Wisdom Of The Ages


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A Fair Woman Without Virtue Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 englip03.txt
A Guest For Three Days Relationships/Selfimage Light 22 indiap03.txt
A Slave To Benefits Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 arabip02.txt
A Virtuous Woman Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 50 bible07.txt
A Wise Adaptation Life/Society/Politics Neutral 18 chinep11.txt
Adverse Introduction Life/Society/Politics Neutral 9 anonym23.txt
All The World Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 11 englip15.txt
All's Fair Life/Society/Politics Neutral 10 englip08.txt
Androcles and the Lion Nature/Plants/Animals Light 276 aesops23.txt
Another Man's Soul Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 russip01.txt
Answering Prayers Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 20 anonym14.txt
Avaricious and Envious Finance/Money Light 149 aesops54.txt
Be Thankful Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 204 bethanks.txt
Being And Doing Life/Society/Politics Neutral 31 anonym25.txt
Being Careful Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 anonym13.txt
Being Honorable Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 welshp01.txt
Belling the Cat Nature/Plants/Animals Light 188 aesops67.txt
Blind Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 7 englip05.txt
Breakfast In Bed Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 14 anonym24.txt
Call Her Blessed Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 12 bible01.txt
Chewing Books Education/Learning Light 14 chinep05.txt
Choice And Trouble Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 dutchp01.txt
Conquering Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 7 englip06.txt
Contentment Finance/Money Neutral 11 japanp01.txt
Coward For A Minute Life/Society/Politics Neutral 24 irishp03.txt
Defining Optimism Inspiration/Motivation Humorous 22 chinep02.txt
Depending On Each Other Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 28 indiap04.txt
Don't Curse The Darkness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 18 chinep01.txt
Drink No Longer Water Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 23 bible06.txt
Elegant Conversation Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 25 chinep07.txt
Enemies Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 13 arabip03.txt
Eye Witness Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 jewisp01.txt
Falling By Numbers Inspiration/Motivation Light 11 japanp02.txt
Fearing Little Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 26 anonym04.txt
First Teacher Education/Learning Neutral 12 amerip02.txt
Flattery And Truth Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 10 spanip01.txt
Giving Or Withholding Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 16 indiap01.txt
Goodness Never Fails Finance/Money Neutral 13 frencp01.txt
Grazing Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 12 indiap02.txt
Greedy Eaters Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 12 frencp02.txt
Hercules and the Wagoner Faith/Religion/Insight Light 107 aesops61.txt
Holy Thursday Seasonal/Festive Neutral 47 eastpoem.txt
I Am Thankful Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 300 thankful.txt
I Asked God Faith/Religion/Insight Light 188 iaskdgod.txt
I Tell, I Show, I Involve Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 25 anonym01.txt
Imitate The Winner Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 14 anonym08.txt
Leading The Way Management/Leadership Neutral 16 amerip01.txt
Learning Education/Learning Neutral 12 chinep08.txt
Learning And Teaching Education/Learning Neutral 14 irishp06.txt
Legend Of The Sage Plant Seasonal/Festive Light 580 legndsag.txt
Life Is A Grindstone Inspiration/Motivation Light 25 anonym06.txt
Living In Shelter Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 16 irishp02.txt
Living On The Edge Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 19 africp02.txt
Look Not Upon Wine Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 41 bible04.txt
Losing An Overcoat Relationships/Selfimage Light 14 chinep10.txt
Love Makes Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 12 englip10.txt
Love My Dog Nature/Plants/Animals Neutral 10 englip16.txt
Love Your Wives Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 14 bible08.txt
Love's Way Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 9 englip09.txt
Lucky At Cards Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 11 englip13.txt
