Why Use Our Copy-and-Paste Content?

The 'Content' Problem

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Getting hold of quality content is an ongoing challenge for most publishers. Although there are a number of sites on the web that call themselves 'content providers', ClipCopy Content Solutions, which has been online since 1999, is the only one that is aimed primarily at newsletters, whether they are hard copy (printed), email-based (ezines) or web-based. Fresh and dynamic content is vital for retaining interest and expanding a readership or subscriber base.

6000 Ways To Save Time And Money!

This is the number of pre-written 'content' items currently in the ClipCopy Collection. Articles, jokes, quotations, anecdotes, quizzes etc, are all there waiting for you to copy and paste directly into your newsletter or webpage right now. And more ClipCopy comes on stream every month. What this means for you is:

  • No searching through websites or libraries
  • No seeking 'permission to publish'
  • No royalties to pay

Just hours of precious time and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars saved!

Other Benefits

Cultivate Loyalty

ClipCopy Content Solutions does this by providing ongoing articles, serializations, themed jokes etc that can leave readers virtually panting for the next issue!

Achieve Balance

Is your newsletter (or webpage, or whatever) sometimes too tightly focused on your product or service? To the point where it needs some light relief? A newsletter should never read like a sales brochure. If it does it will suffer the same fate (and you know what that is). ClipCopy Content Solutions is a great balance provider!

Provide A 'Good Read'

Newsletters should, above all else, be compelling reading. Through your use of ClipCopy Content Solutions , your readers will actually start looking forward to each new edition of your newsletter. It's so easy with ClipCopy Content Solutions!

Overcome 'Blank Page' Syndrome

What about those times when you simply can't think what to include? A blank page that needs filling can be daunting if you're short of ideas that week or that month. ClipCopy Content Solutions is a great place for ideas as well as ready-made copy.

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