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Take What You Can Use Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 keseyk01.txt
Talent For Happiness Finance/Money Neutral 23 allenw04.txt
Talking On Principle Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 landws01.txt
Tall Oaks Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 evered01.txt
Tax Reduction Finance/Money Humorous 75 barryd06.txt
Taxes Going Up Fast Life/Society/Politics Humorous 24 benned01.txt
Teaching Morality Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 17 aristo13.txt
Technological Magic Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 13 clarac03.txt
Technology And The Universe Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 22 friscm01.txt
Tell Me About Yourself Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 18 arnope01.txt
Tell The Truth Inspiration/Motivation Light 12 dickie02.txt
Tell Them The Worst Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 churcw05.txt
Testing Character Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 lincoa07.txt
That's All Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 22 thomad01.txt
The Accusing Conscience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 kantim05.txt
The Admiration Of Fools Relationships/Selfimage Light 16 boilen01.txt
The Advertisement Miscellaneous/General Light 14 jeffet22.txt
The Ages Of Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 disrab14.txt
The Arrogance Of Age Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 burkee04.txt
The Art Of Advertising Sales/Marketing/PR Light 19 shoaea01.txt
The Art Of Living Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 barucb02.txt
The Art Of Opinions Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 17 mccabc01.txt
The Art Of Politics Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 thomhs01.txt
The Art Of Writing Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 25 connoc06.txt
The Beauties Of The Crimea History/Mythology Neutral 30 hitlea10.txt
The Best Path Travel/Transport Neutral 23 carlyt03.txt
The Best Thing Family/Parenting/Kids Light 21 billiv01.txt
The Best Things In Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 corsof01.txt
The Best Victory Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 plato01.txt
The Birth Of Reality Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 15 kantim03.txt
The Boss's Work Day Work/Career/HR Humorous 27 frostr02.txt
The Bride's Point Of View Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 28 muirfr01.txt
The Buried Soul Finance/Money Humorous 30 hawthn01.txt
The Business Of Life Work/Career/HR Neutral 22 forbbc01.txt
The Character Habit Relationships/Selfimage Light 10 plutar01.txt
The Cinema Recreation/Games/Sports Light 18 hitcha02.txt
The Clown Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 chaplc01.txt
The Conscience Within Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 20 sophoc02.txt
The Consolation Of Humor Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 mcginm01.txt
The Creative Principle Education/Learning Neutral 31 einsta27.txt
The Cure For All Ills Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 43 chillm02.txt
The Danger Of Money Finance/Money Humorous 21 twainm16.txt
The Dead Heart Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 32 greerg01.txt
The Dictates Of Reason Education/Learning Light 30 wildeo22.txt
The Divine Paradox Management/Leadership Neutral 38 markhe01.txt
The Drinking of Alcohol Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 45 churcw20.txt
The Duty Of Usefulness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 amiehf01.txt
The Electrical Pioneer Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 118 barryd08.txt
The End Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 emerrw24.txt
The English Language Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 larsod01.txt
The Essence Of Greatness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 emerrw05.txt
The Essence Of Morality Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 morlej02.txt
The Essential Theatre Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 craige01.txt
The Essential Thing Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 43 hitlea12.txt
The Evolution Of Ethics Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 23 schwea02.txt
The Final Word Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 52 kingml02.txt
The Force Of Prayer Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 65 carrea03.txt
The Foundation Of Morality Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 huxlth01.txt
The French Revolution Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 amesfi01.txt
The Function Of Education Education/Learning Neutral 33 kingml03.txt
The Function Of Vice Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 butles01.txt
The Future Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 achesd01.txt
The Future In Dreams Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 roosee01.txt
The Future In Us Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 rilkrm02.txt
The Game Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 cronkw01.txt
The General Welfare Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 fromme04.txt
The German Way Of Life History/Mythology Neutral 23 hitlea06.txt
The Glamor Of Travel Travel/Transport Light 12 therop02.txt
The Good Of Education Education/Learning Neutral 32 plato02.txt
The Great Enemy Of The Truth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 35 kennjf02.txt
The Great Experiment Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 26 hooveh03.txt
