Intelligent Email Marketing Drives Conversions

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan (Photo credit: EmaStudios)

Foreword By The Editor

The following link (Intelligent Email Marketing That Drives Conversions) will take you to an article that contains a number of different charts and other graphics to perfectly illustrate the continuing value of email marketing for businesses in the modern world.
Mike Alexander
Author of 'Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls'

Intelligent Email Marketing That Drives Conversions

"Email marketing is an important channel for maintaining a relationship with customers and driving conversions through targeted messages and offers. We've recently blogged seven tips for managing email marketing campaigns, as well as looking at stats ..."


Some of the stats shown in the article clearly indicate that, regardless of the utterings of various sceptics, email marketing is here to stay for a considerable time yet. A fine example of pictures being worth a thousand words.

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