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What Are PLR Articles?
PLR articles: Thrifty Content ecover

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which is a commonly accepted form of unofficial copyright license whereby the author or owner (not always the same thing) of the work relinquishes most or all of their intellectual property rights over it. This means that they release them into the public domain with tacit acknowledgment that other people may edit them, rewrite them, rename them and even claim ownership of them if they want. For obvious reasons PLR articles are very popular for article marketing.

Pros And Cons Of PLR

It is common knowledge nowadays that you need a constant stream of quality content for your website and for promotion purposes in order to get and keep Google's attention. There are many ways of acquiring such a flow but, because of the need for freshness, most webmasters like to utilise a variety of different sources when it comes to written content. That has generated a resurgence of interest in PLR articles.

There's a lot of it and, provided you have the right tools, it is not too difficult to re-write. Or is it? What you must be aware of is that, unless you do a really thorough job of re-writing old PLR articles, you can do yourself more harm than good. Most of it has been around for years and has been rehashed so many times that, each time it's used, it gets more like trying to retell an old story that everyone already knows by heart! Another drawback to vintage PLR articles is quality, or rather, the lack of it. The vast majority of it is so grammatically incorrect that very often it simply makes no sense.

Advancing Technology

That raises the obvious question: how come that PLR articles are regaining popularity then? The answer is that there is a new generation of PLR material becoming available now and new editing tools for re-writing and word processing. This is mainly due to the growing sophistication of today's computers and writing software that can be downloaded and installed or accessed directly via the World Wide Web. As always, the rapid advancement of technology is changing the world around us and improving the way we do things. Not surprisingly, there has also been a move back to outsourcing only to writers who speak English as their native language.

Tada! Introducing 'Thrifty Content'

One of the major creators of some of these new, more sophisticated writing programs is Jonathon Leger (pronounced lejere). He has produced a whole range of excellent new writing tools and he has not forgotten the importance of PLR articles. His contribution to this field is called Thrifty Content and, in my opinion, it is way ahead as leader of the pack. You access this service by membership of the Thrifty Content website but the monthly subscription fee is a mere trifle when you consider that he guarantees at least fifteen hundred articles a month covering just about all the most popular topics and, what's more, the quality of the writing is nothing short of superb. This is because he only employs writers who speak English as their native tongue and who have proved their English grammar credentials.


Because Thrifty Content is PLR, it still needs changing of course, because the same articles are made available to all members. However, it's nowhere near the chore it used to be with old PLR articles stock. The quickest way of editing is to use an article rewriter such as an article spinner to ensure its uniqueness and the best tool for this is The Best Spinner (another of Jonathon Leger's products). Once again, this is available by subscription but in this case it is renewable annually. It allows you to do so many more things than basic article spinning, too many to go into here (to find out more though, follow this link). To view a video about Thrifty Content PLR articles and to read more about it click this link now.

About The Author

Mike Alexander (otherwise known as Ozzy Mike) is the owner/operator of ClipCopy Content Solutions and also author of Internet Traps, Ripoffs And Pitfalls. Not only does he personally use the writing tools he recommends on this site but considers each of them to be an indispensible part of his arsenal as a writer and webmaster.

Click the picture above or this link, to see a video of Thrifty Content in action for yourself now!


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