The Great Masses Life/Society/Politics Neutral 25 hitlea13.txt
The Great Mistake Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 29 wildeo18.txt
The Greatest Days History/Mythology Serious 39 churcw16.txt
The Greatest Discovery Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 jamesw01.txt
The Greatest Innovator Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 baconf10.txt
The Greatest Of Faults Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 carlyt04.txt
The Greatest Plague Life/Society/Politics Neutral 43 luthem03.txt
The Greatest Revolution Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 33 jamesw03.txt
The Greatest Truths Life/Society/Politics Humorous 18 harejc01.txt
The Guru Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 63 parsot01.txt
The Heart Of Mankind Life/Society/Politics Serious 41 einsta16.txt
The Height Of Happiness Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 17 frostr01.txt
The Herd Life/Society/Politics Humorous 22 drydej01.txt
The Highest Bidder Finance/Money Neutral 14 washig01.txt
The Highest Result Education/Learning Neutral 12 kelleh04.txt
The Ideal Man Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 aristo05.txt
The Idealist Travel/Transport Neutral 18 sandbc01.txt
The Idiot Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 17 twainm17.txt
The Importance Of Anatomy Love/Sex/Marriage Light 22 balzhd02.txt
The Importance Of Imagination Education/Learning Neutral 12 einsta11.txt
The Important Thing Education/Learning Neutral 13 einsta30.txt
The Impossible In A Democratic Society Life/Society/Politics Neutral 41 galbjk06.txt
The Just And The Wise Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 voltai04.txt
The Language Of Europe History/Mythology Neutral 18 hitlea08.txt
The Last Refuge Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 15 wildeo26.txt
The Learning Process Education/Learning Neutral 38 bedfcp01.txt
The Lesser Of Two Evils Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 lernem01.txt
The Limited Mind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 hillna01.txt
The Limits Of The Possible Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 26 clarac01.txt
The Line Between Good And Evil Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 solzha03.txt
The Little Woman Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 27 bagnoe01.txt
The Living Past Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 faulkw01.txt
The Logical Future Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 37 coustj01.txt
The Love Of Mirth Seasonal/Festive Light 23 waltoi01.txt
The Majority Of Husbands Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 balzhd01.txt
The Man Of Character Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 degauc03.txt
The Meaning Of Divorce Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 23 willir01.txt
The Meaning Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 18 allenw01.txt
The Measure Of A Man Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 31 rowlah02.txt
The Measure Of Civilisations Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 audewh02.txt
The Metric System Life/Society/Politics Humorous 27 barryd12.txt
The Mind Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 23 miltoj01.txt
The Mind Of A Fanatic Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 24 churcw04.txt
The Miracle Of Surrender Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 75 tollee01.txt
The Mistake Of Football Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 23 willge01.txt
The Morality Of Books Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 25 wildeo16.txt
The Most Exciting Phrase Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 30 asimoi02.txt
The Most Important Profession Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 39 stanec01.txt
The Most Powerful Weapon Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 fochfe01.txt
The Most Private Of Pleasures Travel/Transport Light 39 westvs01.txt
The Mystery Of Life Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 mortij01.txt
The Necessity Of Believing Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 37 gibboe03.txt
The Necessity Of Slavery Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 wildeo19.txt
The New American Father Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 39 cosbyb01.txt
The Noble British Sentence Education/Learning Neutral 43 churcw09.txt
The Old Information Age Education/Learning Neutral 31 adamsf01.txt
The Old Mother Watches Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 22 maxwfs01.txt
The Only Fortune Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 kennej01.txt
The Only Inherent Sin Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 heinlr02.txt
The Only Investment Finance/Money Neutral 14 thorhd05.txt
The Only Refuge Inspiration/Motivation Light 13 wildeo32.txt
The Other Side Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 105 wilksw01.txt
The Pain Of Birth And Death Family/Parenting/Kids Light 31 baconf06.txt
The Pain Of Learning Education/Learning Neutral 10 aristo08.txt
The Paper Burns Education/Learning Neutral 14 akibbj01.txt
The Past Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 hubbae04.txt
The People Follow Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 27 confuc12.txt
The People's Drug Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 12 marxka02.txt
The People's Right Life/Society/Politics Neutral 36 adamsj01.txt
The Perfect Couple Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 41 elliat01.txt
The Pleasantest Thing Travel/Transport Neutral 25 hazliw03.txt
