Types Of ClipCopy

Types Of Files

There are three main categories or types of ClipCopy: ClipArticles, ClipFeatures and ClipFillers. As well as these three categories, each of them is sub-categorized, and also further grouped by Focus, Tone (serious, humorous etc) and Length (in words). Exceptions and other forms of groupings are explained on each ClipCopy category's own introductory page . To access the files for the category and/or subcategory you want, use the menu left of here headed ClipCopy Content.


ClipArticles are generally lengthier (over 100 words), stand-alone articles covering a variety of topics. To access them, including an introductory explanation, go to the Pre-Written Articles link in the left menu. The different sub-categories for that category appear below the heading.


These are similar to ClipArticles but arranged as a series of related articles of varying lengths, each sequence focusing on the same topic. Access them by clicking on the Pre-Written Features link in the left menu: the different sub-categories of ClipFeatures appear below the heading.


These are mostly shorter items arranged in easily recognized groups, all with the prefix 'Clip'. Access them (together with more details) by clicking the Pre-Written Fillers link in the left menu. The different sub-categories appear below the heading.

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