt
On Critics Publishing/Writing/IP Light 32 fieldh03.txt
On Death Life/Society/Politics Humorous 9 hubbae09.txt
On Defeat Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 fochfe02.txt
On Democracy Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 niebur01.txt
On Drink Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 21 fitzfs04.txt
On Dying Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 wildeo24.txt
On Economics Finance/Money Neutral 16 galbjk12.txt
On Education Education/Learning Neutral 23 bradon01.txt
On Frankness Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 8 emerrw15.txt
On Happiness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 jacjsh01.txt
On Hate Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 21 presle09.txt
On Holland Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 22 corena01.txt
On Illness Medicine/Remedies Neutral 189 woolfv01.txt
On Imitation Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 holmow03.txt
On Jealousy Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 14 pennwi03.txt
On Leadership Management/Leadership Neutral 11 bonapn02.txt
On Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 19 baconf05.txt
On Material Wealth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 mandio01.txt
On Morality Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 russeb05.txt
On Peace Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 mustaj01.txt
On Pessimism Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 18 hubbae07.txt
On Principles Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 15 twainm13.txt
On Richard Nixon Life/Society/Politics Humorous 28 allenw08.txt
On Security Safety/Security Neutral 28 dougwo01.txt
On Success Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 27 allenf05.txt
On War Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 14 vclauk01.txt
On Wasting Time Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 darwic02.txt
On Wine Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 14 pastel01.txt
One Common Flow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 hippoc01.txt
One Long Struggle Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 jamesw02.txt
One Man With Courage Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 jacksa01.txt
One Of The Strangest Things Finance/Money Light 32 dunnfp01.txt
One Permanent Emotion Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 menchl04.txt
One Trait Marks The Writer Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 33 callam01.txt
One's First Parties Seasonal/Festive Humorous 20 waughe01.txt
Only The Shallow Inspiration/Motivation Light 10 wildeo09.txt
Only You Can Provide It Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 17 brilla09.txt
On-The-Job Training Family/Parenting/Kids Light 14 bombee01.txt
Opportunities And Problems Inspiration/Motivation Light 17 iacocl01.txt
Opportunity Missed Work/Career/HR Light 20 edisot05.txt
Opposite Of Truth Inspiration/Motivation Light 17 bohrni02.txt
Optimism Miscellaneous/General Humorous 10 wildeo25.txt
Optimism And Faith Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 kelleh01.txt
Other People's Efforts Work/Career/HR Neutral 16 gettjp01.txt
Our Fathers Were Englishmen Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 bradfw01.txt
Our Government Life/Society/Politics Neutral 75 macard02.txt
Our Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 antoma01.txt
Our Lives Inspiration/Motivation Serious 11 rushds01.txt
Our Responsibility Life/Society/Politics Neutral 38 toynaj01.txt
Our Virtues Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 rochef04.txt
Out Of Fashion Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 cibbec01.txt
Out Of Patience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 baconf02.txt
Out Of Suffering Inspiration/Motivation Serious 22 shapie01.txt
Outside Every Thin Girl Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 19 whitek02.txt
Overcoming Obstacles Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 molijb01.txt
Overnight Success Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 cantoe02.txt
Pain And Nothing Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 19 faulkw03.txt
Paranoid People Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 27 hickdj01.txt
Pardonable Faults Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 rochef05.txt
Parenthood Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 18 dvriep02.txt
Passion Spring Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 emerrw12.txt
Passionate Hatred Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 hoffee01.txt
Past, Present And Future Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 macaut01.txt
Patriotism Is Not Enough Inspiration/Motivation Serious 22 cavele01.txt
Paying Attention Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 carnea01.txt
People In Politics Life/Society/Politics Neutral 28 presle08.txt
People Stealing Ideas Sales/Marketing/PR Humorous 26 aikenh01.txt
People Want Peace Life/Society/Politics Neutral 54 eisedd06.txt
People Who Know Work/Career/HR Neutral 26 rolajm01.txt
Perfect Virtue Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 confuc09.txt
Perseverance And Obstinacy Life/Society/Politics Humorous 27 beechw01.txt
Persistence Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 66 coolic06.txt