The Pleasure Of A Dog Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 41 butles06.txt
The Point Of A Gun Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 tsetum01.txt
The Point Of No Return Life/Society/Politics Neutral 42 hammed03.txt
The Popularity Of Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 shawgb04.txt
The Power To Hurt Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 16 beaumf01.txt
The Pram In The Hall Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 22 connoc09.txt
The Presence Of God Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 22 mossri01.txt
The Price Of Anything Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 thorhd04.txt
The Principle Commerce Finance/Money Neutral 15 jeffet24.txt
The Problem of Suicide Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 camusa04.txt
The Problem With Property Life/Society/Politics Light 20 dekoow01.txt
The Products Of Strife Life/Society/Politics Neutral 51 welleo01.txt
The Public Mind Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 westmw01.txt
The Quest For Riches Finance/Money Neutral 16 antiph01.txt
The Question To Settle Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 40 mabehw01.txt
The Rational Animal Inspiration/Motivation Light 29 wildeo28.txt
The Reduction Of Fear Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 31 oversb01.txt
The Reward Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 emerrw22.txt
The Rich Will Do Anything Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 20 marxka01.txt
The Right To Be Heard Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 22 humphh01.txt
The Right To Be Wrong Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 30 barucb01.txt
The Right Word (Almost) Education/Learning Light 26 twainm01.txt
The Root Of All Evil Finance/Money Light 37 alcolm02.txt
The Root Of Knowledge Education/Learning Neutral 16 hescha01.txt
The Royal We Life/Society/Politics Humorous 27 clinth01.txt
The Sad Truth Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 27 arendh01.txt
The Same Goal Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 19 nerudp01.txt
The Secret Pride Life/Society/Politics Neutral 32 hazliw06.txt
The Sentiments Of Men Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 jeffet01.txt
The Shape Of Our Buildings Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 churcw03.txt
The Shots You Don't Take Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 gretzw01.txt
The Silver Lining Inspiration/Motivation Light 16 settem01.txt
The Simple Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 61 burroj04.txt
The Simple Truth Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 wildeo13.txt
The Simplifiers Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 aniehf01.txt
The Size Of A Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 stevea02.txt
The Soul In Peril Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 47 kozolj01.txt
The Sound Of The Trains Travel/Transport Neutral 35 therop01.txt
The Soviet Economy History/Mythology Humorous 29 izyura01.txt
The Spirit Of Discernment Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 67 astlej01.txt
The Spirit Of Man Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 eisedd03.txt
The Spirit Of Resistance Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 jeffet18.txt
The Strength Of The Constitution Life/Society/Politics Serious 43 einsta28.txt
The Strongest Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 ibsenh02.txt
The Structure Of Our Bodies Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 28 stopem02.txt
The Stuff Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Serious 24 frankb09.txt
The Successful Revolutionary Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 fromme03.txt
The Superior Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 confuc01.txt
The Superior Spirit Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 35 einsta12.txt
The Supply Of Truth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 billij01.txt
The Sway Of Alcohol Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 26 jamesw05.txt
The Test Of Courage Inspiration/Motivation Serious 19 alficv01.txt
The Thankless Position Of Fathers Family/Parenting/Kids Light 28 strija01.txt
The Things That Don't Add Up Science/Techno/Tools Light 27 magorj01.txt
The Tools For The Job History/Mythology Neutral 18 churcw14.txt
The Toughest Thing Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 berlii01.txt
The Tree Of Liberty Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 jeffet21.txt
The Triumphant Twang Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 24 peresj01.txt
The True Measure Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 24 landea01.txt
The True Value Of Time Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 chestl01.txt
The Truth Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 hitlea03.txt
The Truth Remains Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 29 conada02.txt
The Ugliness Of Fashion Fashion/Beauty Humorous 23 wildeo30.txt
The Unnatural Commonplace Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 conada03.txt
The Value Of Freedom Life/Society/Politics Neutral 41 maugws03.txt
The Value Of Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 aristo04.txt
The Value Of Marriage Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 22 devrip01.txt
The Way Of The Sage Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 laotzu01.txt
The Way Things Were Life/Society/Politics Humorous 18 eisedd01.txt
The Way To Be Safe Safety/Security Neutral 17 frankb31.txt
The Way To Succeed Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 haleya01.txt
