Resource Directories

We provide four different but complementary directories of online resources, or links; you should find that these can be great time savers if you are a busy searcher. Please note: the first three of these is only available to members of clipcopy but the Newsletter Resource Providers directory is open to all.

How Resources Are Categorized

Categorizing resources in each directory is no easy task because so many websites cover more than one facet of their particular field. In other words, many sites would qualify to be grouped under more than one category in a directory if we allowed it. This kind of repetition is undesirable from our point of view though because it would bloat the directory and make 'browsing' for resources more difficult. For this reason we decided to include only one entry per site but to categorize them according to the site's main focus, whatever that might be.

Search Facilities

To overcome the problem of resources not always being represented in other appropriate categories, we have incorporated a simple Search Tool in each directory by which 'key words' used in the thumbnail site descriptions can be found.

Have A Resource To Offer?

If you offer any kind of content, or you're in Content Management or a related field such as writing or publishing that involves the creation or distribution of content, click here for information about getting included in one of our directories.

Content Resources And Related Links

If you are in need of 'content' for your website, blog, ezine, or other publication, this is where you will find the sources that you should be looking at. Different types of material, as well as various means of display, are included but the emphasis is on canned content; in other words material that can be placed on your pages using a simple copy and paste method. Much of it is free and categories include audio-visual resources, website-specific or ezine-specific material, news and media content, etc. Click the heading to this paragraph to access it now.

Publishing Resources And Media Links

If you are in need of publishing resources of any kind, you should find this directory a great help. As a classified directory of publishing and media sites on the Internet, it is without comparison. Categories such as digital and e-publishing, DTP and office services, graphics and imaging, self-publishing, printing and pre-press, and many more, cover the whole field and make finding what you are looking for so easy. Click the paragraph heading to access it now.

Writing Resources And Related Links

If you want to find any kind of writing resources, this directory will point you in the right direction. It is one of the most comprehensive and frequently updated classified directories of writing and related sites on the Internet, with categories for writers and writer's services, editing services, forums and workshops, organizations and groups, and many others. Click the paragraph heading.

Newsletter Resource Providers

This is mainly a list of over four hundred sites that offer pre-written articles covering every subject imaginable so, if you are a member of ClipCopy Content Solutions and can't find what you're looking for in the ClipCopy library, just do a search in this and the directories mentioned above and you are bound to find something worth considering. Like the ones above, a search tool is included that makes it really easy to find specific items based on keywords or key phrases contained within the thumbnail descriptions. The vast majority offer copy at no charge and many niche areas are covered. Click the heading to go there now.

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