Personal Happiness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 30 russeb04.txt
Perspiring Genius Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 edisot02.txt
Petty Cash Finance/Money Neutral 22 marcoi01.txt
Pigs As Equals Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 23 churcw36.txt
Platonic Love Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 23 jepsoe01.txt
Playing Dice Faith/Religion/Insight Light 20 hawkis01.txt
Plough Deep Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 frankb11.txt
PMS Complaints Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 26 barrro01.txt
Politeness As Art Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 15 stevea04.txt
Political Ambiguity Life/Society/Politics Humorous 20 haigal01.txt
Political Character Issues Life/Society/Politics Neutral 51 oroupj01.txt
Political Conscience Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 lairmr01.txt
Political Gaffes Life/Society/Politics Humorous 18 kinslm01.txt
Political Interest Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 jeffet03.txt
Political Statistics Life/Society/Politics Humorous 62 churcw35.txt
Politics And Character Life/Society/Politics Neutral 10 bismov01.txt
Politics And Equations Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 einsta31.txt
Pollution And The Environment Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 25 quayld03.txt
Positive Thinking Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 23 collew01.txt
Posterity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 frankb22.txt
Potty Training Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 41 barryd03.txt
Power Corrupts Inspiration/Motivation Serious 12 actonl01.txt
Practical Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 oslerw01.txt
Praise For Goodness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 39 rochef03.txt
Precedents Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 8 disrab04.txt
Precepts Of The Law Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 justin01.txt
Preparing For A Journey Travel/Transport Neutral 33 mansfk01.txt
Preparing To Be Lucky Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 josept02.txt
Preserved In Books Education/Learning Neutral 26 carlyt01.txt
Preserving Disorder Life/Society/Politics Humorous 25 daleym01.txt
Presidential Character Life/Society/Politics Neutral 51 nixonr01.txt
Presidential Promises Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 stephg01.txt
Preventing Thought Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 huxlea01.txt
Pride And Pleasure Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 lewics01.txt
Principles Inspiration/Motivation Light 17 adlera01.txt
Private Enterprise Life/Society/Politics Neutral 48 churcw25.txt
Private Property Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 hitlea02.txt
Procuring Salvation Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 59 ferrip02.txt
Profiting From Advice Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 syrus_01.txt
Profiting From Fools Education/Learning Neutral 36 catote01.txt
Progress And Change History/Mythology Neutral 21 kenner01.txt
Progress And Risk Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 wilcof01.txt
Promise Of Performance Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 lincoa08.txt
Promising Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 13 connoc10.txt
Prosperity Work/Career/HR Neutral 17 coolic03.txt
Prosperity And Adversity Life/Society/Politics Neutral 11 baconf14.txt
Provision For Others Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 woodrw01.txt
Provoking Desire Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 26 shakew16.txt
Punishment For Sins Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 hubbae06.txt
Race Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 hitlea04.txt
Rank And File Life/Society/Politics Neutral 35 einsta32.txt
Reach Out Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 hubbae01.txt
Reading Health Books Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 17 twainm20.txt
Real Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 wildeo07.txt
Real Men Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 25 campbg01.txt
Real Peace Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 22 gandhm01.txt
Real Security Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 fordhe02.txt
Rearranging Prejudices Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 19 jamesw06.txt
Reason Alone Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 rochef08.txt
Reasonable Justice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 jeffet08.txt
Reason's Slave Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 connoc08.txt
Reasons That Sound Good Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 hillib01.txt
Rebelling To Exist Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 camusa10.txt
Record Of Sin Life/Society/Politics Neutral 30 conada04.txt
Recovering Character Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 11 painet01.txt
Redistributing Wealth Finance/Money Neutral 17 vandea01.txt
Redressing The Balance Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 cannig02.txt
Reform And Revolution Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 b-lyte02.txt
