Silly & Wise Verses


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A (System Support) Poem Seasonal/Festive Humorous 273 syssxmas.txt
A Beat Schizophrenic Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 33 limric36.txt
A Christmas poem Seasonal/Festive Humorous 501 xmaspoem.txt
A Draught Of Vintage Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 23 keatsj05.txt
A Dream Deferred Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 34 hughel01.txt
A Fellow Named Bliss Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric10.txt
A Freshman Named Lin Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 37 limric22.txt
A Hacker Named Ken Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 34 limric01.txt
A Happiness Poem Inspiration/Motivation Light 165 happines.txt
A Lad Called Durcan Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric30.txt
A Lady Named Twiss Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric38.txt
A Lady Sweet And Kind Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 36 fordet01.txt
A New Dramatist Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 30 limric52.txt
A Pity Beyond All Telling Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 20 yeatwb01.txt
A Plumber from Leigh Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 38 limric40.txt
A Scot Named Mcameter Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 32 limric23.txt
A Shepherd's Sky Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 17 anonym39.txt
A Small Drop Of Ink Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 31 byronl03.txt
A Taste For Drink Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 20 gilbws02.txt
A Terrible Beauty Seasonal/Festive Neutral 16 yeatwb02.txt
A Unix Saleslady Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 32 limric53.txt
A Young Lady Named Hall Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 34 limric12.txt
A Young Lady of Portugal Miscellaneous/General Humorous 36 limael16.txt
A Young Man From Bel-Aire Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 35 limric15.txt
A Young Man From Stamboul Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 limric37.txt
A Young Man Named Crockett Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 35 limric32.txt
A Young Man Named Gene Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 32 limric41.txt
A Young Person of Philæ Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael37.txt
Affairs Of Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 20 shakew05.txt
All I Seek Travel/Transport Neutral 30 stevrl04.txt
All Men 'Neath The Sun Life/Society/Politics Neutral 33 kiplir02.txt
An Aching Back Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 limric03.txt
An Apple A Day Food/Drink/Cooking Light 13 anonym29.txt
An Architect Fellow Miscellaneous/General Humorous 24 limric34.txt
Apple-Pies And Cheese Food/Drink/Cooking Light 16 anonym26.txt
At Christmas Seasonal/Festive Light 18 tusset01.txt
At Last Awake Seasonal/Festive Neutral 19 brownr02.txt
Bad Luck Lament Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 211 badluckl.txt
Better To Have Loved And Lost Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 36 tennal02.txt
Big Bugs And Little Bugs Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 26 big_bugs.txt
Birds Of A Feather Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 11 anonym30.txt
Birth Family/Parenting/Kids Light 26 blakew01.txt
Brief Is Life Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 16 tennal04.txt
Cabbages And Kings Life/Society/Politics Humorous 47 carrol08.txt
Calculate This Education/Learning Humorous 31 limric50.txt
Candy And Liquor Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 12 nashog02.txt
Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace Life/Society/Politics Light 37 milnaa01.txt
Children Day By Day Family/Parenting/Kids Light 59 anonym36.txt
Christmas Cheer Seasonal/Festive Light 17 anonym31.txt
Clair Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 31 limric33.txt
Come Be My Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 33 marloc01.txt
Come Live With Me Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 33 donnej01.txt
Comical Limericks Publishing/Writing/IP Humorous 31 limric51.txt
Coming Through The Rye Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 26 burnsr01.txt
Commuting Defined Travel/Transport Humorous 34 whiteb02.txt
Computer Printout Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 30 limric48.txt
Counting Magpies Life/Society/Politics Light 45 englip18.txt
Cupid's Love Is Blind Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 22 shakew07.txt
Dimple In The Chin Fashion/Beauty Light 13 anonym27.txt
Do All The Good You Can Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 50 weslej01.txt
Drink To Me Only Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 83 jonsob01.txt
Duty Of Children Family/Parenting/Kids Light 34 stevrl01.txt
Early To Bed Inspiration/Motivation Light 19 frankb10.txt
East Or West Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 10 anonym33.txt
Fare Thee Well Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 58 shakew12.txt
Fight And Run Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 anonym34.txt
Flattery And Battery Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 30 wilcew01.txt
Foggy, Foggy Dew Love/Sex/Marriage Light 39 anonym35.txt
For Love Of Calculus Education/Learning Humorous 74 calculus.txt
Get Leave Of Your Dads Seasonal/Festive Light 34 leavdads.txt
Girl of Darjeeling Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 31 limric44.txt
Glimpse Of Paradise Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 17 lampwj01.txt
Go Marry Love/Sex/Marriage Light 30 herrir01.txt
Going To Bed Sober Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 21 fletcj01.txt
Good Liquor Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 25 goldso03.txt