Lucky Favors Inspiration/Motivation Light 18 anonym17.txt
Money Makes Money Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 12 anonym15.txt
Music Is Food Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 11 englip07.txt
Mystery Of Life Life/Society/Politics Light 22 anonym09.txt
No Faults Life/Society/Politics Light 14 anonym16.txt
No Love Like Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 12 englip17.txt
Nothing Is So Commonplace Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 15 anonym12.txt
Nothing Ventured Life/Society/Politics Neutral 12 mexicp01.txt
On Money Finance/Money Neutral 13 irishp05.txt
Once The Game Is Over Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 23 italip01.txt
One Father Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 13 englip01.txt
One Joy Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 chinep09.txt
Opportunity Knocking Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 anonym03.txt
Optimists And Pessimists Inspiration/Motivation Light 26 anonym18.txt
Our Thoughts Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 12 buddha02.txt
Polishing Gems Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 chinep03.txt
Pride And Destruction Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 bible03.txt
Pulling Together Relationships/Selfimage Humorous 16 jewisp02.txt
Purchasing Wealth Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 10 englip02.txt
Resentful Thoughts Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 buddha01.txt
Riding The Tiger Miscellaneous/General Neutral 13 chinep12.txt
Salt Water And Absence Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 13 englip14.txt
Seizing Opportunities Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 chinep13.txt
Silver And Gold Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 15 englip19.txt
Soft And Tender Words Life/Society/Politics Neutral 23 anonym22.txt
Success And Attitude Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 9 anonym11.txt
The Ant and the Grasshopper Nature/Plants/Animals Light 161 aesops36.txt
The Ass and the Lapdog Nature/Plants/Animals Light 168 aesops10.txt
The Ass in the Lion's Skin Nature/Plants/Animals Light 119 aesops49.txt
The Ass's Brains Nature/Plants/Animals Light 174 aesops74.txt
The Bald Man and the Fly Nature/Plants/Animals Light 84 aesops18.txt
The Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts Nature/Plants/Animals Light 158 aesops24.txt
The Belly and the Members Nature/Plants/Animals Light 164 aesops29.txt
The Buffoon and the Countryman Inspiration/Motivation Light 154 aesops80.txt
The Bundle of Sticks Inspiration/Motivation Light 114 aesops72.txt
The Cat-Maiden Love/Sex/Marriage Light 132 aesops77.txt
The Cock and the Pearl Nature/Plants/Animals Light 101 aesops01.txt
The Crow and the Pitcher Nature/Plants/Animals Light 185 aesops55.txt
The Day Of Victory Life/Society/Politics Neutral 15 arabip04.txt
The Dog and the Shadow Nature/Plants/Animals Light 123 aesops03.txt
The Dog and the Wolf Nature/Plants/Animals Light 203 aesops28.txt
The Dog in the Manger Nature/Plants/Animals Light 108 aesops40.txt
The Eagle and the Arrow Nature/Plants/Animals Light 90 aesops75.txt
The Falling Rain Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 africp01.txt
The Fisher Nature/Plants/Animals Light 103 aesops42.txt
The Fisher and the Little Fish Nature/Plants/Animals Light 95 aesops53.txt
The Four Oxen and the Lion Nature/Plants/Animals Light 106 aesops52.txt
The Fox and the Cat Nature/Plants/Animals Light 160 aesops38.txt
The Fox and the Crow Nature/Plants/Animals Light 169 aesops08.txt
The Fox and the Goat Nature/Plants/Animals Light 138 aesops82.txt
The Fox and the Grapes Nature/Plants/Animals Light 126 aesops31.txt
The Fox and the Lion Nature/Plants/Animals Light 106 aesops34.txt
The Fox and the Mask Nature/Plants/Animals Light 80 aesops20.txt
The Fox and the Mosquitoes Nature/Plants/Animals Light 130 aesops64.txt
The Fox and the Stork Nature/Plants/Animals Light 186 aesops19.txt
The Fox without a Tail Nature/Plants/Animals Light 185 aesops65.txt
The Fox, the Cock, and the Dog Nature/Plants/Animals Light 183 aesops59.txt
The Frog and the Ox Nature/Plants/Animals Light 197 aesops22.txt
The Frogs Desiring a King Nature/Plants/Animals Light 289 aesops13.txt
The Goose with the Golden Eggs Nature/Plants/Animals Light 131 aesops57.txt
The Hare and the Tortoise Nature/Plants/Animals Light 160 aesops68.txt
The Hare with Many Friends Nature/Plants/Animals Light 278 aesops70.txt