The Web Of Life Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 31 seattc01.txt
The White Race In Australia History/Mythology Neutral 32 hitlea09.txt
The Wisdom Of Foolishness Inspiration/Motivation Light 26 hubbae02.txt
The Wisdom Of The Wise Education/Learning Neutral 22 disrab01.txt
The World Stage Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 18 beattp01.txt
Their Finest Hour History/Mythology Serious 40 churcw12.txt
Things Admired Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 baconf08.txt
Things Of Advantage Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 antoma02.txt
Think Like A Hero Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 bartom01.txt
Think Like A Man Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 bergsh01.txt
Think Twice Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 pennwi01.txt
Thinking About Beauty Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 41 fulleb01.txt
Thinking As We Do Life/Society/Politics Light 17 butles08.txt
Thinking Of England Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 57 hillia01.txt
Thinking Of The Future Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 einsta01.txt
Thirsty Nights Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 12 herbeg01.txt
This Short Life Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 25 franca02.tx
Those Who Dream Most Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 leacos01.txt
Those Who Wait Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 lincoa02.txt
Thought Levels Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 pericl01.txt
Thoughts Lead On Life/Society/Politics Neutral 26 edwart01.txt
Three Characters Of Man Relationships/Selfimage Light 26 karral01.txt
Time Finance/Money Neutral 8 frankb21.txt
Time And Satire Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 brucel01.txt
Time And Space Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 21 einsta34.txt
Time To Make Shorter Life/Society/Politics Light 26 pascab01.txt
Time To Reform Inspiration/Motivation Light 20 twainm04.txt
Time To Spare Work/Career/HR Neutral 25 thomwh01.txt
Times Of Stress Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 horace01.txt
Timid Bravery Life/Society/Politics Neutral 9 sallus01.txt
'Tis Better To Have Fought Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 22 clouga01.txt
'Tis Better To Have Loved Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 21 butles02.txt
To Be Free Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 willit01.txt
To Be Loved Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 19 b-lyte04.txt
To Be President Life/Society/Politics Humorous 25 franbb02.txt
To Err Is Human Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 19 farmer01.txt
To See What Is Right Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 confuc15.txt
To Sensible Men Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 gardjw01.txt
To Write A Book Publishing/Writing/IP Light 28 gibboe01.txt
Today And Tomorrow Miscellaneous/General Neutral 27 emerrw29.txt
Tomorrow Is A New Day Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 59 emerrw07.txt
Traditional Imports Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 enderk01.txt
Tragic Destiny Science/Techno/Tools Serious 54 einsta21.txt
Traits Of Character Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 49 bennwj02.txt
Travel Travel/Transport Neutral 20 baconf16.txt
Travel For Travel's Sake Travel/Transport Neutral 30 stevrl05.txt
Travel Reading Travel/Transport Humorous 21 wildeo06.txt
Traveling High Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 cromwo01.txt
Traveling Hopefully Travel/Transport Neutral 22 stevrl03.txt
Traveling The World Travel/Transport Neutral 23 mooreg01.txt
Trembling For My Country Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 18 jeffet20.txt
Triumphal Dance Work/Career/HR Light 33 hallob01.txt
Trouble With The Wife Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 25 gorerg01.txt
True Beliefs Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 amielh01.txt
True Freedom Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 24 pealnv02.txt
True Learning Education/Learning Neutral 102 moonci01.txt
True To Ourselves Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 wildeo08.txt
Truly Virtuous Great Men Life/Society/Politics Neutral 41 frankb30.txt
Trust And Conscience Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 17 sternl01.txt
Truth By Majority Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 paulj201.txt
Truth In War Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 cartbo01.txt
Truth Is Like The Sun Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 presle11.txt
Truth Or Tact? Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 cantoe01.txt
Truth Today Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 jamesw04.txt
Try To Relax Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 12 brilla10.txt
Trying To Get Born Life/Society/Politics Light 16 levins02.txt
Turning A Life Around Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 43 buscal02.txt
Turning Things Around Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 kiddj01.txt
Twice Cheated Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 fullet02.txt
Two And Two Make Four Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 johnss02.txt
Two Kinds Of People Work/Career/HR Light 35 gandhi01.txt
Two Levers Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 bonapn01.txt
Tyranny And Oppression Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 madisj02.txt
Unacted Desire Life/Society/Politics Neutral 16 blakew03.txt
