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Fast Writing Software: Articles In A Jiffy

fast writing software: Jiffy Articles-picJiffy Articles was designed from the outset to help you to be quicker and more productive in your article writing projects. It really doesn't matter what you need the articles for. You might be an SEO content writer, run a web content writing service, or be a freelancer who needs to churn out quality content in volume. Or perhaps you are a webmaster looking for a way to save time (if you write your own material) or even save money (if you currently pay for content to be written). The point is that, as its name implies, your article writing jobs will be done in a jiffy with this fast writing software.

Template-Based Authoring Software

Jiffy Articles fast writing software is a template-based authoring software program that prompts and reminds you what details you need to write about in order to cover a certain topic. You choose an appropriate category first and then you can decide on the specific subject field by choosing from a drop-down list of article templates. The options facing you are about as wide as you can imagine with more than eighty categories to choose from and nearly six thousand individual templates (at the time of writing). Not only that but you also have the option of typing in a series of keywords to more precisely target your requirements!

The Simplicity Of Filling In Boxes

The next step is when the program, in response to your choices, opens the Article Creator. This is divided into a series of text entry boxes, each of which is preceded by a short sentence or paragraph, where the program itself suggests what, in general terms, needs to to be entered in the boxes. These suggestions are collectively known as the Template Text. The actual words used are meant to be interpreted and expanded on of course as this ensures that the end result is an article that is written in your own words and style and is as unique as it is possible to be.

Creating Your Article

The Template Text suggests ideas for the main title, the introductory paragraph, the individual body paragraphs, the concluding paragraph or summary and the authors resource box. You decide for yourself how many paragraphs to include and whether it should be a short blog-type post or a more detailed and lengthy work. On completion of the text entries, you simply click the Create My Article button and Jiffy Articles fast writing software presents you with your completed article so that you can proofread it as a whole. Here you can also check the spelling and grammar, automatically post it to your blog or simply download it when you are ready.


Jiffy Articles fast writing software is a superb writing tool that is now considered essential by many business writers. It can be a great time-saver and even comes to the rescue when writer's block rears its ugly head. It can be used to produce superior content quickly and efficiently for your blog, your FaceBook page, your autoresponder letters or any number of other times when writing speed is of the essence. Unlike some other writing tools, it does not produce auto-generated rubbish but genuine, highly unique articles from pre-written templates.

About The Author

Mike Alexander (otherwise known as Ozzy Mike) is the owner/operator of ClipCopy Content Solutions and also author of Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls. Not only does he personally use the writing tools he recommends on this site but considers each of them to be an indispensible part of his arsenal as a writer and webmaster.

Click the picture above or this link, to see a video of Jiffy Articles in action for yourself now!


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