The Hares and the Frogs Nature/Plants/Animals Light 130 aesops15.txt
The Hart and the Hunter Nature/Plants/Animals Light 142 aesops25.txt
The Hart in the Ox-Stall Nature/Plants/Animals Light 142 aesops30.txt
The Help Of God Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 13 dutchp02.txt
The Horse and the Ass Nature/Plants/Animals Light 109 aesops78.txt
The Horse, Hunter, and Stag Nature/Plants/Animals Light 181 aesops32.txt
The Jay and the Peacock Nature/Plants/Animals Light 115 aesops21.txt
The Labourer and the Nightingale Nature/Plants/Animals Light 162 aesops58.txt
The Lion and the Mouse Nature/Plants/Animals Light 189 aesops11.txt
The Lion and the Statue Nature/Plants/Animals Light 113 aesops35.txt
The Lion in Love Love/Sex/Marriage Light 169 aesops71.txt
The Lion, the Fox, and the Beasts Nature/Plants/Animals Light 189 aesops73.txt
The Lion's Share Nature/Plants/Animals Light 170 aesops04.txt
The Man and His Two Wives Nature/Plants/Animals Light 153 aesops45.txt
The Man and the Satyr Inspiration/Motivation Light 191 aesops56.txt
The Man and the Serpent Nature/Plants/Animals Light 164 aesops06.txt
The Man and the Wood Nature/Plants/Animals Light 92 aesops27.txt
The Man and the Wooden God Faith/Religion/Insight Light 111 aesops41.txt
The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey Nature/Plants/Animals Light 324 aesops62.txt
The Milkmaid and Her Pail Nature/Plants/Animals Light 183 aesops76.txt
The Miser and His Gold Finance/Money Light 158 aesops63.txt
The Most Important Thing Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 21 anonym21.txt
The Mountains in Labor Nature/Plants/Animals Light 134 aesops14.txt
The Nurse and the Wolf Nature/Plants/Animals Light 164 aesops46.txt
The Old Man and Death Inspiration/Motivation Light 111 aesops69.txt
The Old Woman and the Wine-Jar Inspiration/Motivation Light 87 aesops81.txt
The One Who Can Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 20 anonym10.txt
The One-Eyed Doe Nature/Plants/Animals Light 117 aesops66.txt
The Peacock and Juno Nature/Plants/Animals Light 60 aesops33.txt
The Ruin Of A Nation Life/Society/Politics Neutral 19 africp03.txt
The Serpent and the File Nature/Plants/Animals Light 78 aesops26.txt
The Shepherd's Boy Nature/Plants/Animals Light 201 aesops43.txt
The Sick Lion Nature/Plants/Animals Light 130 aesops09.txt
The Swallow and the Other Birds Nature/Plants/Animals Light 143 aesops12.txt
The Tortoise and the Birds Nature/Plants/Animals Light 124 aesops47.txt
The Town And The Country Mouse Nature/Plants/Animals Light 298 aesops07.txt
The Tree and the Reed Nature/Plants/Animals Light 140 aesops37.txt
The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner Inspiration/Motivation Light 93 aesops79.txt
The Two Crabs Nature/Plants/Animals Light 69 aesops48.txt
The Two Fellows and the Bear Nature/Plants/Animals Light 146 aesops50.txt
The Two Pots Inspiration/Motivation Light 99 aesops51.txt
The Way To A Man's Heart Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 18 englip11.txt
The Wind and the Sun Nature/Plants/Animals Light 140 aesops60.txt
The Wolf and the Crane Nature/Plants/Animals Light 187 aesops05.txt
The Wolf and the Kid Nature/Plants/Animals Light 77 aesops16.txt
The Wolf and the Lamb Nature/Plants/Animals Light 170 aesops02.txt
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Nature/Plants/Animals Light 116 aesops39.txt
The Woodman and the Serpent Nature/Plants/Animals Light 137 aesops17.txt
The Young Thief and His Mother Nature/Plants/Animals Light 180 aesops44.txt
Thinking Of The Planter Relationships/Selfimage Neutral 18 chinep04.txt
Train Up A Child Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 26 bible02.txt
True Love Love/Sex/Marriage Neutral 9 englip04.txt
Truly Great Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 16 chinep06.txt
Until We Meet Again Faith/Religion/Insight Neutral 53 irishp01.txt
What You Are In The Dark Inspiration/Motivation Light 15 anonym02.txt
When Poverty Comes In Finance/Money Neutral 19 englip12.txt
When There Is No Wind Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 11 anonym05.txt
When To Walk Fitness/Wellbeing Neutral 15 irishp04.txt
Who You Know Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 13 anonym07.txt
Why God Made Mothers Family/Parenting/Kids Neutral 15 anonym20.txt
Wine Is A Mocker Food/Drink/Cooking Neutral 21 bible05.txt
Working Miracles Food/Drink/Cooking Humorous 17 italip02.txt
Write The Wrongs Inspiration/Motivation Neutral 45 arabip01.txt


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