Unanswerable Arguments Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 12 addisj01.txt
Uncomfortable People Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 hazliw07.txt
Uncommon New Opinions Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 lockej01.txt
Uncontrollable Phenomena! Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 77 metzda01.txt
Under The Skin Life/Society/Politics Neutral 37 milleh02.txt
Understanding Work/Career/HR Neutral 22 sincla01.txt
Understanding A Person Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 harpel01.txt
Understanding Government Life/Society/Politics Light 49 willge02.txt
Unfair Play Inspiration/Motivation Light 12 oneilt01.txt
Universal Desire Life/Society/Politics Humorous 24 butles05.txt
Universities Education/Learning Neutral 16 disrab07.txt
Unknown Warriors History/Mythology Neutral 40 churcw34.txt
Unreasonable Men Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 shawgb06.txt
Unreliable Sources Life/Society/Politics Humorous 13 brilla07.txt
Unrewarded Millions Life/Society/Politics Humorous 34 smitlp03.txt
Unsought Thoughts Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 21 baconf12.txt
Unsure Dogma Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 15 galbjk08.txt
Using Your Brains Education/Learning Neutral 21 woodrw03.txt
Utilizing Events Life/Society/Politics Neutral 59 deweyj01.txt
Utter Corruption Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 dsadem01.txt
Value And Virtue Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 28 randay01.txt
Values Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 presle07.txt
Vanity Playing Tricks Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 conraj01.txt
Verbal Skills of Women Life/Society/Politics Humorous 33 obriec01.txt
Vice And Virtues Inspiration/Motivation Light 16 tainha01.txt
Victoriana Life/Society/Politics Neutral 55 wellhg01.txt
Victories Worse Than Defeat Life/Society/Politics Neutral 44 eliotg03.txt
Victory Inspiration/Motivation Serious 30 churcw15.txt
Virtue And Necessity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 chaucg01.txt
Virtues Of Age Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 baconf13.txt
Virtuous Jobs Work/Career/HR Neutral 18 aristo01.txt
Visionary Leaders Management/Leadership Neutral 28 jarvir01.txt
Vulgar War Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 wildeo15.txt
Vulgarity As A Way Of Life Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 41 goreal01.txt
Wagner's Music Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 11 twainm15.txt
War And Diplomacy Inspiration/Motivation Light 35 churcw01.txt
War And Intelligence History/Mythology Neutral 23 hitlea16.txt
War Is A Crime Life/Society/Politics Serious 21 hemine04.txt
Washington Crime Life/Society/Politics Humorous 23 barrym01.txt
Waste Not Life Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 frankb06.txt
Watch your thoughts Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 36 outlaf01.txt
We All Quote Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 emerrw23.txt
We Are God Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 53 gibrak01.txt
We Are What We Think Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 44 ferrjt01.txt
We Shall Fight History/Mythology Neutral 80 churcw31.txt
Weakness Of Attitude Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 einsta09.txt
Weapons Of World War III Life/Society/Politics Serious 30 einsta39.txt
Wearing Suits Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 cartbi01.txt
Welcome All Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 gidean02.txt
Well-Governed States Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 franca01.txt
Wet And Dry Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 18 woolla01.txt
What All Men Are After Life/Society/Politics Neutral 27 conraj02.txt
What Are Mothers Worth? Family/Parenting/Kids Light 24 steadc01.txt
What Art Reminds You Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Neutral 21 adlers01.txt
What Every Journalist Knows Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 54 malcoj01.txt
What Fiction Means Publishing/Writing/IP Light 18 wildeo10.txt
What Humility Is Not Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 35 shapie02.txt
What I Hate Most Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 14 camphn01.txt
What Is Beauty? Fashion/Beauty Light 34 voltai01.txt
What Lies Within Us Inspiration/Motivation Serious 25 emerrw04.txt
What Life Is About Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 shawgb01.txt
What Lives Within Us Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 holmow02.txt
What Makes Hell On Earth Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 26 holdef01.txt
What Makes Man Great Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 confuc03.txt
What Makes Me Strong Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 nietfw03.txt
What Men Are Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 13 emerrw11.txt
What Ought Not To Be Done Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 epicte01.txt
What Some Girls Marry Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 24 rowlah01.txt
What Someone Is Inspiration/Motivation Serious 25 nietfw01.txt
What Statistics Show Life/Society/Politics Humorous 19 irwinw01.txt
What Temperance Is Food/Drink/Cooking Light 19 rochef06.txt
What The Mind Can Achieve Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 nighte01.txt
What This Country Needs Life/Society/Politics Light 22 fischj01.txt
What Virtue Is Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 33 carrea01.txt
What We Are Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 gayliw01.txt