Reliable Passion Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 kierks04.txt
Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 21 coltcc06.txt
Remedies For Dullness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 lawrdh02.txt
Remembering Father Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 18 sextoa01.txt
Repeated Lies Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 30 franbb05.txt
Repeating The Obvious Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 twainm06.txt
Repenting Faults Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 lichgc01.txt
Reputation And Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 woodej01.txt
Resistance And Action Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 144 mcdonj01.txt
Respect Deprived Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 cicero06.txt
Respect Every Man Life/Society/Politics Neutral 47 kantim01.txt
Respectable Money Finance/Money Neutral 12 twainm10.txt
Response To Change Nature/Plants/Animals Serious 26 darwic03.txt
Responsibility Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 duncad01.txt
Responsibility Of Tomorrow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 lincoa04.txt
Responsive Gladness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 kelleh08.txt
Reusable Laundry Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 boosle01.txt
Revealing Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 schopa01.txt
Right And Wrong Ideas Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 32 debone01.txt
Right Or Wrong Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 galbjk14.txt
Righteous Vengefulness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 ericke01.txt
Rights And Responsibilities Inspiration/Motivation Light 21 churcw07.txt
Rise Above Principle Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 hellew01.txt
Risking Nothing Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 pealnv01.txt
Risks And Costs Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 30 kennjf01.txt
Road Killers Travel/Transport Neutral 14 pittwe01.txt
Road To Improvement Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 frankb04.txt
Rules Cannot Substitute Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 greena01.txt
Running Downhill Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 thomac01.txt
Saddling Up Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 waynej01.txt
Safe Streets Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 rizzof01.txt
Sales Promotions Sales/Marketing/PR Neutral 12 barnpt01.txt
Satisfaction Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 coolic01.txt
Saving Grace Life/Society/Politics Humorous 21 browaw04.txt
Saving The World Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 23 disrab03.txt
Saying Nothing Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 13 coltcc08.txt
Saying Something Stupid Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 34 franbb03.txt
Scandal Is Gossip Life/Society/Politics Light 12 wildeo02.txt
School And Politics Education/Learning Light 21 churcw02.txt
School Fire Drill Safety/Security Humorous 44 hutchw01.txt
Science And Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 15 einsta05.txt
Scientific Discovery Education/Learning Neutral 17 einsta04.txt
Sculptor Who Carves In Snow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 boothe01.txt
Searching For Father Figures Family/Parenting/Kids Light 33 walkea01.txt
Searching For The Truth Education/Learning Neutral 32 einsta23.txt
Second Marriages Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 29 fieldh02.txt
Security Safety/Security Neutral 63 kelleh09.txt
Security And Opportunity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 macard01.txt
Seeds Of Knowledge Education/Learning Neutral 16 senecl01.txt
Seize The Moment Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 21 bombee02.txt
Self-Love Love/Sex/Marriage Light 13 rochef07.txt
Sending Forth Arrows Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 19 gibrak03.txt
Sense, Reason, And Intellect Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 33 galilg02.txt
Serving And Worshipping Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 28 koran01.txt
Setting Boundaries Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 maltzm01.txt
Sex And Golf Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 24 mcavrt01.txt
Sex As A Law Of Nature Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 69 lacpcd01.txt
Sexual Enlightenment Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 63 goulsj01.txt
Sexual Ignorance Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 31 drysdg01.txt
Sexual Liberation Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 greerg02.txt
Shame Of Writing Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 24 heinlr01.txt
Shameful Distrust Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 rochef01.txt
Shaped By Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 16 goetjw01.txt
Sharing Joy Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 17 byronl04.txt
Sharing Money Finance/Money Neutral 12 presle05.txt
She Who Has Never Loved Love/Sex/Marriage Light 15 gayjoh02.txt
Shoot For The Moon Inspiration/Motivation Light 19 brownl01.txt
Short Sayings Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 sophoc01.txt