Heaven Has No Rage Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 23 congrw01.txt
Heavenly Virtues Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 mooret02.txt
Home Sweet Home Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 24 paynjh01.txt
Human Passion Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 39 keatsj01.txt
I Love Thee With A Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 49 broweb02.txt
I'm Getting Married In The Morning! Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 38 lernaj01.txt
In The Spring Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 19 tennal01.txt
In Whining Poetry Love/Sex/Marriage Light 20 donnej02.txt
Justifying God's Ways Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 18 housae02.txt
Keeping Friendship Relationships/Selfimage Light 9 anonym28.txt
Keeping Near Shore Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 17 frankb16.txt
Listening To Gossip Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 75 ltgossip.txt
Listening To Mother Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 35 stricg01.txt
Little Jack Horner Seasonal/Festive Light 32 jakhornr.txt
Little Strokes Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 frankb17.txt
Love Built On Beauty Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 14 donnej03.txt
Love In A Hut Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 39 keatsj02.txt
Love Is Blind Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 19 shakew08.txt
Love Lies Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 37 parked01.txt
Loving England Travel/Transport Neutral 27 wordsw03.txt
Man's Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 17 byronl02.txt
Married Strife Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 21 baconf15.txt
Mathematical Limerick (01) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath01.txt
Mathematical Limerick (02) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath02.txt
Mathematical Limerick (03) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath03.txt
Mathematical Limerick (04) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath04.txt
Mathematical Limerick (05) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 24 limath05.txt
Mathematical Limerick (06) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath06.txt
Mathematical Limerick (07) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 33 limath07.txt
Mathematical Limerick (08) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath08.txt
Mathematical Limerick (09) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath09.txt
Mathematical Limerick (10) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 26 limath10.txt
Mathematical Limerick (11) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 31 limath11.txt
Mathematical Limerick (12) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath12.txt
Mathematical Limerick (13) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 26 limath13.txt
Mathematical Limerick (14) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 32 limath14.txt
Mathematical Limerick (15) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath15.txt
Mathematical Limerick (16) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 22 limath16.txt
Mathematical Limerick (17) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath17.txt
Mathematical Limerick (18) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 27 limath18.txt
Mathematical Limerick (19) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 34 limath19.txt
Mathematical Limerick (20) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath20.txt
Mathematical Limerick (21) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 26 limath21.txt
Mathematical Limerick (22) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath22.txt
Mathematical Limerick (23) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 31 limath23.txt
Mathematical Limerick (24) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 27 limath24.txt
Mathematical Limerick (25) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath25.txt
Mathematical Limerick (26) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath26.txt
Mathematical Limerick (27) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath27.txt
Mathematical Limerick (28) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 29 limath28.txt
Mathematical Limerick (29) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 25 limath29.txt
Mathematical Limerick (30) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 32 limath30.txt
Mathematical Limerick (31) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 26 limath31.txt
Mathematical Limerick (32) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 27 limath32.txt
Mathematical Limerick (33) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 33 limath33.txt
Mathematical Limerick (34) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 28 limath34.txt
Mathematical Limerick (35) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath35.txt
Mathematical Limerick (36) Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limath36.txt
Mathematical Limerick (37) Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 33 limath37.txt
May Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 58 anonym41.txt
Miles To Go Travel/Transport Neutral 32 frostr04.txt
Model of a Modern Cyber-Netizen Internet/Online Humorous 227 mcnetzen.txt
M-O-T-H-E-R Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 68 johnsh01.txt
Mother's Secret Hope Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 22 holmow01.txt
Ms. Vogel Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric26.txt
Much Have I Travell'd Travel/Transport Neutral 22 keatsj03.txt
My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 34 burnsr02.txt
My Wife Won't Let Me Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 50 leigfw01.txt
Nothing Like Drinking Food/Drink/Cooking Light 32 dibdic01.txt
