Video Editing: A 5 Minute Guide

Foreword By The Editor This is an article by Natalie Aranda in which she covers the often tricky ‘high tech’ subject of video editing. The actual technology involved in this article is now somewhat dated but the procedures discussed have not changed much over time. For further information on audio … Continue reading

Quality Content To Improve Website Results

Foreword By The Editor The following article by Michael Fleischner covers one of the most vital areas of traffic building and conversions: valuable and engaging content. Without it all your other efforts will be to no avail. Be sure to read the author’s short ‘bio’ at the end of the … Continue reading

Why Use Our Copy-and-Paste Content?

The ‘Content’ Problem Getting hold of quality content is an ongoing challenge for most publishers. Although there are a number of sites on the web that call themselves ‘content providers’, ClipCopy Content Solutions, which has been online since 1999, is the only one that is aimed primarily at newsletters, whether … Continue reading