Should The Invader Come History/Mythology Neutral 81 churcw26.txt
Show Me A Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 lincoa03.txt
Signs Of Improvement Family/Parenting/Kids Light 21 s-maxf01.txt
Simple English Publishing/Writing/IP Light 19 kazina01.txt
Simple Puzzles Education/Learning Neutral 14 chomsn01.txt
Simple Success Work/Career/HR Neutral 22 schwan01.txt
Simple Tastes Life/Society/Politics Humorous 24 buchwa01.txt
Simplicity Of Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 morlej01.txt
Sincere TV Life/Society/Politics Humorous 11 allenf01.txt
Six Times Married Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 mailen01.txt
Skepticism Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 34 evansb02.txt
Skin And Bone Love/Sex/Marriage Light 18 martid01.txt
Sleeping Well Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 32 schwea01.txt
Slow Learners Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 31 montgl01.txt
Small Bundles Relationships/Selfimage Light 15 frankb27.txt
Small Number Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 einsta19.txt
Small Opportunities Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 demost01.txt
Smart Bombs Education/Learning Humorous 21 browaw01.txt
Smile At Everyone Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 47 teresm06.txt
Smile Often Relationships/Selfimage Light 9 dromgg01.txt
Smoking Kills Life/Society/Politics Humorous 18 shielb01.txt
Snakes Without A Conscience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 presle13.txt
So Much Information Education/Learning Neutral 19 steing01.txt
Social Faults Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 smitlp01.txt
Social Intercourse Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 64 dworka01.txt
Soft Drinks At Parties Seasonal/Festive Light 24 currie01.txt
Solid Popularity Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 bentth01.txt
Solving Problems Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 einsta10.txt
Something To Contribute Life/Society/Politics Serious 28 hammed02.txt
Speak What You Feel Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 16 shakew14.txt
Speaking On Orators Life/Society/Politics Humorous 57 churcw10.txt
Spectacular Error Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 galbjk16.txt
Spelling Justice Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 whiteb03.txt
Spirit Of The Times Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 goetjw02.txt
Spiritual Understanding Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 34 winfro02.txt
Stand Upright Education/Learning Light 14 frankb19.txt
Statesmen Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 disrab09.txt
Statistics Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 disrab06.txt
Statistics Like A Bikini Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 levena01.txt
Statistics On Sanity Life/Society/Politics Humorous 38 browrm01.txt
Staying Down Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 pickfm01.txt
Stoicism Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 evansb01.txt
Striving For Greatness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 141 wildes01.txt
Striving To Be Better Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 30 shawgb05.txt
Striving To Do Better Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 shakew13.txt
Strong Opinions Miscellaneous/General Humorous 21 bushge01.txt
Study The Past Education/Learning Serious 13 confuc06.txt
Studying Latin Life/Society/Politics Humorous 35 quayld02.txt
Studying Revenge Inspiration/Motivation Serious 21 baconf03.txt
Stumbling Across The Truth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 churcw29.txt
Style Publishing/Writing/IP Light 6 hitcha01.txt
Success Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 10 allenw02.txt
Success And Failure Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 churcw22.txt
Success And Happiness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 blansm01.txt
Success And Men Work/Career/HR Neutral 12 adamsc01.txt
Success Formula Work/Career/HR Humorous 28 einsta22.txt
Success Lies In The Man Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 19 joycej01.txt
Successful Fathers Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 27 hemine05.txt
Sudden Wickedness Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 10 juvena01.txt
Suffering Perception Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 8 aristo09.txt
Sufferings and Joys Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 camusa02.txt
Superior Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 confuc07.txt
Superiority Of Distance Inspiration/Motivation Light 41 santag01.txt
Superstition Is A Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 13 burkee07.txt
Surmounting Fate Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 camusa08.txt
Survival Of A Nation Life/Society/Politics Serious 18 burkee06.txt
Survival Value Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 clarac05.txt
Sustained Thinking Education/Learning Neutral 12 voltai06.txt
Swimming Against The Stream Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 woodrw02.txt
Swimming Lessons Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 38 poundp01.txt

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