Ode To Nakedness Love/Sex/Marriage Light 53 nakednes.txt
Oh For A Beaker Food/Drink/Cooking Light 32 keatsj04.txt
Old Euclid Education/Learning Neutral 61 olduclid.txt
Old King Cole History/Mythology Light 37 okincole.txt
On Rigidity Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 burnsr03.txt
On The Wings Of A Dove Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 31 cowpew02.txt
Our Birth Is But A Sleep Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 65 wordsw01.txt
Queen Of Bulgaria Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 limric02.txt
Rum And True Religion Faith/Religion/Insight Light 20 byronl05.txt
Rye Whiskey Food/Drink/Cooking Light 59 rwhiskey.txt
Sapphire Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 35 limric11.txt
Scientists Ought To Know Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 30 belloh01.txt
Shortening Tedious Nights Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 27 campit01.txt
Snug As A Bug Life/Society/Politics Light 16 frankb24.txt
Software By Gates Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 28 limric47.txt
Spring Is Come Seasonal/Festive Neutral 26 thompf01.txt
St. Swithin's Day Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 31 anonym40.txt
Stormy Weather Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 14 anonym37.txt
Such A One Do I Remember Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 22 tennal03.txt
The (Tragic) Alphabet Rhyme Life/Society/Politics Humorous 226 alphrime.txt
The 12 Days Of Christmas Seasonal/Festive Light 55 12daysox.txt
The Baseball Team Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 34 limric07.txt
The Bather's Clothing Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 limric05.txt
The Beard Miscellaneous/General Humorous 38 limael02.txt
The Bells Of Heaven Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 56 hodgsr01.txt
The Bluestocking Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 31 limric39.txt
The Candid Friend Relationships/Selfimage Light 24 cannig01.txt
The Couple Named Kelly Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 30 limric16.txt
The Course Of True Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 30 shakew06.txt
The Crusader's Wife History/Mythology Humorous 32 limric49.txt
The Cuckoo Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 23 anonym38.txt
The Door Of Darkness Life/Society/Politics Neutral 39 fitzge02.txt
The End Of The Rainbow Finance/Money Humorous 34 whitnb01.txt
The Fire In The Heart Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 31 arnolm01.txt
The Flying Runner Recreation/Games/Sports Humorous 32 limric13.txt
The Frost Of Death Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 shakew02.txt
The Garden of Eden Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 36 limric17.txt
The Gay Countess Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 35 limric06.txt
The Girl from Hong Kong Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 39 limric04.txt
The Gladness Of Her Gladness Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 52 gladglad.txt
The Golden Years Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 65 anonym42.txt
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 22 wallwr01.txt
The Happy Land Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 22 younga01.txt
The House That Jack Built Nature/Plants/Animals Light 75 jackbilt.txt
The Jaundiced Eye Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 popeal02.txt
The Jumblies Miscellaneous/General Humorous 649 jumblies.txt
The Lady from Exeter Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 39 limric25.txt
The Lady with a Chin like a Pin Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael12.txt
The Lady's Bonnet Miscellaneous/General Humorous 43 limael05.txt
The Little Bat Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 27 carrol03.txt
The Little Nut Tree Homecare/Gardening Light 41 anuttree.txt
The Long-Nosed Young Lady Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael39.txt
The Love Of A Ladye Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 43 gilbws01.txt
The Lucky Pin Miscellaneous/General Light 32 anonym32.txt
The Magic Of Statistics Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 74 statistc.txt
The Maiden from France Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric08.txt
The Math Teacher Education/Learning Humorous 88 mteacher.txt
The May Queen Seasonal/Festive Neutral 54 tennal05.txt
The Mighty Pen Publishing/Writing/IP Neutral 19 b-lyte01.txt
The Musical Baboon Arts/Crafts/Entertainment Humorous 32 limric46.txt
The Net Before Christmas Seasonal/Festive Humorous 548 netbefor.txt
The Night Before Finals Seasonal/Festive Humorous 268 nightb4.txt
The Night Was Made For Loving Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 34 byronl01.txt
The Old Lady of Chertsey Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael09.txt
The Old Man from Vienna Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael32.txt
The Old Man in a Boat Miscellaneous/General Humorous 45 limael15.txt
The Old Man in a Tree Miscellaneous/General Humorous 46 limael10.txt
The Old Man of Apulia Miscellaneous/General Humorous 37 limael41.txt
The Old Man of Columbia Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael21.txt
The Old Man of Kilkenny Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael13.txt
The Old Man of Madras Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael18.txt
The Old Man of Marseilles Miscellaneous/General Humorous 36 limael35.txt
The Old Man of Moldavia Miscellaneous/General Humorous 38 limael17.txt
The Old Man of Nepal Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael44.txt
The Old Man of Peking Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael29.txt
The Old Man of Peru Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael20.txt
The Old Man Of The Coast Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 40 limael46.txt