What We Can Observe Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 einsta08.txt
What We Don't Know Education/Learning Neutral 16 edisot04.txt
What We Need To Be Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 winfro01.txt
What You Can And Cannot Do Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 wootej01.txt
What You Did Yesterday Inspiration/Motivation Light 20 coxcol01.txt
What You Ought To Do Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 49 wilsow01.txt
What You Really Believe In Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 26 wrigfl01.txt
What Your Enemy Fears Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 23 hoffee02.txt
Whatever You Want Miscellaneous/General Humorous 26 rosenj02.txt
What's Possible Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 33 clarac02.txt
When A Man Is In Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 26 nietfw02.txt
When All Else Fails Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 regadt01.txt
When Dealing With People Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 carned02.txt
When People Agree Relationships/Selfimage Light 17 wildeo31.txt
When Reading Education/Learning Neutral 46 coltcc09.txt
When Should A Man Marry? Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 37 baconf11.txt
When There Is Injustice Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 marabs01.txt
When Things Go Wrong Life/Society/Politics Neutral 14 presle01.txt
When To Be Generous Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 franbb04.txt
Where Conscience Is Dormant Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 jeffet09.txt
Where Senses Fail Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 galilg03.txt
Where The Blood Goes Medicine/Remedies Humorous 29 willir02.txt
White Lies Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 14 asquim01.txt
Who Need Love Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 27 teresm04.txt
Who Reads What Newspapers Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 50 woodrj01.txt
Who To Be Like Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 29 betteb01.txt
Who To Write For Education/Learning Neutral 30 fitzfs03.txt
Who You Are Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 presle06.txt
Whom God Wishes To Destroy Faith/Religion/Insight Humorous 16 euripi01.txt
Whoso Would Be A Man Life/Society/Politics Neutral 17 emerrw25.txt
Why Be Kind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 philoa01.txt
Why Men Go To War Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 eliots04.txt
Why Shouldn't They? Life/Society/Politics Humorous 24 filene01.txt
Why Women Marry Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 24 bowene01.txt
Widowhood Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 18 gayjoh03.txt
Wifely Thoughts Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 rostaj01.txt
Will And Faith Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 devorm01.txt
Willing To Be Judged History/Mythology Neutral 18 brilla12.txt
Wine And The Brain Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 21 hippoc02.txt
Wine Into Water Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 18 khana301.txt
Wisdom And Folly Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 18 johnss05.txt
Wisdom Of Experience Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 evansb03.txt
Wise Fathers Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 14 shakew01.txt
Wise Teachers Education/Learning Neutral 33 ferrip03.txt
Without Her Faith Faith/Religion/Insight Serious 41 spinkk01.txt
Without Music Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 12 nietfw06.txt
Wives And Prostitutes Love/Sex/Marriage Light 23 phillp01.txt
Woman Asking Advice Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 17 addisj02.txt
Woman's Inspiration Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 23 dumasa01.txt
Woman's Manly Behavior Love/Sex/Marriage Light 25 evanse01.txt
Women And Cats Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 24 holbra01.txt
Women's Happiness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 bardob01.txt
Women's Sense Of Humour Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 29 campmp02.txt
Wonder And Awe Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 kantim02.txt
Wonderful Chicago Life/Society/Politics Humorous 16 quayld01.txt
Wonderful Inventions Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 18 connob01.txt
Words Education/Learning Neutral 34 evansb04.txt
Words Are Like Leaves Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 popeal01.txt
Words Without Actions Life/Society/Politics Neutral 13 hooveh02.txt
Work Work/Career/HR Light 16 baudec01.txt
Working For World Peace Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 20 teresm07.txt
Working Through Neuroses Work/Career/HR Light 28 abrahk01.txt
World Order Life/Society/Politics Neutral 29 milleh01.txt
Worry Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 robihw01.txt
Worrying About Theory Science/Techno/Tools Neutral 20 heinlr03.txt
Worshipful Man Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 22 burtrf01.txt
Write For Yourself Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 connoc03.txt
Writing Education/Learning Neutral 15 camusa05.txt
Writing Novels Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 14 disrab13.txt
Your Thoughts Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 steerb01.txt
Youth Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 disrab12.txt
Zeal Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 hazliw04.txt

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