A Review Of ‘Instant Article Factory’ Writing Software

Writing Software That Eliminates Writer's Block

Instant Article Factory writing software -ecoverIt's true! Because this software is template-based (in other words, it prompts you to fill in the blanks), it can help you to overcome 'writers block' by leading you all the way from creation of the main title to setting up your resource box at the end. This must surely be one of its best features when you consider the huge number of writers of all sorts who suffer from that perennial disorder. Not only that but, with Instant Article Factory writing software you can write top quality articles in just five minutes, or even less, on virtually any subject you care to mention.

Web Content Writing By Templates

A host of built-in templates, all carefully thought out, make it amazingly easy for anyone, with only minimal knowledge, to write a growing variety of 'how-to' or 'tips-based' articles covering virtually any subject. To give you some idea of what we mean by these types of articles, here are a few of the introductory titles that are actually included:

  • [?] Reasons You Should [?]
  • [?] Things To Avoid [?]
  • How To [?] In [?] Steps
  • Pros And Cons Of [?]

Obviously, what you do is fill in the query boxes so that these examples become workable titles and make perfect sense. For instance: Five Reasons You Should Exercise More, Three Things To Avoid If You're OverweightHow To Make A Video In Six Easy Steps or Pros And Cons Of Blogging.

Creative Writing Software With User Input

Another very powerful feature of Instant Article Factory writing software is the fact that you can create your very own user templates as well. Setting this up is extremely simple and I think most users, particularly article marketers, will quickly learn to really appreciate this characteristic of the software. Not only can you create your own custom templates with the built-in Template Builder though, but other users can do the same and share their templates with you, just as you can share yours with others if you choose to do so.

Uniqueness, Speed And Volume

All templates are regularly rewritten from scratch by the creator's writers, to ensure the uniqueness of the content prevails despite the number of users accessing the software. You can also write an article once, then reload it, and with a minimum of effort, have another piece of unique content completed in only seconds. This is accomplished by spinning through any number of levels, both of the fill-in-the-blank entry fields and also the main text of the templates themselves and this means you can add literally hundreds more articles to your originals. Please note: to take advantage of the spinning feature, you need to have a valid current membership of The Best Spinner operating in order to use its API key.


Instant Article Factory writing software can help you to create valuable content that people want to read and to multiply the result many times over. The pay-back in terms of high quality content and better search engine rankings means more targeted visitors. It can even save you money if used correctly, as you won't need to hire people to write content for you any more! This really might be the key you have been looking for to enable the building of a large amount of high quality content without having to invest a large amount of time or money.

About The Author

Mike Alexander (otherwise known as Ozzy Mike) is the owner/operator of ClipCopy Content Solutions and also author of Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls. Not only does he personally use the writing tools he recommends on this site but considers each of them to be an indispensible part of his arsenal as a writer and webmaster.

Click the picture above or this link, to see a video of Instant Article Factory in action for yourself now!


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