The Old Man of the Isles Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael24.txt
The Old Man of the Port Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 37 limric21.txt
The Old Man of the West Miscellaneous/General Humorous 44 limael28.txt
The Old Man On A Hill Miscellaneous/General Humorous 42 limael03.txt
The Old Man Who Supposed Miscellaneous/General Humorous 42 limael27.txt
The Old Man with a Flute Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael11.txt
The Old Man with a Gong Miscellaneous/General Humorous 43 limael08.txt
The Old Person of Basing Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael36.txt
The Old Person of Buda Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael25.txt
The Old Person of Chile Miscellaneous/General Humorous 35 limael07.txt
The Old Person of Dover Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael34.txt
The Old Person of Hurst Miscellaneous/General Humorous 42 limael22.txt
The Old Person of Ischia Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael14.txt
The Old Person of Mold Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael43.txt
The Old Person of Rhodes Miscellaneous/General Humorous 38 limael45.txt
The Old Pirate Miscellaneous/General Humorous 30 limric18.txt
The Persians Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 30 limric09.txt
The Person Who Fed Upon Rabbits Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael33.txt
The Queen Of Hearts Food/Drink/Cooking Light 32 carrol04.txt
The Road Less Traveled Travel/Transport Neutral 29 frostr03.txt
The Rolling English Road Travel/Transport Humorous 27 chesgk01.txt
The Silly Old Woman Miscellaneous/General Humorous 37 limael19.txt
The Song Of The Pig Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 74 pyncht01.txt
The Spelling Chequer Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 100 spellchq.txt
The Strength Of Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 30 wordsw02.txt
The Swinging Young Chick Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 37 limric42.txt
The Tale Of Mugg And Ogg Science/Techno/Tools Humorous 739 muggnogg.txt
The Tankard Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 18 calvcs01.txt
The Very Long Nose Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael01.txt
The Walrus And The Carpenter Nature/Plants/Animals Humorous 41 carrol07.txt
The Week Before Christmas Seasonal/Festive Humorous 438 twbxmas.txt
The Widow Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 34 limric14.txt
The Young Girl from Milpitas Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric28.txt
The Young Girl of Regina Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 34 limric29.txt
The Young Hero Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 39 mooret03.txt
The Young Lady from Dorking Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael26.txt
The Young Lady from Maine Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 40 limric24.txt
The Young Lady from Norway Miscellaneous/General Humorous 41 limael31.txt
The Young Lady from Wimley Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 33 limric27.txt
The Young Lady of Bute Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael38.txt
The Young Lady of Crete Miscellaneous/General Humorous 35 limael23.txt
The Young Lady of Norway Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 38 limric43.txt
The Young Lady of Poole Miscellaneous/General Humorous 39 limael42.txt
The Young Lady of Ryde Miscellaneous/General Humorous 37 limael06.txt
The Young Lady of Turkey Miscellaneous/General Humorous 38 limael40.txt
The Young Lady's Eyes Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael30.txt
The Young Man of Cape Horn Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 40 limric19.txt
The Young Man Of Japan Life/Society/Politics Humorous 47 limric45.txt
The Young Man of St. John's Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 39 limric20.txt
The Young Person of Smyrna Miscellaneous/General Humorous 40 limael04.txt
The Young Whore Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 35 limric31.txt
There Was A Little Girl Family/Parenting/Kids Humorous 43 litlgirl.txt
To Be A Christian Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 16 brownr01.txt
To Be A Man Life/Society/Politics Neutral 82 kiplir01.txt
To Be Wise Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 13 shakew09.txt
Twas Brillig Miscellaneous/General Humorous 27 carrol05.txt
Twas The Day After Christmas Seasonal/Festive Humorous 306 dayafter.txt
Tweedledum And Tweedledee Miscellaneous/General Humorous 23 carrol06.txt
Use Your Breath Food/Drink/Cooking Light 19 fletcj02.txt
What Is In The Pit Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 37 blakew02.txt
What The Year Will Bring Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 129 hartvt01.txt
What's A Heaven For? Life/Society/Politics Neutral 20 brownr04.txt
When Love Comes Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 66 audewh01.txt
When We Are Born Life/Society/Politics Neutral 22 shakew11.txt
Where Wealth And Freedom Reign Life/Society/Politics Neutral 21 goldso01.txt
Who Loved Thee So Fondly Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 40 courtm01.txt
Who Ran To Help Me? Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 30 anonym19.txt
Wine, Women And Song Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 20 luthem01.txt
With Me Fondly Stray Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 18 gayjoh01.txt
Woes A Woman Bears Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 23 euripi02.txt
Womanliness Means Motherhood Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 15 brownr03.txt
Yo-Ho-Ho, And A Bottle Of Rum Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 38 stevrl06.txt
You Are Old, Father William Fitness/Wellbeing Humorous 43 carrol02.txt
Young Ned Love/Sex/Marriage Humorous 34 limric35.txt


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