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Article Builder: The Best Article Writer Online

Article writer softwareThis revolutionary online article writer software provides a one-stop solution for anyone who has need for a constant stream of unique, high quality articles for their blog, website, newsletter, article marketing campaigns etc. It can write articles quite literally at the push of a button; and the quality of the resulting content is truly amazing.

What Kind Of Content?

Article Builder is a genuine article writer like no other! It creates high quality articles built around the topics and keywords that you specify. It is very different from old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though. PLR gave every user the exact same articles and, even if they were of decent quality (and very few were), they were simply not different in any way! That's no good for ranking in the search engines—even if you're only using them to build backlinks to your site. Article Builder beats them and all other article writers hands down—every time!

How Does It Work?

Each article is built by weaving together 'snippets' of written information to build an article based on your choice of category and sub-topics. Since there are tens of thousands of categorized snippets in its online database, every time you generate an article, it's completely different but still of very high quality! All these snippets are written by real, human article writers who have passed a stringent test of their writing skill and understanding of proper grammar.

What Is Meant By 'High Quality'?

It means just that! There is very little need for editing, if any at all. It's almost like having a resident writer on your staff, with all the expertise needed to cover your niche! And as for ease of use, well you just have to experience it to understand how powerful, yet easy to use it is. Article Builder really is the most sophisticated article writer program ever devised—bar none!

You've Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

Click the link in the following paragraph or the picture above to see Article Builder in action for yourself. It will take you to a short video where you will be guided step by step through the simple process of article creation and you'll see for yourself just how easy it is! One note of caution though: supplies of Article Builder are strictly limited—and this is no 'b...s...'. So if you want in, you'll have to move fast! Watch the video in the link below (or click the picture) and prepare to be amazed.

About The Author

Mike Alexander (otherwise known as Ozzy Mike) is the owner/operator of ClipCopy Content Solutions and also author of Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls. Not only does he personally use the writing tools he recommends on this site but considers each of them to be an indispensible part of his arsenal as a writer and webmaster.

Click the picture above or this link, to see a video of Article Builder in action for yourself now!


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