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The Way The World Wide Web Works

Phew, that's a lot of Ws! Try saying that while looking in the mirror. Do you look like a goldfish or what? Seriously though, if you are unsure about the wisdom of linking to other sites you should read this article about the way the web was conceived: and the way it really works. If you've ever been frustrated by conventional searching, or the difficulty of attaining a decent search engine 'ranking', it should strike a chord—and perhaps lead to a rethink about how to find, and make things more findable, on the web. Click here to read the article.

Linking To You

To have your site featured in one of the directories shown below and reap the benefit of the resulting traffic etc, please read and take note of our Link Acceptance Policy, then complete the Contact Form under Contact in the main menu (see the 'tabs' at the top of the page)  if you agree with our terms. Note: we view all sites submitted to judge their suitability for inclusion and we don't accept all submissions. Please don't be offended therefore, if your request is turned down. We always explain why when this happens.

Linking To Us

Special consideration is given to link trade submissions, which have a better chance of inclusion, but be sure to actually include our link on your site. The procedure for trading links is the same as outlined above, except that you need to include the address of the link page on your site that shows a link to ours.

What You Will Get From Us


The number one return for you, of course, is traffic, and hopefully lots of it. We can't guarantee how much, of course, because that depends on things like demand for your product or service, the way your link is worded, and so on, but our site traffic is certainly increasing in leaps and bounds. Why not capture some of it?.

Valuable Content

Most website visitors are not aimlessly surfing but actually looking for specific information. By trading links you get to add our content to yours, so to speak, without having to diversify your own efforts. We undertake to display your Reciprocal Links (those of yours on our site that are matched by our links on yours) for as long as you do likewise. This produces results that can be relied on.


If you become a Link Partner, special help is given to make your link more visible. It gets displayed near the top of the page in its category and listed again amongst the general entries (with a prominent star indicating that it is a Link Partner). Instructions on how to become a Link Partner are included with the confirmation email we send to to all webmasters displaying Reciprocal Links.

Link Acceptance Policy

We judge the suitability of sites for inclusion in our directory according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance—has information directly related to one or more of the categories shown in the main (right margin) menu.
  • Transparency—has straight-forward and easily found navigation links from the home page towards all external links.
  • Usefulness—has unique or original data, or a useful collection of data sourced from elsewhere.
  • Professionalism—has reasonable grammar (for easy readability), correct spelling, sensible layout etc.
  • Responsibility—does not include extreme views such as racial, religious or gender hate, nor a predilection for foul language, violence, pornography etc.

Explanation Of Terms


Preferably, the home page HTML Title Tag, if done properly. Not a description. For example, if the title is Aunt Kath's Fruit Pies, that is exactly what visitors will expect to see prominently displayed on the page after clicking the link.

All words in titles are usually capitalized. Avoid exclamation marks. Maximum characters allowed, including spaces: 75. We will truncate it if it exceeds this number.


Once again, we prefer the Meta Tag, if done properly. For example: "Delicious home-made pies baked the traditional way using all natural ingredients. Overnight home deliveries a specialty." (but do not include quotation marks). Capitalize only the first words of sentences and proper names. No exclamation marks or 'funky' punctuation allowed. Maximum permissible characters, including spaces: 200. We will truncate it if it's longer.

Site Address

Preferably, the URL (Internet address) of the default (Home) page. For example or perhaps (some hosts still use the tilde to signify a site). You may indicate a specific page (such as but this will only be acceptable if there is good reason given. Maximum number of characters to a URL: 255.


The category on this site, as shown in the left column menu above, that you think would best fit the general theme of the site you are submitting.

Only one category is allowed and exceptions to this rule are rare. This is only a guide for us; we will make the final decision as to which category it should go under or, indeed, whether it should be included at all.

Our Link

To trade links, you need to put a link on your site that points to ours. It must be reachable directly from the home page by means of a pointer such as a menu item ('Links', for example). You then need to specify the page on your site where our link appears. We will reciprocate with a link on our site to yours, if your site is deemed appropriate. Once approved, we undertake to keep your site listing displayed for as long as you display ours, and not to remove it without informing you (provided the site's theme remains the same and your contact address is current).

This undertaking applies no matter how busy our site might become (and therefore, how much traffic we might send you). Not only that but, if we deem your site to be particularly appropriate in some way, we might elevate it to Site Partner status as a recommended site.

More Information

Whether you need articles covering a whole range of topics, multiple articles in 'serial' form covering a single topic, or if you simply need fillers to add life and vitality to your pages, ClipCopy Content Solutions is by far the best place to look. And of course, the same applies if you need help and advice about newsletter publishing or information about where else to look for 'content', or indeed, where to find someone who can produce it for you!

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